5 best off-road vehicles in GTA Online as of April 2021. Where to go mudding in gta 5

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What Are The Best Trucks In GTA 5 Online 2021?

In addition to military vehicles such as tanks or armored personnel carriers, trucks are probably the most powerful cars you can get in GTA 5. In this article, we will list the best GTA 5 trucks online version 2021. You can also see the king of trucks in various categories in terms of rarity, speed maximum or personalization.

Below are the top 5 GTA 5 trucks, ranked mainly based on their performance.


The Vapid Guardian is a heavy pick-up truck available in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Heist Update. Overall, despite being a heavy vehicle, the Guardian has excellent maneuverability and speed thanks to an all-wheel drive system (35% front, 65% rear) and a 6-speed geared turbo diesel.

It has reasonable endurance to shots, road collisions, and is very capable off-road. Players standing in the back of the vehicle will not fall off while it is moving, allowing them to use any weapon they want.

Sandking XL

  • How to get: Steal / Find, Southern SA Super Autos
  • Price: 45,000
  • Top speed: 99.00 mph (159.32 km / h)

The Vapid Sandking XL is a four-door off-road pickup truck available in GTA V and GTA Online. This truck is quite heavy and has poor handling on the roads, but its powerful engine makes it easy to overcome obstacles and even other cars.

It is advisable to equip the Sandking with bulletproof tires as its tires are exposed and easy to fire.


The Bravado Bison is a mid-size double cab pickup truck featured in GTA V and GTA Online. The Bison is a fast truck and is capable of a nice top speed, but acceleration is rather slow. Thanks to its 4-wheel drive (20% front, 80% rear), the Bison has good off-road characteristics and can handle steep slopes with ease.


Kamacho is designed for off-road racing. It features high torque and ground clearance and can handle even the roughest terrain with a 50/50 torque split. Compared to other off-road trucks, it has great top speed and acceleration, as well as good handling. Durability is decent and can be further improved by adding bull bars. Overall, Kamacho is the best mud truck in GTA 5 and also one of the best GTA 5 trucks in 2021.

Caracara 4×4

The Vapid Caracara 4×4 is a four-door pick-up truck from Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Diamond Casino & Resort update. The best part of the Caracara 4×4 is its handling – thanks to the 4WD system, the car feels seated and has no chance of a spin. Its speed is decent enough to keep up with other faster all-terrain vehicles.

Thanks to the reinforced suspension of the car, drivers can easily navigate over uneven, uneven terrain. Just remember to equip your car with bulletproof tires as they are the main target of fire.

Which is the rarest truck in GTA 5?

The Maibatsu Mule (with a door ramp) is currently the rarest vehicle in GTA 5, as you cannot buy this vehicle on your own.

It’s actually a surprise that a common vehicle like the Mule is considered the rarest. This truck was cut from the base GTA game and brought back to GTA Online. This is a unique version of the Maibatsu Mule that only appears during one resupply mission in the Weapons update. You can only use this truck during the mission and you cannot steal it on your own.

Mule ramp door

Overall, this is one of the few unattainable cars in GTA Online.

It’s almost the end of the decade, and with it the end of the decade that brought us both Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Max Payne 3 and, most importantly, Grand Theft Auto V.

What are the best off-road vehicles in GTA Online as of April 2021?

In GTA Online, you’ll find a variety of vehicles that leave their peers behind in terms of style and performance. However, none of them outperform the Ramp Buggy in this regard, partly because it takes its inspiration from one of the world’s most iconic vehicles, the Fast & Furious 6 Flip Car.

This vehicle beast not only accelerates like a fireball, but can also throw small cars and light motorcycles into the air.

The Ramp Buggy is recorded at a maximum speed of 113.00 mph. While that may not sound like much, it’s not too shabby for such a bulky vehicle.

Overall, the Ramp Buggy is one of the best off-road vehicles in GTA Online.

#4 The Coil Brawler

With a top speed of 117.75 mph (189.50 km / h), the Coil Brawler is one of the fastest off-road vehicles in GTA Online.

This pointless vehicle always performs excellently, thanks to its outstanding off-road performance and maneuverability. Whether it’s durability, style or traction, the Brawler stays true to its one-of-a-kind name.

This pointless vehicle always performs excellently, thanks to its outstanding off-road performance and maneuverability. Whether it’s durability, style or traction, the Brawler stays true to its one-of-a-kind name.

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