5 Best Online Games to Play When Bored. Free video games to play when bored

If you love trivia, Trivia Crack is one of the best games for mobile devices. You are given several different categories where you can answer different trivia questions.

Here Are 10 Super Addictive Online Games To Play At Work When You Have Nothing Else To Do

I am about to pass on some knowledge, which I hope with all my heart you will not abuse for the sake of your employers. Because we know there will always be a few minutes or hours to kill in the office when you have absolutely nothing to do. Instead of just browsing YouTube videos, we’ve compiled an amazing list of online games to help you kick boredom in the butt. Be careful not to get caught up in this whirlwind of entertainment where time suddenly seems to fly and where bosses live.

The Daymare Town series is an epic collection of mysterious puzzle games created by Mateusz Skutnik, featuring incredibly scary graphics and music geared towards a strange kind of horror movie. Your goal in the game as a player is to escape the city where you are trapped. Check it out here, it’s super scary and super fun.

source: scuroen.deviantart.com

Karoshi Suicide Salaryman

The game is fun in its purpose. You play as Karoshi, a disgruntled office worker who tries to commit suicide in the most innovative ways. You start the game with 50 lives and your goal is to find ways to kill yourself in each level. Play this weird puzzle game here – mostly because you probably have a relationship.

source: youtube.com

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) made its debut in 2012, backed by a rich legacy of multiplayer FPS titles, including the original Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source. Years later, this fast paced PC game still handles more modern titles for the most part, due in part to its well-established core gameplay and active community.

#1 warmax.io

Wormax.io is a multiplayer game of “eat or get eaten”. Heavily inspired by Slither.io, Wormax.io enhances its predecessor in several important ways. Accelerate, Stop, and Ghost are three unlockable skills that make gameplay much more dynamic and competitive. At any point in the game, players can slide over multiple boosters for extra health, vision, and magnetic abilities. Wormax.io also has excellent replay value thanks to its unique Artifact currency and league system.

Funky Truck turns off-road driving into an arcade sport. This single player racing game offers cute cartoon graphics and amazing physics. Players can jump, flip and even fly in their monster trucks. With the limited time on the clock, driving at high speed is a must. Funky Truck’s creatively designed levels are filled with towering hills, spooky valleys and tons of ramps. All you need to win is courage, glory and passion for emotions.

#3. Slither.io

Following in Agar.io’s successful footsteps, Slither.io is essentially a 21st Century multiplayer Snake. Players start out as little snakes and must eat food (i.e small spots on the map) to grow. Larger snakes catch smaller snakes more easily and make them disappear. When the enemy is trapped, it becomes food for others. The simplicity of Slither.io makes it a great choice for a fast and fun multiplayer game when you’re bored. In addition, a wide selection of skins in neon colors provides eye-catching, pleasant graphics.

Max is a female pilot with a cardboard rocket fuel box. If Sky Chasers looks familiar, it’s because it draws from a classic lunar lander. Players must control a pair of engines to glide through magical worlds. The ingenious levels in Sky Chasers hark back to the era of retro platformers, with bombastic traps, winding tunnels and formidable enemies. By earning coins in each world, players can unlock over two dozen new spaceships, all of which have very distinctive designs.

EVE Online e is a game of conflicting legacy. There are those who know it as the source of some of the most amazing online gaming stories. There are others who consider it the best spreadsheet simulator in games.

Mobile Games

Fun mobile games you can play right now

What if you are not near your computer but have a phone? Luckily, there are even more great games you can play when you’re bored on your phone.

Trivia Crack

If you love trivia, Trivia Crack is one of the best games for mobile devices. You are given several different categories where you can answer different trivia questions.

You can do it alone or with your opponent. There are things like sports or TV shows and you are testing your knowledge of pop culture.

Words With Friends

Ah, the classic Scrabble virtual form. Words With Friends has been in the mobile market for over a decade and is still killing time.

Choose to face a buddy or a stranger to create the words that will earn you the most points.

For a word making game, it can get pretty intense.

Draw Something

This simple but fun game is great for boredom. Just jump into the app and start drawing pictures with friends or strangers.

Test your art skills and see if your partner can guess what your drawing hint was.

The Room

And now for something more atmospheric. This series of games will scratch that PC puzzle games like Myst left itch. In it you try to solve different puzzles in different rooms of the house.

The ultimate goal is to unlock a box in one of the rooms.

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum

For those looking for something a little more carefree in their games, there’s no better, cute alternative than Tsum Tsum.

You can collect various figures of Tsum or Disney characters in this mobile game. Then you play an addicting game round that is reminiscent of both Tetris, Candy Crush and Bejeweled.

It’s very fast and it’s great for a few matches on the subway or in the car.

Donut County

This funny and hilarious puzzle game is reminiscent of the Katamari Damachi games.

In Donut County, you control a giant hole that inexplicably appeared in Donut County. You walk by absorbing cars, buildings, animals, rubbish, and more.

It’s a lot of mindless fun with a great art style.

Candy Crush Saga

This game is known to kill time. This is probably one of the best games to play when you are bored as it takes all of your attention to ensure your take to the next level.

You crush the candies by arranging the pieces to match. Do this enough times and you will beat the level.

Sounds simple, right?

Turns out there are hundreds of levels so it will kill a lot of time.


Come on, what can be said that has yet to be said about one of, if not the most famous puzzle game that has ever existed in modern games?

In Tetris, you match blocks in a row to clear the board. Too many pieces lead to the best results at the end of the game.

Obviously, the speed increases as you reach higher levels which keeps things intense but rewarding.

If you don’t have it downloaded to your phone yet, what are you doing?

Among Us

Among us, it has become a phenomenon, consuming players around the world with its network of paranoid gameplay. In it, you play as a crew member of a spaceship. However, one of the crew members is an imposter tasked with killing and sabotaging the plans.

Web Browser Games

Browser games

What if you’re sitting at your computer but don’t have $ 60 to spend on a Steam game for free? Here are the best games you can play when you’re bored in your browser.


Originally released in 2001, RuneScape is a free MMORPG. It takes you to the fantastic world of Gielinor, full of cities, deserts, swamps and canyons.

It’s amazingly detailed for a free game and has a simple but perfect skill system that will keep you fishing and cutting trees for hours.

Town of Salem

  • BlankMediaGames
  • Role play, strategy, social deduction

The city of Salem is based on the game Werewolf. Like the modern game, Among Us, the focus is on the Salem Witch Trials and paranoia.

Who is the witch? That is the goal of the game.

Will you survive the witch hunt?

DOOM is the classic first person shooter that defined the genre in the early 1990s. Fortunately, anyone and everyone can play this game for free right in their web browser.

You play as the creatively named Doom Guy (no seriously, it’s Doom Guy) and you’re tasked with destroying a group of demons that have escaped from Hell.

It’s bloody, it’s fast, and it’s a lot of fun.

If you’ve never experienced QWOP weirdness, stop doing it and check it out. You control the unfortunate athlete only with the Q, W, O, P keys on the keyboard.

The result is a frustrating, hilarious, and weirdly addictive game where you try to beat other people’s scores. It takes a lot of practice.

The creator, Bennet Foddy, stated that:

“One of the things I found out about QWOP is that people like to set their own goals in the game. Some would feel like winners if they ran 5 meters, and others would feel like winners if they ran all the way along the track within an hour. If I had included a social leader board or a couple system, these people would probably have given up on frustration, leaving only the most determined or masochistic players.”

Each level and gameplay is randomly generated every time, so you can never have the same experience twice. Even if you make it to the last level (and what you don’t), the game switches bosses.

DCS World: Steam Edition

This hyper-realistic combat simulator provides one of the most detailed battlefields you will experience in a video game. DCS World: Steam Edition boasts a shockingly deep learning curve, so don’t expect to just take control of an airplane (or other military vehicle) and start shooting nerds from the sky.

Even the most basic tanks, fighters and ships require mastery, let alone advanced war machines that you can control. If you’re in the mood for realistic military combat, Digital Combat Simulator World is a downloadable game.

Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, you and your crew play as Guardians, immortal warriors who travel the solar system to fight against interplanetary threats. This sci-fi shooter has undergone many changes since its release in 2017, such as moving to the free model, adding the Destiny content vault, and increasing the number of planets. Destiny 2 is one of the most action-packed MMOs you’ll find on PC, so it can be your bag if you dig Call of Duty.

Dota 2 is an excellent MOBA, available exclusively on Steam. In the game, two teams of five fight against each other, the aim of which is to destroy the base of the rival unit.

Dota 2’s systems have a steep learning curve, so you’ll have tons of content to explore. All heroes are available from the moment you jump, so you can keep money in your wallet unless you really want to outfit your characters with new skins.

Let’s not wait until Christmas to play this game because it is as annoying as it is brilliant. This puzzle and skill game requires you to draw a line of snow on the screen for Santa’s sleigh to ride. Watch out for the slopes you create as this propels the sledge forward. You can play it here.

Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror’s Blade offers a devilish mix of top-down combat strategy and third-person combat that you have dared to try several other war games. Medieval MMOs receive regular updates and support from My.Games developers so you won’t get bored, and each new season brings new units, areas of the map to explore, and new eras to delve into.

Season 9 invites you to incite a revolt to liberate the Frontier with three brand new seasonal units. Sure, you can loosen your cords to go crazy on a combat pass or cosmetic items, but the core of the game is completely free.

A terrible threat lurks behind a spaceship to sleep in one of the best free steam games, Star Conflict

Star Conflict

Do you miss the free Steam game that is actually one giant endless spaceship combat simulator? Star Conflict takes the idea of ​​player-based stories created by Eve Online and condenses it into a much more action-packed, combat-oriented experience with a much smoother implementation process.

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When you’re not fighting in agile fighters or huge frigates, you can simply explore the beautiful, vibrant cluster of ancient worlds spread across its vast void.

Free Steam Kitchen Royale games

In recent years, free games have become the norm, with some of them even surpassing paid triple-A tiles as leaders of the hobby gaming PC. Take a look at the list of the most played games on Steam and you will see that many of the greatest games in the world are available for free.

Destiny 2

Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

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There are days when it’s hard to believe that Destiny 2 is free-to-play. With hermetic shooting, a wealth of content, and an addictive loot system, Destiny 2 has long been giving millions of people all the reasons they need to make it “the main game.”

It’s true that some of the content in the Destiny 2 Expansion is still paid for, but it’s no exaggeration to say that you can easily get over 50 great hours from this game before you even think about spending a penny on it.

DOTA 2 promotional graphic


Are you determined to waste all your time playing video games? Do you really like the idea of ​​staying inside after quarantine is over? If so, DOTA 2 might be the game you are looking for.

One of the most popular MOBA games in the world remains a fascinating competitive strategy experience. You will definitely need to be good at DOTA 2 to have any hope of reaching high ranks, but even casual gamers will appreciate the combination of RTS and RPG concepts.

Dwarven stronghold

Dota 2 is an excellent MOBA, available exclusively on Steam. In the game, two teams of five fight against each other, the aim of which is to destroy the base of the rival unit.


dreams of the media molecule

Like Super Mario Maker 2, Dreams is both a sandbox-style creator and a playable game (hundreds of games to be exact) rolled into one. But while Super Mario Maker 2 only makes Mario games, Dreams offers a solid platform that can make almost any type of game. Players have designed various options such as horror movies, FPS shooters and RPG-style adventure games. Some users have even changed classic games and put modern spins on old favorites.

Whether you are creative or you like to play, Dreams has something for everyone. If you want to get creative before starting the game, you can design the game according to your preferences. Even if you don’t want to design your own game, you can see what other players have created before you start playing.

MLB The Show 20

mlb program overview

With MLB The Show 20 you can enjoy baseball, albeit virtually, even if the major leagues are not currently playing.

MLB The Show 20 is a baseball simulator filled to the brim with features including Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty and online multiplayer. It’s the perfect choice for baseball fans that lack the more traditional style of the 2020 MLB season. Now the games reflect life as you can play as real Minor League baseball players as you level up from the lower levels of the game. Getting good on MLB The Show 20 can take a lot longer, which can be a blessing when we’re at home all the time.

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