5 secrets in Destiny 2 for Xbox One you should know

Here are five of our favorite secrets so far uncovered in Destiny 2.

5 secrets in Destiny 2 for Xbox One you should know

Just like the original game, shortly after Destiny 2’s release, players are constantly discovering various secrets and Easter eggs scattered all over the world. As many players spend hours around the world, some complex methods of unlocking hidden content are already being explored. We’ve compiled our five favorite secrets discovered so far in the world of Destiny 2.

Radio-3 covers the basics and mechanics of the Seraph Tower public event. Who are you? Hi! I’m Radio-3, a Ranger like you. I am creating guides to help newer Guardians or generally those who are just confused. As a wizard, I know firsthand that information is power, which is why it is

Field Guide to the Seraph Tower Public Event

What Is A Seraph Tower? Why Am I Doing This?

It’s not super important, but it’s good to know. This is the special tower we need, the Guardians, to augment the power so that StrategOS Rasputin can activate the satellites necessary to shoot down the Almighty from the sky before it hits our precious city. But most importantly, it has some cool gear for us! If any of that sounded like complete gibberish, you should probably play the Red War and StrategOS campaigns, available from Amanda Holliday in the tower hangar.

How Do I Get Started?

Well, it’s that simple. After watching this cool new cutscene we got, talk to Commander Zavala. He will send you on a mission to visit Ana Bray on Mars. Following this questline will guide you through the process of opening the first bunker and picking up Rasputin from the ground. Now the Towers are coming.

First, you’ll likely want to raise your power level. It’s pretty straightforward now that the limit has been pushed to 1010, but you’ll likely need around 970 to survive and be useful.

Uh, Where Are They?

Oh yes! You see, they’re weird looking diamonds on the map of Earth, Moon, and Io. To activate them, drive to the flag next to it and look for an interaction prompt near the middle platform. It should read “Activate Seraph Tower event”.

Get On With It. How Do I Do Well?

Well, the secret is teamwork, which is not surprising. The goal is to power the towers with the energy orbs they produce. To maximize your energy production, you need to keep your enemies away from the diamond platforms, specifically the one where the tower rises. Successfully defending the tower will reward you with 8 energy orbs. If you accidentally fail and the enemy is still on the platform when the tower generates its energy, you’ll only get 2. Ana will make sure you know in advance.

This isn’t a big problem right away as the tower will generate more as it runs, but it can be a problem if it’s not supervised.

Hey look, now there’s one!

So Those Energy Balls.

They are used to power the middle tower. How do we do it, you ask? Throw them into an orange glowing ball extending from the central tower to the active one.

This will make it move along the line towards the Center. Congratulations on reaching the Central Tower! You have one. Now you have to go to the next Tower to do the same. Rinse, repeat until the percentage of Tower & power reaches 100%. We are now in the end of the game.

Okay, I Powered The Tower, Now What?

The enemy faction will summon their Barrier or Unstoppable Champions. It’s going to be hard to get rid of these guys without seasonal Artifact mods, so grab them and hit them. They should walk the park with proper teamwork and mods. You can then collect your rewards from the middle Tower where the event started.

And you will receive a bonus with an encrypted StrategOS Bit. Good job! You have successfully completed the Seraph Tower event! It’s all true?

What Would Get me the Best Results?

As this is a team-oriented activity, anything that benefits not only you but your team as well. Personally, I use the Radiance Well and place it on the side towers to help my friends. I also use Chaos Range to deal high damage to one target of some of my tougher enemies. For the Titans, almost everything is different from Ward of Dawn, and for Hunters, Tether Shadowshot works wonders.

Soooo… I Keep Failing…

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