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Which laptop gaming processor? The vast majority of gaming laptops have an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor. Several low-cost options have Intel Core i5 processors. The Skylake architecture (6000 series) is solidly mainstream for new models. The clock speed varies between 2.40 – 2.70 GHz, touch slower than the desktop counterparts.

How To Sell a Gaming PC (The Ultimate Guide)

While there are many players in the market, buying and selling gaming PCs is still a somewhat niche market. A hardcore gaming PC isn’t something you can walk around Walmart and buy for a few hundred bucks. It’s also not something someone wants to sell at the backyard weekend sale, so how do people sell their best gaming PCs without losing money?

To sell a gaming PC, clear it of all personal data and files. Next, you should optimize your computer for sale, take lots of perfect photos, and make a detailed, easy-to-read list. Finally, you need to find the right market and create a catchy but descriptive list.

In this article, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide to selling your gaming PCs. I will also propose some tips for optimizing both the product for sale and its auction, as well as a few of my favorite places on the Internet where you can sell computers and PC parts.

How to sell a gaming PC: Essential steps

When it comes to selling a gaming PC, the first essential steps take place well before any offer is even available on the Internet. Here are the things owners need to do to prepare a computer for sale:

Clean the PC internally

cleaning inside the computer

Owners should never sell laptops or personal computers that leave files, data, and private information on them. The same goes for all electronic devices, whether they’re phones, smart TVs, or old school DVD players.

Even retailers who buy computers for the sole purpose of reversing them should be responsible and clean the disks before reselling them in case the previous owner forgets to do so. Tech Deals has a thorough video tutorial below on how to completely wipe and reset your computer:

I highly recommend that salespeople watch the entire movie, but for those who don’t have time, here are the highlights:

  • Deleting or transferring files using File Explorer does not delete personal data or delete data from your computer.
  • Uninstalling programs from your computer does not delete the user accounts associated with those programs.
  • “Removing” items from your computer does not necessarily make the files irrecoverable.
  • You can clean your computer thoroughly by using the System Restore feature in the Start and Settings menu.
  • You should back up everything beforehand, as using this feature will completely wipe your PC, leaving it as clean as a brand new PC.

Now that you’ve cleared your computer of all programs and information, it’s time to take the next step.

Clean the PC externally

The next step is also cleaning. You never want to try to sell an ugly, dusty, cobweb computer. This will significantly reduce the overall value of your computer, assuming whoever chooses to look at it. Therefore, it is also necessary to thoroughly clean the physical machine.

You should spray canned air over everything, wipe the case, the monitor (if you sell it with your computer) and any other external parts on the list. It is also recommended to blow out the inside of the housing.

Moreover, a few relatively inexpensive modifications can make your gaming PC more attractive to buyers and more likely to sell.

For example, adding a few simple LED lights to the case will make the photos and offers much more appealing to buyers. These kits are usually not that expensive and are easy to install.

The set of NEON RGB LED strips for PC is a quick addition and even comes with a remote control! Adding these colorful YATENG thumbscrews to your computer case is another cool option that costs very little.

Find the right marketplace

As I said, buying and selling gaming PCs is not a mainstream market. Sometimes sellers are lucky and may sell their gaming PCs to friends, relatives, or friends with similar interests who belong to the same gaming communities they visit frequently. But unfortunately this is not always the case.

That is why it is so important to find the right place to sell gaming computers or parts for eBay gaming computers is a natural choice.

It is one of the largest markets for buying and selling directly between private customers and sellers. However, this is not the only place where gaming PCs can be sold.

If you play games regularly and are competitive, this gaming laptop will make sense. On the other hand, if you travel a lot or need a computer with a long-lasting battery, you’d be better off having a lightweight laptop.

Top Places to Trade in Your Laptop for Cash or Credit

Here are the best sites and apps where you can sell any laptop, no matter what make or model it is. You can also sell other gadgets on these platforms, such as phones, desktops, tablets, cameras, and more.

1. Amazon Trade-In

If you’re an Amazon customer like me and don’t mind swapping your used laptop for Amazon gift cards, the Amazon Trade-In program is a great option.

The program allows you to trade not only laptops, but also Amazon devices, electronics, books, video games and more.

To make a trade:

Go to the Trading Store and search for eligible items. Once you’ve found the item, add it to your trade request, answer a few questions (e.g., what condition is it in) and enter the address from which you intend to ship it.

Confirm the replacement and print the UPS Prepaid Shipping Label. Then, ship the item on time.

Once they have received and approved your item, they will send you an Amazon Gift Card (equivalent to cash for your device).

Use your gift card to buy anything you want on Amazon!

2. Best Buy Trade-In

Best Buy Trade-In offers a convenient way to replace old electronic devices with Best Buy gift cards.

You can go to your local store to trade, or you can do it online.

If you choose to do it online, Best Buy will provide you with a prepaid shipping label for your device.

Now, I did a few tests on the site to see how much they offer for the various items and to be honest I was not impressed at all. I got a deal on a Microsoft Surface Pro in good condition for $ 50. This is not good! But then again, when it comes to selling used electronics, you usually don’t come close to anything you think your item is worth.

Best Places to Sell Laptop Near Me

Don’t like the idea of ​​shipping your laptop to a company you don’t know or someone you’ve never met?

No problem. There are some great places you can personally sell your laptop for cash.

3. Offer Up (former LetGo)

Offer Up is basically a local classified app. Kind of like Craigslist, but only for buying and selling. This is a great app that lets you sell anything by taking a photo and posting an ad. And yes, you can sell to local buyers which is great if you need money fast.

Here’s how it works:

Take a picture of the laptop you want to sell and place it in the app.

Meet the person interested in buying it and exchange the used laptop for cash.

It’s really that simple.

For more information, please see my LetGo review (which still works under that name in some countries) and my OfferUp review.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great platform to sell things to residents. Unfortunately, many people do not even know about its existence or simply ignore its potential.

To find your local market, look in the menu on the left side (top) of your Facebook page. Just click on the link and you will be taken to a page where you can see an ad list of all kinds of things that the locals buy and sell.

To add your offer, take some photos of your laptop, select the appropriate category from the category list, provide some details about your device and set a price.

You will receive a Facebook message from an interested buyer. If you both agree on everything, meet at a local place and exchange goods.

The advantage of using Facebook Marketplace is that you can share your ad page with your friends, so you can attract more attention to your ad. This is a great way to sell your laptop faster.

5. Craigslist

Yep, Good Old Craigslist is still one of the best ways to sell stuff locally.

All you need to do is post an ad on Craigslist and wait for potential buyers to contact you.

Here are some tips to help you sell your item faster.

  • Create a catchy title for your ad. You want to stand out from tens of hundreds of other ads from people who are also trying to sell your stuff.
  • Be descriptive: Provide as much information as possible about your device in the ad description. What is the brand and model, how old is it, in what condition etc.
  • Add photos: It is known that sales ads with photos sell much faster than ads without a photo. So make sure you include a few photos from all sides.
  • Reply to prospective buyers: If you want to sell your laptop quickly, you need to keep up. Keep an eye on your email and as soon as you get a question from a potential buyer, reply as soon as possible.
  • Stay Safe: We’ve all heard about the crazy stories of selling to Craigslist users who went wrong. The best way to avoid problems, especially safety issues, is to meet in a safe public space. In fact, in some places the police departments have designated sections (sometimes this is the actual police station parking lot) where people can exchange goods for cash. So find someone nearby and meet the seller there.

Craigslist is still a great way to sell your second hand stuff for cash quickly and locally. So if you want to get cash for your laptop quickly, give it a try.

You should also send buyers another email after receiving payment and let them know when your laptop will ship. Buyers appreciate that they are up to date, and if you’re a good communicator, chances are good you’ll get positive feedback without asking.

Sell Your Gaming Laptop on Craigslist (Risk Level: High)

On Craigslist, you can only reach buyers in your area. But the good news is that you don’t need to create an account to sell. There are also no sales fees.

Craigslist may be a good option if you’re selling an older, cheap gaming laptop. This is because people on Craigslist are usually looking for inexpensive stuff, so the process of selling a newer computer model can take a while.

You can take comfort in knowing that you can meet the interested party and have some level of control if something goes wrong. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be extra careful when dealing with people on Craigslist. Always make your appointment in a public place, preferably in daylight. Ask for cash payment. Under no circumstances accept the check. Electronic payments like Zelle or Venmo usually cannot be undone and are therefore considered safe, but you may not want to share your account information with a stranger.

Manufacturer Trade-In Program (Safe)

Depending on the brand of your laptop, you may benefit from a manufacturer replacement. But not all brands have this solution. For example, brands like Dell (Alienware) and Lenovo allow you to trade legacy devices with store credit or gift cards. We checked again with HP and it looks like their replacement program is no longer active. However, gaming whales such as MSI, Razer, and Asus do not currently offer this type of service.

If you want to upgrade your older gaming model and agree to the gift card as a form of payment, we recommend that you check the Best Buy exchange instead. They accept many brands, and if you shop frequently from the store, this can be an easy way to compensate for the cost of a new purchase.

Many people prefer Amazon because they trust the company and have been using it for years. Nevertheless, all the places mentioned above are great for selling old and used laptops. The good thing is, for most, you can get a quote before shipping your device. Use this to find out which one pays the most and go with them.

Reasons to Buy a Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops make a strong case for reasons to buy them.

1. Portability

If you have a gaming PC or console, you are tied to your room. This changes if you get a gaming laptop instead. Compared to consoles or desktops, these laptops are super portable and easy to carry around. You can take them to college, to a friend’s house, or almost anywhere you want.

2. Better Investment than Gaming Consoles

Console and laptop players are always waging war for better results. Even though the games provide an intense gaming experience, they are intended solely for gaming. So, if you have any videos to edit or presentations to make, you’ll need a separate computer for that.

Alternatively, a powerful gaming laptop lets you perform both tasks on the same machine. You can play games, you can work in college, you can watch movies – better package.

3. Future Ready & Powerful

They are built to run games that are already popular and games that have yet to be released. To do this, these machines are equipped with future-proof components that remain compatible with newer technology over the years.

This means that if you look at things from an investment perspective, you are spending your money on a laptop that will last much longer than the average laptop.

4. Better Resale

Gaming laptops get a better resale price compared to regular laptops and consoles. While you may be planning to keep your new gaming laptop for a long time, there may be times when you need to sell it urgently.

In these situations, you’ll get a decent price for a laptop as they tend to amortize more slowly compared to PCs and consoles.

5. Stylish

Along with top performance, they also provide a great user experience. Their high-quality design that uses the highest-quality materials gives you a better experience of using the latest technology in the market.

What’s more, they also have their signature side. RGB backlit keyboards and customizable lighting emphasize the beauty of these laptops, which look impressive in a circle of friends.

While gaming notebooks have many positives, they do have some negatives as well.

Reasons Not to Buy a Gaming Laptop

In short, gaming laptops have shorter battery life, heating issues, and are more expensive than regular laptops. They offer limited usability in situations where you can benefit from a larger battery or better portability in standard laptops.

Let’s look at these disadvantages in more detail.

1. Reduced Battery Life

Gaming laptops have an average battery life of 4-5 hours. Even though it varies by model, it’s best not to expect anything over 4 hours.

It’s not that manufacturers put a weak battery inside, but the components installed in these machines draw a lot of power, resulting in a shortened battery life.

2. More Heat

Because these high-performance laptops pack advanced, energy-intensive technology into a smaller form factor (compared to a desktop computer) that generates more heat. This makes it difficult to hold them in your lap when all the heat is flowing out of their vents.

So, if you’re planning on buying a gaming laptop, be prepared to use it on your desk or invest in an additional laptop cooling pad.

3. More Expensive than Building a Console or Custom Gaming PC

Gaming laptop models are more expensive compared to gaming PCs and consoles with very similar specifications. This is mainly because in laptops the hardware must be compact enough to fit into the case.

Gaming computers, on the other hand, are relatively inexpensive. Moreover, you can easily build (or upgrade) your gaming PC by simply assembling the right set of hardware.

It should be noted, however, that while gaming desktops are cost effective, you still need to invest some extra money in a decent display and keyboard.

Whether it’s eBay or Facebook, online marketplaces usually limit the number of characters you can use in headers. Still, you should use each of these characters!

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops now feature full-size NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics cards and a high-resolution display in a portable clamshell form, delivering power comparable to a high-end desktop PC. Perfect for gamers who like to visit a variety of places, the gaming laptop offers a visually stunning digital experience that you can take with you.

Put on a specially fitted gaming backpack for laptops, keyboard, mouse, game pads and other accessories and you can play anywhere. As VR-enabled laptops enter the market, gamers will need space for VR headsets.

Most players buy in the 400,000-2,000 range, but fully equipped gear can exceed $ 5,000. Many of them find decent value in gaming laptops under 400,000 – and they cost even less if you know what you need and can do without.

Remember, as with any tech purchase, the best gaming laptop is the one that fits your budget and provides value at that particular price. Here we will learn how to evaluate player-specific value.

By sliding the list of price points from high to low, you’ll see that the graphics card and display features make a big difference in price. The ability to compare NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards helps find value in gaming laptops.

GTX 10 Series gaming laptops

The latest batch of mobile gaming platforms has built-in desktop GPUs, which qualifies them as VR-ready. Mobile gaming platforms with GTX 980 desktop cards hit the market in the previous generation. Budget gamers should check out the GTX 1060 VR gaming SKU.

Lower-tier mobile gaming platforms use NVIDIA M-class cards that are lighter in weight, consume energy, emit heat, and are more efficient than their desktop counterparts.

What about laptops with SLI? High-end gaming laptops come with SLI graphics card configurations, NVIDIA lingo for connecting two or more graphics cards to one motherboard. Elite models like the MSI GTX 1070SLI and GTX 1080SLI laptops, capable of pixel output at 60+ fps (frames per second) to ultra-high-resolution displays, support two full-size desktop GPUs, and control over $ 3,500!

If you’re looking for SLI laptops under 400,000, check out our Refurbished Deals. Prices come close to this level for the two GTX 970M cards.

Are there any gaming laptops under 500? Players on a tight budget will appreciate refurbished machines for sale under $ 500. They boast modest but legal specifications for gaming – the GTX 950M GPU and a 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 768 pixels (HD). Use the filters on the left-hand bar to specify a price range, and typically a few options will be available below $ 500.

Which laptop gaming processor? The vast majority of gaming laptops have an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor. Several low-cost options have Intel Core i5 processors. The Skylake architecture (6000 series) is solidly mainstream for new models. The clock speed varies between 2.40 – 2.70 GHz, touch slower than the desktop counterparts.

Intel laptop processors end with letters to denote additional functions:

  • HQ – high graphics Quad Core (standard)
  • HK – High graphics unlock (overclockable)
  • U – Ultra-low power consumption for a longer battery

Storage Drives: Laptops use 2.5 inch SATA III hard drives. The 7200 RPM 1 TB hard drive is the standard for onboard storage in gaming notebooks. High-end models will include an SSD in tandem for the operating system and major games – titles you want to boost performance at startup. Super high-end gaming laptops have 1TB SSDs in them; 512 GB and 256 GB represent the medium range and 128 GB the entry level.

What is the best gaming laptop?

The best gaming laptop for you is the perfect balance of what you need, what you want, and what is nice to have and in your budget range. Each brand compares performance for price in each price range. Check out the Dell Inspiron 15 for a great inexpensive gaming laptop under 400,000. Use the filters on the side of this page to compare similar offers in this price range.

The graphics card is a key hardware component to consider when it comes to gaming performance. The size and resolution of the display match the power of the GPU. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 series are top gaming products. Depending on your size and budget preferences, the large screen (17-19 inches) with FHD resolution provides a stunning digital experience on your notebook computer.

The best thing about writing a detailed description is that it limits most buyers’ questions. However, there will still be people who will come up with questions. You should always be willing to answer, even if the answer is in the description.

Steps for Selling Your Laptop on eBay

Prerequisites Before Selling

Ask yourself, is it really worth selling this laptop? Don’t forget that you still need to pack your laptop, pay eBay fees, generate a shipping label, and ship with FedEx or UPS.

Does your laptop look like it’s buried under a bridge?
Will you have to lie about the current condition of your laptop to make a sale?
Is something missing that a buyer would need to use the laptop properly?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you probably shouldn’t put your laptop on eBay. However, there are exceptions, you can still sell your machine as long as you describe it perfectly. If it’s in really bad condition, it might still be sold as defective. Someone may even purchase parts.

Build a Good eBay Profile

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just open an eBay account and sell your laptop right away? Theoretically, this is how it works, but there are some premises. The buyer would like to know if he is buying from someone trustworthy, after all, you are just a stranger on the internet with no credibility. It’s a good idea to purchase some inexpensive items first to get positive feedback from your eBay account. Other eBay users can then read your opinion with confidence and bid on your laptop.

You also want to focus on choosing a good username. You should choose something that looks professional and inspires confidence. Nobody wants to bid their laptops from someone with the username ninjaboy89!

Find Out What Costs You Will Incur as an eBay Seller

Before you replace your laptop, the first thing you should do is find out how much it is worth as this will include the cost of the auction. We understand that you want to make a profit, therefore we want you to be aware of the additional costs involved.

eBay distinguishes between different categories of US sales fees. The fee structure is different for private and commercial sellers. Since you are a private seller, you can count on the 10% commission eBay charges for brokerage in most categories.

If the sale is processed through PayPal (which I highly recommend for security reasons) it will cost you an additional 35 cents per transaction plus a percentage of the final sale price.


What is Your Laptop Worth?

eBay offers a tool that shows similar items that have recently been sold, along with their selling price. Just search eBay for similar laptops and check the “Items Sold” box to get a quick idea of ​​what to expect from your computer.

You should also make sure you calculate the shipping fees correctly, otherwise you may pay extra for the shipping costs. The preferred way is to use the eBay shipping tool which automatically calculates the price based on the buyer’s location. One downside is that the buyer knows how much he is paying for the item and shipping separately. High shipping costs may discourage some buyers from bidding on your laptop.

Set the Auction Low to Attract Bargain Hunter

your offer at a high price. Instead, start from a lower point to get attention. Don’t worry as the end of the auction is near, you will see a bidding war. After all, you will get a good price for a laptop.

Other Considerations

Sale Complete: The Job Is Not Done Yet!

You can’t relax yet! Upon completion of the sale, please send the buyer a confirmation email as soon as possible and will be charged the full amount, including shipping. You don’t need to write the message yourself, just one click on the Seller’s eBay platform and the email will be sent by itself.

You should also send buyers another email after receiving payment and let them know when your laptop will ship. Buyers appreciate that they are up to date, and if you’re a good communicator, chances are good you’ll get positive feedback without asking.

Make sure you ship your laptop as quickly as possible and be careful not to be overly optimistic about shipping times. If you estimate the laptop will arrive in 2 days but the buyer receives it later, you may receive a negative review or may contact eBay.

After completing the transaction, don’t forget to leave the buyer a great review. This leads most of the favor back, and you’ll get positive feedback too!


Always Keep Proof of Shipment

You should ship your laptop via UPS or Fedex as insured shipping and keep proof of postage such as tracking numbers at all times. Unfortunately, there are also black sheep on eBay who claim that the item didn’t arrive even though they already have it.

The set of NEON RGB LED strips for PC is a quick addition and even comes with a remote control! Adding these colorful YATENG thumbscrews to your computer case is another cool option that costs very little.

To Bid, Barter, or Stay Strong?

It can be tempting to offer your product for auction on eBay or negotiate with buyers on LetGo. After all, an item that is auctioned sells faster and a buyer who tries to trade is likely interested in spending the money.

A smug man carelessly throws 100-dollar bills through the air like rain

Syda Productions / Shutterstock

If you’re trying to maximize your profits, it’s best to be strong and offer a fixed price. But if you want to get it over with, you might as well open your product up to tenders or negotiations. Just remember that a professionally displayed product will always look more valuable to potential buyers, even during an auction or exchange.

Or, Take the Easy Route for Less Money

If all this work sounds like hell, you might as well take the easy path. No, do not throw away your old phone or laptop, use the retailer’s website or participate in the repurchase program.

Vendors like Gazelle are willing to pay a decent amount for old appliances. These websites are very easy to use; there is no writing or searching involved. You connect information about your device and get a quote on the spot. If you like the quote, you send the device to the seller and get paid.

At the moment, Gazelle will pay $ 125 for an iPhone 7 with a capacity of 256 GB in “fair” condition. This is the type of paycheck that we are looking at here. (For reference, you can sell the same badly cracked screen iPhone for $ 235 on eBay).

Here are some popular seller sites:

If you are not interested in dealing with the seller, you can participate in the buy-back or exchange program. These programs usually provide a store credit or rebate on new purchases, such as an upgrade to your phone. Sometimes they even pay you for broken devices.

Here are some popular redemption and exchange programs:

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