19 Best Places to Sell Video Games for Cash in 2021. Who buys games for cash

The stock exchange has stores mainly in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but also has locations in Illinois, Indiana, and New Mexico. This regional chain buys and sells video games, movies and more.

19 Best Places to Sell Video Games for Cash in 2021

Use these sites and apps to sell your used or new video games and consoles at the best price online and in person.

Whether you want to sell a collection of old video games that you don’t play anymore, or you only have a few lying around that you’d rather get money for, the good news is that you can make money selling video games online and in person.

Games are a huge industry, so in order to attract more customers, some sites pay you to play games.

Almost everyone, kids and adults, love to play games. Some people even collect old games. However, nowadays, with so many free online games, some people are trying to trade their unused video games for cash.

These are some of the best places to sell video games for cash, used or new, online and to someone nearby.

Where to Sell Your Video Games Online

Nowadays, there are many sites and applications where you can sell things near and on the Internet. These are the most popular and best selling video games, game consoles, and accessories, whether you have newer games and systems like PlayStation and Wii or old school stuff like Atari and Sega.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr is an amazing platform to sell all kinds of electronic and technical devices.

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To date, the company has paid over $ 300 million to over 6 million customers.

You can sell not only video games and consoles, but also DVDs, books, smartphones, CDs, tablets and much more.

Now the only problem is that they only accept Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox games. So if you have games designed for other game consoles, you’re out of luck. Don’t worry though, we have other options for you in this post.

Selling video games on Decluttr is really easy.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Step 1: Enter the barcode of the video game box / boxes in the box for an instant price.
  • Step 2: Print the free shipping label and ship the item.
  • Step 3: Get paid by check, PayPal or direct deposit.

What makes Decluttr one of the best options is the fact that it offers free shipping on all orders. Offers fast next day payments. And with their Tech Price Promise, you are guaranteed to get the first price for your item or items for free.

2. TradeGamesIn

According to the site, TradeGamesIn took off in 2009 after owners tried to sell their own games and get “ridiculous” prices.

So they built a site where you can submit your game list, get a fair quote, get it shipped and get paid quickly.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start your list by typing the names of your games, consoles, and accessories that you want to sell. Choose a condition and the system will give you a quote for how much they can pay you for each item.
  2. After your list is uploaded, ship your items using the free, prepaid shipping label they provide.
  3. You will receive payment within 24 hours of receiving the package (by check or PayPal. As you prefer).

They offer free shipping for orders over $ 25. If the cost is less than $ 25, you will receive an address where you can ship your package.

If you want to sell your games and get paid quickly, try this game. You will know exactly how much they are paying before shipping your items so you have nothing to lose.

Gameflip is truly unique in that it not only deals with buying and selling games and other electronics, but also offers what it calls Gameflip Gigs. These are real concerts where people sell their skills to other clients.

8 Best Places to Sell Video Games Online

The best places to sell video games online

Selling video games online is, overall, an easy way to earn money. But not all sales platforms are created equally.

Factors such as fees, payout schedule, and ease of use [for each website that sells video games] can vary drastically (e.g some sites offer next day payouts while others may take days or even weeks for the cash to reach your bank account or PayPal).

To help you choose the site that best suits your needs, we consolidated the information, compared the sites, and gave a rating of 1-5 stars based on how well the company is dealing with each factor.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr is a website that sells used electronics, including used video games. To sell a video game, enter or scan the barcode with the free Decluttr app. Decluttr will give you an immediate quote if it accepts your item.

get an instant cash offer on used video games from decluttr

Decluttr makes it easy to sell your games for cash by providing a free UPS shipping label. He also pays the day after the shipment arrives. The only downside to Decluttr is that it won’t return the item if the item fails the quality check.

ease 5/5: The app lets you scan a video game barcode for an instant quote. Decluttr also offers free shipping and a payment schedule within one business day.

Time 5/5: Just invest some time to find your items, scan the barcodes and accept Decluttra’s offer. Drop off your package at any UPS store. In most cases, you will pay within one business day of receiving the package.

5/5 Fees: Decluttr does not charge any fees for the valuation or sale of an item. Shipping is free.

2. Amazon’s Trade-in Option

Amazon’s exchange program accepts video games. To determine if your game is eligible, search the Amazon store where games are traded. If your item appears on the list, the exchange program will accept it. You will also see the maximum price you can get for each item.

You will be informed if your item has passed the quality control within two business days of Amazon receiving it. Amazon provides a free, prepaid shipping label for your products. It will also return most of the discarded items for free.

ease 4/5: Using Amazon’s exchange program is easy, but you have to search for your item manually. It’s just a little more effort than scanning a barcode with Decluttr.

Time 4/5: With the prepaid shipping label you just need to have your package ready for shipping. You will receive payment within two days of receiving your package, a bit slower than the Decluttr order fulfillment time.

5/5 Fees: Amazon doesn’t charge you to replace your items.

3. Swappa

Another fairly simple way to sell video games is with Swappa. To get started, enter your video game information, select a price, and upload photos. After the auction is approved, Swappa puts your game up for sale in its online marketplace.

5 Places to Sell Video Games for Cash Near Me

The best places to sell video games locally

You can sell items locally if listing your item and shipping seems too laborious. Moreover, if you choose to trade hard, chances are you can get more cash for your game by negotiating the price in person.

Your pool of buyers will be much smaller, but if you’re taking your time, consider listing your games on a few of the platforms below. If you missed or don’t have a location nearby, please go back to the online options above.

1. GameStop

GameStop is a national chain of video game stores with over 6,000 locations. Exchange your used video games at GameStop for cash or in-store credit. Search for your items on the GameStop website to see how much your games are worth.

2. Craigslist

If you want to partner with potential buyers, you can put your video games up for sale on Craigslist. When you sell on Craigslist, it’s up to you to negotiate the price and meet the buyer. Remember to always choose a public location every time you meet a stranger to exchange goods.

3. Facebook Marketplace

facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell video games and game consoles for cash in nearby locations

Your local Facebook Marketplace is another place where you can sell your video games. Like Craigslist, you’ll need to upload a picture and description. You’ll also coordinate price, meeting time, and location with buyers.

4. Game X Change

Game X Change is a smaller national network with locations in 12 states. Primarily located in the Mid-South and Midwest, Game X Change will purchase used games with cash or store credit. Check Game X Change locations to see if there’s a store nearby.

5. The Exchange

The stock exchange has stores mainly in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but also has locations in Illinois, Indiana, and New Mexico. This regional chain buys and sells video games, movies and more.

When you sell your account, you will be charged a commission of 20%. PlayerUp offers over 20 withdrawal methods including PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Skrill etc .

Best Places to Sell Video Games Locally

Want to sell your video games for cash? Try these sites to find a buyer near you.

Craigslist: Most Local Users

  • Payment options: Negotiated with the buyer (usually cash)
  • Payment issued: when meeting with the buyer
  • Seller fees: None

If you don’t want to bother with shipping, check out Craigslist. This is a popular option to sell old electronics locally. Just create an auction and wait for buyers to contact you. From there, you can negotiate the price with the buyer and make an appointment to complete the transaction.

It is always good to meet other people nearby in a public place. Avoid giving your address if you can. Safety above all!

Facebook Marketplace: Get Paid in Cash

  • Payment options: Negotiated with the buyer (usually cash)
  • Payment issued: when meeting with the buyer
  • Seller fees: None

Selling used electronics locally is a convenient way to pay in cash. With Facebook Marketplace, you can sell a huge variety of items: computers, phones, tablets, and any old equipment you have around.

Many buyers already expect to pay in cash when they meet sellers. However, you can make it clear that you are looking for cash by including it in your listing description.

OfferUp: Bump Up Your Listing

  • Payment options: Negotiated with the buyer (usually cash)
  • Payment issued: when meeting with the buyer
  • Seller Fees: None; Pick up an item for 400.99 (optional)

OfferUp is another site that allows you to sell almost anything. You can view a list of your games, consoles, and accessories for users who live nearby. Interested buyers will contact you and you will decide when and where to meet.

The site is completely free. However, you can pay a little extra to promote your listing to make it more visible. This service is optional and starts at $ 400.99 apiece.

Pawn Shops: For Good Condition Video Games

  • Payment options: cash
  • Payment issued: immediately in the store
  • Seller fees: None

If your video games or consoles are in great shape, consider selling them at a pawnshop. Pawnshops will pay good money for items that are as close to “as new” condition as possible.

Of course, it depends on the store and video game demand. But it’s worth taking your games with you if you want to get paid in cash quickly.

Where to Trade In Your Video Games

Here are the best places to trade video games, consoles, and accessories.

Amazon Trade-In

  • Payment options: Amazon gift card
  • Payment issued: 2 days after receiving the item
  • Seller fees: None

Amazon sells just about everything, including a huge selection of video games and consoles. With the exchange program, you can easily remove old games from your collection and get paid with an Amazon Gift Card.

Payments are made quickly. Amazon will provide you with a shipping label. In most cases, you will receive payment within 2 days after receiving your item. Then you can use your funds to get anything you want on the site (like New Games).

GameStop Trade-In

  • Payment options: cash, in-store credit
  • Payment issued: immediately in the store
  • Seller fees: None

As their name suggests, GameStop accepts a huge variety of all things gaming-related. You can swap your games, consoles and other accessories.

The process is slightly different from other swap sites. You start by getting an online quote. But to make a sale, you need to bring your items to your local store. You can choose to pay in cash or in-store credit.

Best Buy Trade-In

  • Payment options: Best Buy gift card
  • Payment delivered: immediately in store, 7-9 days after receiving the item for online transaction
  • Seller fees: None

Best Buy is up to date with the latest video games and consoles. You can exchange used items to get a Best Buy gift card that you can use on any good.

You will receive an online quote immediately. If you take your items to your local store, you will immediately receive Store Credit. But if you prefer to complete the online process and ship your items, you’ll have to wait. Please be prepared to wait up to 9 days after receiving your item to receive payment.

3 Ways to Earn More With Your Video Games

Sell ​​your game ASAP
If you’ve finished the game, try selling it as soon as possible. Games depreciate the older they get. If you wait too long, buyers won’t be as interested. And there may already be too many sellers in the market.

Keep your games in good shape
Where possible, keep all original packaging for your games and consoles. Your stuff will be worth much more if you can sell it in “as new” condition.

Compare websites
You won’t get the best price if you choose the first offer you see. It’s best to check out a few different buyers and websites. This will help you make sure you are getting a fair price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sell video game accounts?
If you have transferred hours to your account in a mobile game, you can sell them for cash. Sites like PlayerUp and PlayerAuctions connect you with buyers who want high-quality gaming accounts.

Which video game consoles are the most worth?
Newer on-demand consoles will be priced higher than the old ones. You can expect the most money on the Xbox Series X, PS5, and Nintendo Switch OLED.

You will receive an online quote immediately. If you take your items to your local store, you will immediately receive Store Credit. But if you prefer to complete the online process and ship your items, you’ll have to wait. Please be prepared to wait up to 9 days after receiving your item to receive payment.


Decluttr Summary

  • Payment the next day upon receipt of the goods
  • Get the best prices for the technology you use
  • 2 different payment options available
  • Get extra cash if you are a student

What are the popular items for sale at Decluttr

Selling your video games to Decluttr is the fastest and easiest option. You sell your video games directly to a company, which means you don’t have to look for a buyer.

There are also no fees associated with selling video games to Decluttr. They provide a prepaid shipping label for you to ship your games.

If all is correct when Decluttr receives your package, your payment will be received within 24 hours.

Withdrawal methods: direct deposit, check, PayPal.


Whether your video games are brand new, delicately used, physical or digital, Gameflip is great

Gameflip is an online video game sales platform. Whether your video games are physical, brand new, delicately used or digital, you can sell them via Gameflip.

Additionally, you can also sell used game consoles, in-game items and gift cards through this platform.

Withdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin or Store Balance.

eBay Summary

  • High user traffic – over 187 million users
  • No small seller listing fees
  • Promote your offer from 1%
  • Fast withdrawal processing time


eBay is the most popular online marketplace for selling second-hand goods.

The best thing about eBay is that it has a huge audience of buyers all over the world.

While listing your video games on eBay is free, you have to pay a commission of 12% of the selling price.

You also need to take care of the shipping. But you can ask the buyer for the extra shipping fee.

Withdrawal method: PayPal.

According to the site, all exchange orders qualify for free shipping! You will receive an email with a prepaid shipping label that you can print and use to ship your item. However, if your exchanges are $ 50 or more, you qualify for the Free Prepaid Shipping Kit. It is not only a shipping label, but also shipping materials!

16 Best Places to Sell Video Games

The video game industry is worth over $ 150 billion. As someone who loves to play video games, I know how much it costs to buy new games. One way to make money buying new games is to sell video games that are no longer used.

If you’re like me and have games that pick up dust, clean them up and get ready to sell online.

Where to Sell Your Video Games

We’ve checked out some of the best videogame sales sites and here’s what we came up with.

1. SellCell

for sale ps4 game consoles

You can sell game consoles on SellCell and compare prices from 35 vendors. It is possible to compare prices based on the condition of your device.

Most sellers offer free shipping and guarantee the price for up to 14 days. You can expect to pay quickly when your console arrives, and you can receive free return shipping if your supplier’s final inspection is less than what you expected.

These game consoles on SellCell can make the most money:

  • Xbox (X, S and One)
  • Playstation (PS5, PS4 and PS3)
  • Nintendo (3DS and 2DS)
  • Nintendo Switch

Older consoles like the Sony PS2 or the Nintendo DS Original can sell, but they can only earn a few dollars. Unfortunately, SellCell does not purchase video games or accessories.

It is also possible to sell other tech gadgets like iPhones, tablets and wearables.

Trustpilot score: 4.3 out of 5

2. Decluttr

sell games and consoles on Decluttr

A popular site that sells everything electronic is Decluttr. You can sell video games, game consoles, tech devices, CDs and DVDs.

In theory, Decluttr could be more efficient than a square sale or listing each item individually as it accepts so many different items.

Decluttr only accepts games from PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo.

Some of Nintendo’s most requested games include Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and The Legend of Zelda.

To get started, enter the barcode from the video game case. Shipping is free and you can get paid by direct deposit, PayPal or paper check. You will receive a free shipping label.

To get started, all you need to do is sell $ 5 worth of goods and your payment will be sent the next business day after Decluttr receives your products.

Add coupon code CASH10 to your cart to get a 10% bonus on your old phones, consoles, iPads, MacBooks, DVDs, books and more.

Trustpilot score: 4.5 out of 5

3. Swappa

video games for sale at Swappa

You want to eliminate the middleman and sell your games directly to the buyer then Swappa is a great choice.

Just create an account and start selling. Enter information about your game or console, upload some photos and choose a price. Swappa will even suggest a quote using similar items.

After creating the item for sale, the Swappa team of moderators will approve. Once approved, your item will be added to the Swappa Marketplace.

When items sell, you get paid via PayPal, and you don’t pay any sales fees. The buyer pays the platform fees when making the purchase.

There is also the option of selling to local buyers in select cities if you live in the Swappa Local Market. This option can increase your chances of selling games and consoles faster.

As you might have guessed, Game Stop sells games as well. Selling used video games and Game Stop game consoles is also a great option to get gamers cash in if you’re looking for convenience.

The Old School Game Vault

Retro games

The Old School Game Vault is a Chicago-based company that is committed to selling more retro games like Super Mario Bros and Metroid. They have prices for tens of thousands of games that you can exchange and buy, from games from the early ’80s to now, and make the process quite simple.

They put a lot of emphasis on community and customer service, so it’s a great sign that we’re doing business with them.

DK Oldies

Buyer and seller of retro games

DK Oldies, a great buyers and sellers of retro games, deals with some of our favorite games in the gaming field. Not only that, but they also have a 120-day warranty on everything you buy, making sure everything works well and you are happy and want to do business again.

You can also get cool deals on discontinued systems and rare games. What better market for the serious retro player? You might find in person some specialty boutiques that sell and deal with retro games, but DK Oldies is authentic.

If you have an on-demand item like the Sony PS5, take a look at the most recently sold items before setting a price. You can earn more by selling on eBay than by using the repurchase site.

Sell My Games For Cash: Best Selling Video Games

The best places to sell video games

  • Super MARIO Bros
  • GTA
  • Wii Sports
  • Minecrat
  • Tetris
  • Call of Duty

Selling any of these games is a quick way to get players cash.

Make Money Selling Video Games for Cash

When it comes to selling video games, you have many options. You can go in person to the best cash videogame sales sites near you, or you can sell video games online.

You can also sell video games at large retail stores. The places listed above will be considered as some of the best places to sell video games for cash in your area. Whatever you do, don’t make the same mistake as me and throw your old video games away.

Considering some of the prices of used video games, this can be a very costly mistake.

video game locations for cash in my area

Are you looking for more ways to earn money?

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