21 Best Places to Sell Laptops for Cash (Near Me & Online). Where to sell a gaming laptop

Which laptop gaming processor? The vast majority of gaming laptops have an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor. Several low-cost options have Intel Core i5 processors. The Skylake architecture (6000 series) is solidly mainstream for new models. The clock speed varies between 2.40 – 2.70 GHz, touch slower than the desktop counterparts.

How To Sell a Gaming PC (The Ultimate Guide)

While there are many players in the market, buying and selling gaming PCs is still a somewhat niche market. A hardcore gaming PC isn’t something you can walk around Walmart and buy for a few hundred bucks. It’s also not something someone wants to sell at the backyard weekend sale, so how do people sell their best gaming PCs without losing money?

To sell a gaming PC, clear it of all personal data and files. Next, you should optimize your computer for sale, take lots of perfect photos, and make a detailed, easy-to-read list. Finally, you need to find the right market and create a catchy but descriptive list.

In this article, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide to selling your gaming PCs. I will also propose some tips for optimizing both the product for sale and its auction, as well as a few of my favorite places on the Internet where you can sell computers and PC parts.

How to sell a gaming PC: Essential steps

When it comes to selling a gaming PC, the first essential steps take place well before any offer is even available on the Internet. Here are the things owners need to do to prepare a computer for sale:

Clean the PC internally

cleaning inside the computer

Owners should never sell laptops or personal computers that leave files, data, and private information on them. The same goes for all electronic devices, whether they’re phones, smart TVs, or old school DVD players.

Even retailers who buy computers for the sole purpose of reversing them should be responsible and clean the disks before reselling them in case the previous owner forgets to do so. Tech Deals has a thorough video tutorial below on how to completely wipe and reset your computer:

I highly recommend that salespeople watch the entire movie, but for those who don’t have time, here are the highlights:

  • Deleting or transferring files using File Explorer does not delete personal data or delete data from your computer.
  • Uninstalling programs from your computer does not delete the user accounts associated with those programs.
  • “Removing” items from your computer does not necessarily make the files irrecoverable.
  • You can clean your computer thoroughly by using the System Restore feature in the Start and Settings menu.
  • You should back up everything beforehand, as using this feature will completely wipe your PC, leaving it as clean as a brand new PC.

Now that you’ve cleared your computer of all programs and information, it’s time to take the next step.

Clean the PC externally

The next step is also cleaning. You never want to try to sell an ugly, dusty, cobweb computer. This will significantly reduce the overall value of your computer, assuming whoever chooses to look at it. Therefore, it is also necessary to thoroughly clean the physical machine.

You should spray canned air over everything, wipe the case, the monitor (if you sell it with your computer) and any other external parts on the list. It is also recommended to blow out the inside of the housing.

Moreover, a few relatively inexpensive modifications can make your gaming PC more attractive to buyers and more likely to sell.

For example, adding a few simple LED lights to the case will make the photos and offers much more appealing to buyers. These kits are usually not that expensive and are easy to install.

The set of NEON RGB LED strips for PC is a quick addition and even comes with a remote control! Adding these colorful YATENG thumbscrews to your computer case is another cool option that costs very little.

Find the right marketplace

As I said, buying and selling gaming PCs is not a mainstream market. Sometimes sellers are lucky and may sell their gaming PCs to friends, relatives, or friends with similar interests who belong to the same gaming communities they visit frequently. But unfortunately this is not always the case.

That is why it is so important to find the right place to sell gaming computers or parts for eBay gaming computers is a natural choice.

It is one of the largest markets for buying and selling directly between private customers and sellers. However, this is not the only place where gaming PCs can be sold.

If you play games regularly and are competitive, this gaming laptop will make sense. On the other hand, if you travel a lot or need a computer with a long-lasting battery, you’d be better off having a lightweight laptop.

Top Places to Trade in Your Laptop for Cash or Credit

Here are the best sites and apps where you can sell any laptop, no matter what make or model it is. You can also sell other gadgets on these platforms, such as phones, desktops, tablets, cameras, and more.

1. Amazon Trade-In

If you’re an Amazon customer like me and don’t mind swapping your used laptop for Amazon gift cards, the Amazon Trade-In program is a great option.

The program allows you to trade not only laptops, but also Amazon devices, electronics, books, video games and more.

To make a trade:

Go to the Trading Store and search for eligible items. Once you’ve found the item, add it to your trade request, answer a few questions (e.g., what condition is it in) and enter the address from which you intend to ship it.

Confirm the replacement and print the UPS Prepaid Shipping Label. Then, ship the item on time.

Once they have received and approved your item, they will send you an Amazon Gift Card (equivalent to cash for your device).

Use your gift card to buy anything you want on Amazon!

2. Best Buy Trade-In

Best Buy Trade-In offers a convenient way to replace old electronic devices with Best Buy gift cards.

You can go to your local store to trade, or you can do it online.

If you choose to do it online, Best Buy will provide you with a prepaid shipping label for your device.

Now, I did a few tests on the site to see how much they offer for the various items and to be honest I was not impressed at all. I got a deal on a Microsoft Surface Pro in good condition for $ 50. This is not good! But then again, when it comes to selling used electronics, you usually don’t come close to anything you think your item is worth.

Best Places to Sell Laptop Near Me

Don’t like the idea of ​​shipping your laptop to a company you don’t know or someone you’ve never met?

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