28 Best Virtual Murder Mystery Games to Try Online in 2022. Who is the murderer game online

Security – Team members don’t need a face-to-face meeting when playing interactive crime puzzle games online. Playing via Zoom or any other videoconferencing platform allows social distancing without sacrificing the fun!

The Murder Mystery Game EVERYONE will want to participate…
without leaving home.

Our Professional Mystery Detective will take care of every detail of your Murder Mystery Online game so you can relax, have fun and solve a murder. It’s the perfect event to get your family and friends online without the stress of figuring out what to do and how to play. If you can video chat, you will easily take part in the virtual murder mystery. Start planning a murder today.

The Murder Mystery Company has over 15 years of experience in providing sites with a touch of mystery that was missing. Work with us to turn an average meeting into an affordable and memorable experience that anyone can attend!

We pride ourselves on flexible terms that you won’t find with many other companies. Whether you want to organize it in your home or on site, we come to you to create a virtual magic of secrets.

Plan an online murder mystery game for your next party!

– A professional actor will lead your party

– We take care of everything, so YOU ​​will get to Play

– Play a murder mystery detective with your guests

For an equally addictive but less challenging game, check out the Virtual Clue Murder Mystery event hosted by Outback Virtual Team Building & Training. Intended for corporate groups, its layout is very simple and designed to develop a variety of skills.

List of virtual murder mystery games

Online crime games are a theatrical production and a skilled director helps the series run smoothly. Here are some hosted options that can help engage participants and support teamwork.

Murder Mystery game banner

Murder in Ancient Egypt takes inspiration from a real murder that took place in the Age of the Pyramids. Participants become detectives to discover clues and solve puzzles. The goal is to compose a story about how one of the early Egyptians met an unfortunate end. At the end of the event, the host explains the ending of the real-life story. This virtual event uses similar mechanics to escape rooms and puzzles.

2. Murder in the Queen’s Court (Fan Favorite)

Murder in the Queen’s court is another historical murder mystery. The mystery traces the enigmatic death of a palace student and draws on the themes of alchemy, politics, prophecy and the royal scandal. These puzzles are sure to embarrass viewers and entertain them. A murder in the Queen’s court is part history lesson, part fantasy, part real crime and all fun.

3. Murder Mystery Zoom Parties Hosted by Detective Ness

The Murder Mystery Co has recently started organizing events by Zoom. Each case is suitable for 8 to 12 players, with eight active characters and four viewers, and takes approximately two hours. Before the event, participants receive a secure link to the Zoom meeting and basic information about their characters. Actor Detective Ness joins participants to act as the lead investigator and give directions on how to proceed with the case.

4. That Show About Love

Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries specializes in themed, online events with criminal riddles led by the hero’s representative. This love show parodies the dating program; the eligible bachelor appears as a corpse and the suitors become suspects. The all-female cast makes this secret a good fit for women’s teams or virtual hen parties. Other virtual murder mystery themes from Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries include the mafia, presidents and space.

5. Tiny_Theatre Interactive Murder Mystery

Two professional actors host Tiny_Theatre and showcase an interactive Murder Mystery with a zoom from their New York apartment. The name of the game is “Who Killed Zolan Mize?” Players must discover the killer of the eccentric millionaire by viewing sketches and scanning the chat window. These shows are available for up to ten people, and groups of up to 30 people can arrange private bookings.

6. Ho-ho-homocide

This virtual murder mystery is as hilarious as it is terrifying. A dissatisfied resident of the North Pole plans to murder Santa Claus. In this scary game, detectives must find out who’s naughty and who’s nice. Night of Mystery offers a downloadable murder mystery scenario that can be played on Zoom and other virtual encounter platforms. The game seats 6 to 80 players and comes in different variations such as LGBT, female only, pure or adult. The Christmas theme means Ho-ho-ho-homocide can be a fun virtual Christmas activity.

7. Which Guide Lied?

Which guide was lying? tracks the misfortunes of a scout squad and asks players to determine which camper is the killer. Participants take on the role of colorful characters with names such as Barbie Kew, Anita Whee and Gail Warnin. The game can accommodate six to twenty players.

List of free virtual murder mystery games

If you want to test the virtual murder mystery games first, try the free activity. Most importantly, you can preview the content so you can choose a game that you will surely like.

13. Butler Kicks the Bucket

Butler Kicks the Bucket consists of cards that you can read aloud, but you can easily copy and paste lines into your emails or private messages. In this virtual murder mystery game, players must find out which socialite or celebrity has poisoned the butler. Using breakout rooms to form small groups extends the game, while encouraging characters to improvise lines and card-based interaction increases the fun. To create an atmosphere, ask participants to dress up in costumes and choose the appropriate Zoom backgrounds.

14. Sour Grapes of Wrath

Sour Grapes of Wrath tells the story of a murder in a vineyard. The protagonists are a desperate widow and six suspicious guests, one of whom is a cold-blooded killer. This free downloadable online crime puzzle game comes with nearly 70 pages of hints, tips, scripts, character backgrounds and party planning tips. Visitors to Virtual or Zoom events can access the guide with the click of a button.

15. The Movie Murder Mystery

Movie Murder Mystery encourages visitors to point the fingers of a famous director’s killer. Possible culprits are the Hollywood types: actors, crew members, writer and reporter. The players mingle with each other based on the assigned personality traits. The hosts throw in clues about the murderer such as “The murderer is not married” and “The murderer has no house spider”, and guests must narrow down their list of suspects based on these clues. The game leader can use the online subgroup rooms and chat functions to facilitate the game in a virtual environment.

16. The Little Engine That Could Kill

Fans of Murder on the Orient Express will love The Little Engine That Kills. This virtual murder mystery covers the murder on a train going from India to Portugal. The game content includes character profiles for each of the eight characters that you can share with your crew online via Google Doc.

17. Jazz Age Jeopardy

Jazz Age Jeopardy is a free crime puzzle game for up to 15 players. The story tells about the plight of a party that is interrupted by a murder. Participants play as gangsters, smugglers and animators. Since the club is a haven in the middle of prohibition, the stakes are even higher. The basic version of the game includes a 90-minute script. For an additional fee, players can access a game script for up to 100 people, which also includes bonus material.

18. The Business of Murder

The Business of Murder is a dramatic, online mystery Clue type game for seven players. The game is expected to last two to four hours. To organize the game virtually, download the zip file, assign parts, split materials and email the relevant information to each player. Rather than reading from the script, participants will improvise from character profiles and discover clues from interactions. This game format works best with a small group that likes to play. The game plays out an intrigue using a decoy to surprise the players with murder.

Find out more about The Business of Murder and you can develop your gaming skills by following the exercises.

19. Way Out West

Way Out West takes players to 1884, to a small town called Cactus Gulch. Participants play as saloon owners, railroad dealers, and ranchers. The free version of this online murder mystery is suitable for up to ten players, and there is also an extended version for up to 24 people. The game lasts up to four hours, so we recommend proper planning. The game includes a free PDF download.

Planning an exciting murder mystery over Zoom isn’t easy, but Teambuilding does a pretty good job with it. Depending on the size of the group, you will be competing individually or as a team. Your goal: to solve a historic murder.

Top Online Murder Mystery Games

Let’s start with our TOP 12 online crime games where your team will become detectives in no time!

1) Black Noir Virtual Murder Mystery

Black Noir murder mystery

In Black Noir, you and your squad take on the role of a private investigator, Mr. Jones, brought in to solve the murder of an important crime city figure.

This online virtual murder mystery was a lot of fun for our team, it took us around 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and complete them. The way it works is when one person plays the game in the browser and then shares their screen in Zoom so the rest of the team can work together to solve challenges and find clues.

It works great for smaller groups of 3 to 5 people, if you have more you can split into teams with 1 code each and see which team can complete it first. For large virtual teams, you can go to Zoom and assign smaller teams to subgroup rooms.

We highly recommend trying this out!

2) Zombie Cannibal Asylum by Playing with Murder

Zombie Cannibal Asylum is set to come on the day of the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Cannibal Asylum takes place during a zombie apocalypse. The background for the game is a psychiatric task in which the deranged doctor uses prisoners as test subjects. The witnesses are both undead and unstable, meaning the game is full of spooky and crazy fun. The standard game can accommodate up to 32 players. You can also play the extended version for up to 100 people, including bonus content such as audio files and decorating tips.

Cannibals zombie asylum

3) WHOdunnit

The WHOdunnit team has created an app that makes running a mystery online murder event easier than ever. They designed their plots so that both the host and guests could participate in solving the murder. All you need to do is choose one of their unique mystery crime plots and everything else is perfectly organized for you.

A quick hint that these are currently only available on the Apple App Store and Zoom, but will be coming to Google Play soon.

We love “Murder and All That Jazz” because your detective skills will be put to the test and a night out will turn into a night of conspiracy and murder.

4) Murder Mystery Zoom Parties by Detective Ness

Detective Ness has been working on a murder mystery for 15 years and has everything planned for you. They have professional actors to virtually host an evening of secrets, making the planning process stress-free. So tell you and your team to grab your detective hat and get ready for a night of unforgettable adventures.

5) Night of Mystery

Thrilling and unique themes to choose from, Night of Mystery has a storyline for everyone. All you have to do is click the button and download the theme you want and they will give you the next virtual happy hour.

Are you looking for an idea for a New Year’s Eve party, they have provided you with protection! Turn your online virtual New Year’s Eve party into a murder mystery with their Murder in Margaritaland”.

Free Virtual Murder Mystery Games

13) Murder Mystery Party For Tweens

This free murder mystery game is perfect for kids aged 10-13. But all in all, it works fairly for all ages and all virtual events. Murder Mystery Party features a mystery storyline, an amazing character list, and is easy to print. Murder Mystery Party For Tweens will provide an unforgettable experience for younger groups and help sharpen their intuitive skills.

14) Way Out West

Ready to go back to the “wild west” ?! The Way Out West is a free murder mystery pack that will take you back in time with crazy clues and characters. Remember that the free version is best for use with 10 people.

Participants can freely navigate through a virtual map of various rooms, where they can socialize by playing as a passerby or a murderer. The crime and investigation last more than two hours, end with a vote and a great disclosure.

The Tea Shop Murder Mystery

Starring the world-famous Sherlock Holmes, The Tea Shop Murder Mystery has a more cartoon-inspired, cel-shaded art style. The owner of a local teahouse has been murdered, and now you and Sherlock Holmes have been assigned to this case.

It’s up to you to find interactive objects in each scene in this mystery point and click game. Once done, Sherlock will give you some idea of ​​what they might mean and how they can add to your hypothesis to solve the case. Collect items along the way, interview locals, and travel to places around London for more clues.

Sleuth: Noir

Described as an interactive fiction, Sleuth: Noir requires you to first create a new detective account. No email or other verification is required. It’s more of a role-playing game, so you can choose the gender of your detective character (which affects how witnesses and suspects react) as well as your detective’s background to determine his abilities and stats. The full biography is generated with the amount of money you have, total skill points, detective theme, equipment and more.

The free mystery case presented is the Manhattan Murder. Jonathan Drake’s apparent suicide is by no means a suicide, and it’s up to you to look into it. Search a crime scene, uncover physical evidence, question suspects and potential witnesses, and more. The game is very story driven, so be prepared to read lightly.

For large groups, I also think it’s best to have unofficial subgroups so there are two murders at the start of the game, for example, and while the characters have several overlapping stories, most are related to one or the other.

Outback Virtual Team Building & Training

For an equally addictive but less challenging game, check out the Virtual Clue Murder Mystery event hosted by Outback Virtual Team Building & Training. Intended for corporate groups, its layout is very simple and designed to develop a variety of skills.

easy access from any conferencing device and software makes it easy for everyone to join the fun. Teamwork, communication, problem solving, and attention to detail come into play as participants delve into the matter.

Whether you run the event yourself or request a host, you’ll receive a series of 40 to 80 challenges, spanning interview videos, case files, tricky tips and more. This is a virtual murder puzzle game that puts you in the role of modern day detectives.

Night of Mystery

Organizing your own detective event gives you more control and flexibility over the entire event. Sites like Night of Mystery can plan a crime story, clues, and characters. From there, the web platform, outfit, timing and so on are up to you.

Night of Mystery starts at $ 45 for six to eight players. There are eight themes to choose from, such as Murder at the Juice Joint, Murder at the Deadwood Saloon, and Ho Ho Homicide.

After purchasing the package, you can download all the materials you need. They will contain instructions for you and character information for your visitors. The Night of Mystery team offers tons of tips and strives to make each event unique.

Many people invited to the Murder Mystery Company party wonder what exactly they got into. Let us answer some common questions you may have so you can prepare for an unforgettable experience!

Figure out the details of the murder

At this point, I usually figured out who the killer was, what their motive was, and the accompanying story that should cover several characters, even though only one actually knows that they committed the murder. There should be some clues as to who the real murderer is, but tons of leads. A few options to consider:

  • The murderer is trying to set up someone else.
  • The murderer murdered the wrong person.
  • More than one murder? More than one murderer?
  • The killer doesn’t know he’s a murderer?

I have organized mystery crime events where there is a “body” or where someone dies at a mystery party, and both may work well. If you choose the latter option, don’t tell the victim who killed her! That way, they can come back as another character and while of course they will have some information, they will not know the key information. You can also let the murderer kill more than one person, perhaps tell them that they can commit a second murder if they feel someone is too close (make sure you instruct them how to do this to make sure they don’t get too close) get carried away!!)

Make Clues / Riddles

Do some clues or puzzles (or find some online) to add some spice to your game. Examples are:

  • Police report that you can share with everyone in the middle of the puzzle.
  • Diary written with code.
  • Unsigned love letter.
  • Code revealing a phone number / pass to a briefcase or safe, etc.
  • Notes (it is known that in the treble clef, if you put notes between the 5 lines it means “FACE”, but you can also write some other clues, e.g.:

Read on for 13 more ideas with examples of crime mystery riddles.

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Top 8 Online Murder Mystery Parties

1. Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries

Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries has tons of virtual mystery events to choose from!

Theme options include Murder in the West Wing, Mafia, Superheroes, and Space Smugglers!

Team members can play with different characters (including the killer 👀) and search virtual rooms for clues about the killer!

The Ghost Ship murder mysteries are best suited for smaller groups as their games seat 6-12 people.

2. When the Clock Strikes Murder

Full of twists, twists and professional actors, When the clock strikes a murder will be an unforgettable night! In the game, the mysterious organization Crime Alive is organizing a gala at midnight. Everyone is expecting a lot of fun, but when the clock strikes midnight, it’s clear that Living Crime has something much darker in mind!

3. Hosted Murder Mystery Party

The Murder Mystery Co is hosting the Zoom mystery crime party your team dreams of! Your team was invited to the meeting by a professional host, Detective Ness. Together, your team will have to decode his clues and work together to solve the crime!

4. Black Noir Murder Escape

In Black Noir Murder Escape, you’ll spend all the time together to solve an important murder in New York from the gangster era. It all starts when the mysterious letter goes into your hands. The letter guides your team through a series of crime scenes, riddles, and suspects. Once you’ve got all the info you need, your squad must act fast before the killer strikes again!

5. Ho-Ho-Homicide

Virtual murder mystery parties aren’t just for the spooky season! Play a Christmas-themed game that is both fun and scary in Night of Mystery Ho-Ho-Homicide. Your team is tasked with finding out what crazy killer is planning to murder Santa Claus!

6. A Bad Vintage

A Bad Vintage by Red Herring Games is organizing an event at the Grand Cru vineyards in the Loire Valley, France.

The charismatic owners organize wine tasting sessions on a regular basis and go smoothly. But tonight one of the owners is found dead in a barrel of wine. Your team’s job is to find out who the killer is!

7. Murder Mystery Kit

GuiltyGames offers a customizable experience based on your teammates. All game materials (virtual host guide, character packs, intro, autopsy and confession) are sent digitally in advance! Keep this in mind if you don’t have someone on your team who can organize the event!

8. Totally Rad ‘80s Prom Gone Bad

During the Rad ’80s Prom Gone Bad Night of Mystery, guests can take part in a classic’ 80s ball with a spooky twist.

There are tons of perfectly clichéd cast members like the preppy prom queen, the sports jockey, the saucy rebel and nerdy mathematician, and more.

Take the event to the next level by dressing everyone up in vintage-appropriate outfits! And don’t forget to play some 80s jams!

Why a Virtual Murder Mystery Party?

Virtual murder mysteries are more than just fun! Check out these benefits:

Team Building – If you play with your work team in a virtual murder mystery party, creative thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills will all benefit everyone. Research shows that teambuilding exercises are essential to a team’s success.

Companionship – These games not only give your team a chance to get together and do something a little different, but also give them an opportunity to learn new things about each other!

Collaboration – because it will take everyone working together to solve the mystery. As a result, your team’s ability to collaborate will become stronger.

Creativity – As players in interactive online murder puzzle games often have to act like a character, perhaps in a different era or place, the creative juices of your teammates will flow!

Security – Team members don’t need a face-to-face meeting when playing interactive crime puzzle games online. Playing via Zoom or any other videoconferencing platform allows social distancing without sacrificing the fun!

The Good Times – The fun you have while playing the virtual murder mystery game will remain forever in your memories and screenshots you take!

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