10 Legit Ways to Get Minecraft for Free (Download & Play on Any Device!). How to get mincraft for free

I found a gift card that gave me GamePass for free. GamePass is basically like Netflix for gaming. You pay a monthly fee and get access to a library of games that you can play for free. With my gift card, I didn’t have to spend a penny to unlock the library.

How to Get Minecraft for Free

More than a decade after its release, Minecraft remains one of the most popular games for PC, console and mobile devices. While there’s no legal way to play the full version of the game without buying it, you do have several options on how to get Minecraft for free.

The information in this article applies to Minecraft on all platforms, including PC, mobile, and game consoles.

Can You Get Minecraft for Free?

There are several ways to play Minecraft for free:

  • Download the free trial version.
  • Play Minecraft in browser mode.
  • Use an unauthorized hacking tool.

If you have an older version of the game, you may be able to upgrade to the latest version for free.

The latest version of Java must be installed on your computer to run Minecraft.

The following packages have an unmet dependency: minecraft-launcher: Depends: default-jre but cannot be installed Depends: libasound2 (> = 1.0.23) but cannot be installed Depends: libatk-bridge2.0-0 (> = 2.5 3) but cannot be installed Depends: libatk1.0-0 (> = 2.2.0) but cannot be installed

How to Get Microsoft for Free on Your PC

The PC version of Minecraft is genuine and many people prefer to play it on their desktop device.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get an MC at no cost to your computer. The PC version of the game is called Java Edition, as I mentioned briefly above.

Here’s how to download Minecraft for free…

1. Get a free demo from Mojang

Mojang, the company that created MC, offers PC users a free demo of the game.

You need to register for a Mojang account to get one, which you can do here.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to download the Minecraft launcher which you can do here.

The MC demo lasts five in-game days, which is approximately 100 minutes.

It is not a very long time. However, it does give you time to decide if you like the game and if your PC can run the MC before deciding to play the full game.

2. Play an old version of the game (with up to 9 friends)

You can download Minecraft Classic for free on your computer.

This is not my favorite way to get the game as it is an old version from 2009.

That being said, you can still download Minecraft for PC for free.

In Minecraft Classic, you play in creative mode. As it is older, this version lacks some features that you will find in more modern releases. Also, you will only be able to use 32 blocks and you will have to deal with the older UI and all the old bugs.

If none of this bothers you and you just want a free version of Minecraft that you can play right from your browser, you can try Minecraft Classic.

Start your Minecraft Classic game here.

3. Surveys On The Go

If you don’t mind sharing your opinion, please consider using On The Go Polls. Thanks to it, you can earn money on surveys. You get paid anywhere from $ 400 to $ 5 for surveys, and some even pay $ 10 or more!

You can then send cash to your PayPal account or receive it on an Amazon Gift Card. Use a gift card or PayPal cash to buy MC without emptying your bank account!

Here’s where you can download the app:

  • Download On The Go Polls for iOS devices here.
  • Download On The Go Polls for your Android device here.

Don’t worry if you’re looking for the full, current version of the game or if you don’t want to take polls, there are many ways to get MCs for free!

For even more ways to get a free PC game, go to the “How to Get Minecraft for Free on Any Device” section.

How to Install Minecraft for Free on Xbox One or PlayStation (the tricks I use!)

I’m playing the Xbox One version of MC Bedrock and I think it’s really great!

The best part is that I got the game for free.

In this section, I will go over how you can download the game for free if you have PlayStation or Xbox.

And of course I’ll start with how I managed to get the game for free first…

4. Sign up for Microsoft rewards if you have an Xbox (how I got the game for free!)

I highly recommend signing up for Microsoft Rewards if you want to play Minecraft on your Xbox. The Bedrock edition of the game is amazing. This is the one I have and I got it for free as I was using Microsoft Rewards.

Here is my step-by-step guide on how to use MR to get Minecraft for free:

Step One: Earn points

In case you don’t know it yet, Microsoft Rewards is a rewards program that gives you points for searching the internet with Bing or Microsoft Edge.

You can earn even more points by completing daily quizzes and completing other simple tasks.

I find this to be a pretty cool program and points accumulate quickly, especially if you do a lot of internet research like I did with my job research.

You can sign up for the Microsoft Awards here.

Just start searching and taking quizzes to earn points.

Step Two: Redeem them for gift cards

Once you have earned enough points, you will be able to redeem them for gift cards at the rewards shop.

I found a gift card that gave me GamePass for free. GamePass is basically like Netflix for gaming. You pay a monthly fee and get access to a library of games that you can play for free. With my gift card, I didn’t have to spend a penny to unlock the library.

Step Three: Enjoy your free Minecraft Bedrock edition!

So I got a gift card and got access to all the games that came with my free GamePass membership.

This was also true of Minecraft.

I was able to play Minecraft and all the other games in the catalog without spending a dime!

A few things to keep in mind and another trick…

Please note that the titles available on GamePass change, so depending on when you register, the game may not be available.

Also, the country you live in will determine what games are available to you.

If Minecraft is not in your GamePass library at the time of registration, there is another way to use Microsoft’s rewards to get the game for free.

I also used this tip.

As I said above, Microsoft Rewards gives you points that you can redeem for gift cards. There are many types of gift cards available, including those for the Xbox Store. So many times I got gift cards and could use them to get a discount on games or get them for free.

5. Get a free demo for your console

Remember that Mojang gave PC users a free demo of the game?

Well, console users are not left out.

You can also find free minecraft demos for Xbox and PlayStation.

The MC demo for Xbox One and Xbox 360 can be found in the Xbox Store.

MC demos for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita can be found on PlayStation Store.

Just search the store for “Minecraft.”

Note that the console demos are limited to the tutorial level. You also cannot save your game progress.

Anyone who wants to test Minecraft on their home computer can just set up a new account and download Minecraft from the official website.

How To Download Minecraft Game On PC For Free?

Now, there are plenty of options to download free Minecraft to your computer.

But all these free downloads have no end of limitations. We will discuss them in detail below so that you can choose the best way to download free Minecraft to your computer.

  1. Free trial version of Minecraft
  2. Classic version of Minecraft
  3. Using a third-party launcher

Minecraft Free Trial

Minecraft offers its users a free trial version on its website.

The length of the trial version is limited depending on the edition you choose. The free trial version of Java remains active for 100 minutes and requires an internet connection to play.

The free trial version of Java is sold directly by Mojang and therefore free from any external issues such as viruses or malware.

The demo version is always set to Survival mode and has limited access.

This way you can download the web version for free.

Go to https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/download/ in your web browser. This is the website where you can download Minecraft and try the demo for free.

Click the green Download button.

Install the Minecraft launcher. Please follow the steps below to install the launcher.

  • Open the “Minecraftinstaller.msi” file in your web browser or in the “Downloads.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Change and select the installation location (optional).
  • Click Next
  • Click Install.
  • Click Yes.

Click Finish.

Minecraft Classic Version

The Minecraft Classic version was released in 2009. It’s not the best Minecraft game because it’s not stuffed with the latest features. But many players love to play it because of the classic style of play.

It is especially popular with older players who have been playing Minecraft for a long time.

  • Go to the website to download the Minecraft Classic version. It isn’t loaded with the latest Minecraft features, but has enough features for you to enjoy the game to the fullest.
  • When you get to the page it has a nice block in the middle where you have to enter your username.
  • After entering your username, click start.

This will launch the game and you can play the classic version for free.

Using a Third-Party Launcher

ATLauncher is a third party launcher which is a trusted third party application that can help you download all Minecraft for free.

You just need to visit the website and download the launcher before you download Minecraft for free.

Modpacks are a great way to increase the playability of Minecraft. These are pre-configured configurations that often contain dozens of mods and configuration files, letting you play with the press of a few buttons.

ATLauncher is one of the best ways to install Modpacks. With it, you can install both single player instances and multiplayer servers. There are also additional features such as the ability to add / remove mods, configure packages and more.

Why Is Minecraft So Expensive?

Minecraft is expensive because of the popularity it has.

Also, the fame of the players and its widespread use allowed Microsoft to sell it for $ 26.

Meanwhile, there are many players who earn a lot by playing or streaming Minecraft which is why the investment in it is huge.

Microsoft bought it for $ 2.5 billion and made significant profits over the years by selling it. Massively following the game also gives Minecraft creators to sell some in-game add-ons that can help the player progress in the adventure.

Although it’s the same with other games and applications. Many applications and games use this trick to earn money while allowing players to enjoy the game better.

Here are a few reasons why Minecraft is so expensive:

Subscriptions are available for each new player added to the game. You must purchase in-game items to rank up. Or, you may have to purchase Minecoins to get powerful weapons in the game.

Minecraft is popular, which is why Microsoft has the privilege of setting a price that may seem expensive to many. Since so many players are lured into playing this amazing game, people don’t hesitate to spend their money on it.

Minecraft is expensive, but when you compare it with other games, there is no end to it, so the money once paid is invested forever in the player’s investment.

This is a huge plus for players. Other games end when players have reached all levels. But Minecraft never ends. This makes it a much better option than other games, and also not quite as expensive if you consider the tool.

These are all the reasons why Minecraft is considered so expensive by some. However, it is still cheaper compared to other games that are small and offer less entertainment and adventures.

Then you guessed it; you will be able to use free cash or gift card to buy the full version of MC, without having to download it from your own bank account!

Play the Minecraft demo on iOS and Android

Unfortunately, there is no demo version for Minecraft: Pocket Edition available. Instead, it’s worth checking out one of the many Minecraft-inspired titles that are circulating on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

For a detailed list of alternative Minecraft games for Android and iPhone, check out our current guides.

Minecraft Classic runs on PC.

Jon Bitner / Digital Trends

Play Minecraft Classic for free

If you don’t mind skipping dozens of updates, you can try the free version of Minecraft Classic for PC. This free version of the game lacks most of the more modern Minecraft features, but players can still interact with friends and mess around in Creative Mode.

Minecraft Classic also runs directly from the browser, making it suitable for older laptops or platforms with an overcrowded hard drive.

If that sounds appealing to you, you can check out the game on the Mojang official website.

At the top of this page, the developers explain that a free trial of Bedrock (the major version of Minecraft) is available for Windows 10, Android, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. There are also links on this page that lead to the respective storefronts.

Is Minecraft on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes! Minecraft is available on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC. This means that as long as you are a paid Xbox Game Pass member on the platform of your choice, you should be able to download Minecraft without paying any extra fees on top of your regular subscription.

In the Xbox Game Pass app, search for Minecraft and you’ll see that you can install Minecraft on your Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Windows 10 PC.

Minecraft Dungeons is also available on Xbox Game Pass, so it’s another bonus for the Minecraft-loving members of Microsoft’s game subscription service. This is the next best thing to play for free!

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6. Now double click the downloaded file and click “Install”. Minecraft will be installed on your Chromebook in minutes.

Enjoy Minecraft on Chromebook Without a Hitch

This was our guide on how to install and play the popular Minecraft game on a Chromebook. The Android version is pretty good for students looking to start using Minecraft on their Chromebooks. And if you want to play the full version of Java Edition, you’ll need Linux support. With Linux Enhanced (Beta), things now seem much better with Linux apps and Chrome OS games as a whole. In fact, you can install Steam on your Chromebook thanks to Linux support.

Anyway, that’s all from us. If you’ve successfully played Minecraft on your Chromebook, comment below and let us know about your gaming experience. Also, be sure to check out the Chrome OS tips and tricks for some amazing tips for your Chromebook.

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Android as an optimized operating system allows users to create software development software that can help you download the free version of Minecraft easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answer more questions about playing Minecraft.

How to Play Minecraft With Friends on Mobile?

If all your friends are using the same Wi-Fi network, you can play on the local server. Follow the steps below to start playing together:

1. Open Game Settings.

2. Move the switch next to Local Server Multiplayer to On.

3. Load the world you want to play on your device before other players load it. You are now the host of the game.

4. Your friends should tap Play and select the world at the top of their list and highlighted in blue.

If your friends use a different network, you will have to create a new external server or use an existing one. Please follow the steps below:

1. Visit the Minecraft Pocket Edition server list to find server information.

2. In the game, tap Play and then go to the Servers tab.

3. Tap Add Server to connect to an external server.

4. Provide the required information – server name, IP address, and port number.

5. Tap Play to start the game.

Enjoy Minecraft for Free

We hope you can play Minecraft for free now with the help of our guide. Beware of viruses when downloading unofficial game versions. We recommend that you use an antivirus and VPN to scan all files before installing. And if you really like the game, please consider paying for the official version to pay respect to the developers.

Do you know any safe and trusted sites to download Minecraft for iPhone for free? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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