Activision admits the complete Call of Duty experience no longer fits on an original PS4

The latest Call of Duty game collection may now be too big to fit the base 500GB PlayStation 4 hard drive (via IGN). According to the official Call of Duty blog, if you want to have the latest Call of Duty: Warzone update and the full Black Ops: Cold War and Modern Warfare package on your PS4, you’ll have to uninstall content you don’t use.

The games make that somewhat easy to do by letting you remove certain modes — for example, if you only want to play Warzone, you could uninstall Black Ops’s single player, Zombie, and arcade modes, but it seems a bit ridiculous that you can’t fit three (or really, two and a half) games on an entire game console. That’s especially true since Activision sort of treats these three games as one thing: Warzone blends the content from Modern Warfare and Cold War, acting as a bridge between the two, with players being able to add and remove the parts they want.

To be fair, PS4 Pros and the newer PS4 Slim have all come with a 1TB hard drive since 2017, so they should be able to have the full experience. The PS5, however, may have a problem sometime soon: according to IGN, the PS4 has about 400GB of usable space, and the PS5 has 667.2GB — and, unlike the PS4, that SSD storage is not upgradable (yet). While you might be able to squeeze another non-Call of Duty game onto the PS5, you may find yourself deciding what to delete next time there’s an update.

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