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Confrontation: New Global Map Event Coming!

The Global Map and its hot battles are back! The strongest clans will block the horns in an uncompromising confrontation to prove their superiority and win valuable rewards.

The new clan event will take place from February 7 to February 21, and this time around, some familiar rules will change. However, you can still get a powerful Tier X vehicle as the grand prize, as well as other valuable rewards. The time has come for the Confrontation – let the strongest win!


february 7 05:00 UTC + 8 to February 21 05:00 UTC + 8


Reward Vehicles

Let’s start with the reward vehicles – something that interests commanders the most! Participating in the Confrontation event gives you the chance to get one of seven Tier X clan vehicles, including the T95 / FV4201 Chieftain. Here is the complete list of vehicles available during the in-game event:

The following events will be available in the in-game event:

600 reward vehicles for ranking on the personal event leaderboard

1,300 award vehicles from auctions for award vehicles

The main reason HMS Rodney even had a chance to take on his powerful guns against Bismark was because Bismark’s rudder was disabled prior to the torpedo strike.


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