Amazon Relay Load Board Recruits More Owner-Operators. How to get amazon loads

Smartphone: iPhone 5S or later with iOS 11 or later, similar to Android 6 or later with GPS and barcode scanning camera. Most tasks require the use of the Amazon Flex app.

Everything you need to know about Amazon Flex

We are always looking for new opportunities to help carpool drivers earn more money. There are so many things drivers can do! For example, you may want to look at a new field such as software engineering.

You can also expand your business to services that include driving but challenging you to do something new, either as a full-time concert or as a job that you do as you prepare for something else. Amazon Flex is one of the best ridesharing services available to help drivers earn more car pooling.

Never heard of it? You are not the only one. Amazon Flex is invariably one of the least talked about delivery programs, but it is also one of the most profitable for drivers.

Amazon Flex works much like DoorDash or Postmates where you deliver parcels, however, instead of delivering food, you deliver Amazon parcels from their fulfillment centers.

In this article, we’ll provide information to help you decide if working at Amazon Flex is right for you, and if so, how to sign up. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Will delivering those smiles be a good thing for you? Let’s take a look at ABC Amazon Flex so you can decide for yourself.

How does Amazon Flex work?

Amazon Flex provides delivery services using a fleet of concert drivers who use their own vehicles.

Amazon Flex driver shipments include:

  • Parcels: Collected at the delivery station and delivered to customers. Your work must be completed within a certain time frame, which is usually blocks of 3 to 6 hours.
  • Prime Now and Amazon Fresh: Groceries and household items are picked up from Amazon delivery stations, usually in blocks of 2 to 4 hours.
  • Orders from stores: Pickup from local stores in blocks of 2 to 4 hours.
  • Instant Deals: Only available in limited areas, these deliveries start near your current location and take 15 to 45 minutes to complete.

Here’s something that’s really important. Amazon Flex drivers can earn anywhere from $ 18 to $ 25 an hour. Earnings will vary depending on your location, of course, but these numbers make up a good shipping rate and can make the Amazon Flex ride worth the effort.

That is the million dollar question! Amazon Flex certainly has its advantages. Paying up to $ 25 / hour with a minimum rate of $ 18 / hour is great, however, it’s VERY difficult to get changes consistently.

How to Haul Freight for Amazon with Relay

To ship cargo to Amazon via Relay, carriers will need to submit an application through a self-service introductory portal. Once approved, hauliers can use the load board to find, book, and assign work. There is an app especially for drivers that offers real-time alerts, yard instructions and commercial navigation.

Requirements for Relay

  • Active DOT number with interstate authority and MC number
  • FMCSA safety assessment “Satisfactory”, “Invaluable” or “None”
  • The type of carrier that is licensed to carry property and to rent
  • Have all the required insurances:
    • Car liability of at least 400 million per incident, including $ 50,000 for trailer replacement
    • General commercial liability of at least 400 million per event and 3500 million in total
    • Employer Liability of at least $ 100,000 per Incident
    • Cargo coverage of at least $ 100,000
    • Workers’ Compensation in all jurisdictions where you do business

    Get A Quote For Amazon Relay Insurance

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    What kind of hardware does Amazon work with?

    • Trailers: Refrigerated, 28 ‘trailer, 53’ dry vans
    • Tractors: box truck, day cab and sleeper cab

    Steps for Using Relay

    1. Apply

    The first step is to fill in the online application with DOT data, insurance, company details, equipment and payment information.

    The decision will be made within a few hours.

    2. Find and book loads

    Once approved, hauliers can start using the load board to browse or search for available loads that match their criteria. All Amazon shipping contracts are also handled directly by this tool. One click is all it takes to reserve a load.

    3. Start towing

    Once the load is accepted, drivers can use the Relay app to receive real-time alerts, instructions to streamline the check-in and check-out process, and commercial navigation.

    Drivers can pre-register their tractors and trailers to make it easier for them to get in and out when they arrive in the yard. It is enough for the driver to show the guard at the gate his scanned QR code and they will be passed through.

    More than 90% of the load on the relay is light weight and a catch. This improves the driver’s efficiency and also reduces the waiting time for trailers. About 70% of the loads on the load plate are returned, meaning drivers are paid to return home. This allows carriers to maximize their revenues and avoid having to hunt for backhaul freight.

    The Relay app, load board, and carrier portal are free if you work with Amazon.

    Short-Term Trucking Contracts with Amazon

    Amazon Shipping Agreements

    Carriers of all sizes can take advantage of short-term contracts with Amazon. These contracts help to bridge the gaps between working on site and long-term contracts.

    Contracts can be selected through Relay from weeks to months in the future. Each contract covers the entire working week of each week of the contract. The payout is guaranteed as long as there is no cancellation or refusal. Even if Amazon does not use this contracted capacity, drivers are still paid 100% of the contract value.

    Short-term contracts give carriers access to tens of thousands of loads per week. Transparency and guaranteed prices mean that carriers have an additional, reliable revenue stream. These contracts are available to a wide range of drivers on Relay.

    Through Relay, carriers can view:

    • Duration of the contract, including start and end dates
    • Blocks for a week
    • Number of drivers
    • Total contract value
    • Blocking speed

    Agreements can be accepted with one click.

    They are available on a first come, first served basis, with new ones being released every week. Payments are made directly to bank accounts within 7 days of completion of works.

    The short-term contract program improves business while minimizing risk. Carriers can commit to future work and enjoy competitive labor rates. It gives carriers peace of mind. Small fleet owners can balance job security with the freedom to optimize depending on industry fluctuations.

    Amazon Relay offers carriers and owner-operators the opportunity to partner with Amazon, one of the largest retailers in the world. As long as the carriers meet the minimum requirements, they should be approved. Approval is relatively quick and simple. Once this process is complete, hauliers can start allocating loads to drivers and set off.

    The relay load board is readily available 24/7 and the load can be secured at any time with one click. It saves you time and eliminates the hassle of communicating via email or haggling over prices. Prices are transparent and guaranteed for short-term contracts.

    Amazon will run background checks that usually last 2 to 5 days. Anything related to theft or violence will disqualify you, along with a long history of serious driving violations.

    Chi Bernard – Amazon Air Ramp Process Assistant at Chicago Rockford International Airport

    When Chi Bernard arrives for work each morning at Chicago Rockford International Airport (KRFD), her first customer is waiting for her there – the Amazon Air 737-800. On this particular day, he loads and unloads from six different planes, during the holiday season from the typical three planes he manages.

    “My team loves to be actively involved on the ramp, so they are excited,” said Bernard.

    Bernard recently celebrated her fourth anniversary at Amazon. The former Fulfillment Associate who helped launch the Joliet, Illinois Fulfillment Center, is now responsible for loading cargo that arrives and departs from Amazon’s KRFD Airport. He works with his team to load cargo, performs various checks and communicates with pilots about cargo status and weight.

    Amazon’s dedicated air network is a key channel for delivering shipments over longer distances. This is a feat that would be impossible without associates like Bernard managing the loading and unloading process from start to finish. Bernard learned the complexities of managing air transportation and planes in just seven short months of switching to this new role from a logistics center.

    “I was part of the starter team at the Joliet logistics center and wanted to advance and move forward. I spoke to my manager who explained that working for Amazon Air is an amazing opportunity for growth, “said Bernard.” I wanted to get to the ground floor of our KRFD operation to watch the building grow. Being a part was exciting and fun.”

    Development is exactly what drives Bernard professionally as well. Although she was initially drawn to working at Amazon due to its competitive salary and benefits, she has learned throughout her time with the company that she has autonomy and support, which motivates her to pursue her passions on the Amazon network.

    “When I started working at Amazon, it was a job. It’s a career now. The longer I’m with Amazon, the more I realize there is room for growth here, ”she said. “There are endless possibilities at Amazon to do what you want.”

    The best part of this job over the holiday season?

    “The team is one of my favorite things about this job,” said Bernard. “No matter what team I am in or what shift I work on, I always have a tight, strong team of people around me.”

    She explained her team’s morning ritual, which includes stretching before a shift, and ended with a shout of “ONE TEAM.”

    “We all shout in response,” one dream! ” We do it every morning, but we also do it every time there is an achievement. This is our business.”

    Jasmin Honeywood – Learning Ambassador at an Amazon sort center in Illinois

    Jasmin Honeywood thrives on creativity. Her artistic background means that in her spare time she creates works of art for her online store, and also illustrates a children’s book, which is to be published later this year. To fuel his creative passions, Jasmin also works as a Science Ambassador at the Amazon sorting facility near Joliet, Illinois.

    “When I graduated, I wanted to find a way to enter my field of study by working on my passion projects while being able to earn a living,” she said. “That’s what got me to Amazon.”

    A friend recommended her to Amazon, citing the company’s good pay and flexible working options. A year and a half later, Honeywood moved to the role of the Science Ambassador. He trains and teaches new employees at this sorting center how to scan packages, manage the equipment that holds packages in the field, and load and unload pallets with packages from trucks at a loading dock.

    “As a Science Ambassador, you are basically the face of the magazine for people who come on day one to find out about their new roles. People get nervous a lot, so it’s my job to calm them down and give them the tools and resources they need to do a great job, ”said Honeywood, who can be easily seen by colleagues in her light blue and yellow vest.

    Amazon’s sorting centers are a critical part of the company’s mid-range operations. Packages received from nearby fulfillment centers are processed and sorted at these locations, then shipped to Amazon’s last mile stations or other carrier partner sites, such as the local post office, before delivery to the customer. The Honeywood team is gearing up for the busy upcoming holiday season.

    “This is the time of year when I plan to increase my teaching efforts as a Science Ambassador. We are getting ready for the arrival of new employees and we are ready to help them, ”she said.

    Honeywood knows this experience well. She remembers her early days in the sorting room where she learned the basics.

    “Once the first month of study is over, people will start turning to you to try things out and discover new opportunities,” said Honeywood. “I didn’t want to be a Science Ambassador, but now that I’m doing it, I feel like I’m doing something for the other people working here.”

    These close personal ties also influenced Honeywood.

    “When I was just starting, the managers would come up to me in the room to say I was doing well, talk to me and keep abreast of my development. These moments are great when you work in a warehouse with hundreds of other people. I like these little moments, she said.

    Jasmin’s passion for teaching and creative thinking has no limits and strengthens the energetic, passionate person at its core. She is proud to have a job that allows her to develop professionally, while giving her the flexibility to pursue artistic activities in her spare time.

    If your container is shipped with cartons scattered within it, or with some cartons that are unstable, Amazon will refuse delivery for security reasons.

    Try the KeepTruckin Smart Load Board

    KeepTruckin’s mission is to help carriers and owners run safer, more compliant and more profitable businesses.

    That is why we have created the Smart Load Board, a loading platform that delivers the right load.

    There is no need to buy new equipment or plans. KeepTruckin Smart Load Board is free when you sign up with a KeepTruckin account.

    After signing up with Smart Load Board, you can instantly access thousands of exclusive loads from trusted brokers that you won’t find on other load boards.

    Owners-operators looking for loads will discover that each load shipped contains complete information including rate, location (where it is located and where it is going), cargo and weight.

    The system also facilitates intelligent load matching – which automatically matches loads to you based on a thorough understanding of your needs and preferences. Our fit only gets even better if you choose to purchase a KeepTruckin ELD to pair it with your vehicle and comply with the Department of Transportation (DoT) Working Hours (HoS) regulations).

    To get started, simply create a KeepTruckin Dashboard account or download the KeepTruckin Driver App for Android or iOS. Existing KeepTruckin customers can enable the KeepTruckin Smart Charging Board from their KeepTruckin Dashboard by following this step-by-step tutorial on how to enable or disable the KeepTruckin Smart Charging Board.

    Further reading:

    If you have any questions, please call us at 855-434-3564.

    Disclaimer: All content and information on this website is for informational and educational purposes only, and does not constitute financial, business or legal advice. While KeepTruckin endeavors to provide accurate background information, the information presented here is not a substitute for any professional advice and you should not rely solely on this information. Always consult with an expert in the field regarding your specific needs and circumstances before making any professional, legal, business, financial or tax decisions.

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    About an hour before the block starts, you’ll receive a push notification reminding you that it’s time to check in at the Amazon warehouse, store, or wherever you pick up your packages or orders.

    How to register

    You can start from the comfort of your computer and phone.

    Answer the qualification questions on the Flex page. You share your location, whether you are 21 years old and a licensed driver, whether your car meets the requirements, and what type of phone you intend to use.

    Download the app. Amazon Flex will provide you with a link after completing the survey.

    Fill out the forms in the application. Provide your availability and banking information to make a direct deposit.

    Once everything is explained, you can start planning.

    Sign up for deliveries

    Planning and picking of deliveries for Amazon Flex is mainly done in the application.

    Delivery blocks, i.e shifts that usually take three to six hours, can be picked up in two ways:

    Report changes offered by the application. As you enter your availability, you will periodically receive options that match your hours. Go to the Calendar in the app to access your changes. These opportunities are expiring, so take advantage of them as soon as possible.

    Get hours in no time. You can find same day opportunities in the app section labeled Check Available Blocks. They appear on a regular basis up to 24 hours before the shift starts and are served on a first come, first served basis. Sometimes blocks during the busier hours of the day are up for grabs, and those busy hours may pay more.

    “When I started working at Amazon, it was a job. It’s a career now. The longer I’m with Amazon, the more I realize there is room for growth here, ”she said. “There are endless possibilities at Amazon to do what you want.”

    Wal-Mart warns motor carriers to stop hauling Amazon loads, consultant says

    Wal-Mart Stores Inc advises its rental car carriers that if they are also shipping goods for Inc., they will have to stop doing so in exchange for keeping Wal-Mart in business, said a leading transportation and logistics consultant Today.

    Speaking at SMC 3’s annual summer conference in Palm Beach, Florida, Satish Jindel said Wal-Mart’s warning is the latest step in the so-called e-commerce “cold war” between two retail titans who have built up dominant positions in various retail segments. Last week, it was reported that Wal-Mart told some tech companies that if they wanted to do business, they couldn’t run retailer apps on Inc.’s cloud-based service, Amazon Web Services, and instead must use the service at Microsoft Corp’s cloud based in Redmond, known as Azure.

    Jindel, who gave a presentation on Amazon’s rising captive dominance of online commerce, said he found out about Wal-Mart’s activities through some of his sources. A Wal-Mart spokesman did not disclose the company’s relationship with external carriers. Wal-Mart is a large user of shipping services, using its private fleet, dedicated contractual relationships with car carriers, and a network of vehicles to rent. In an email, a spokesman said Wal-Mart drivers drive approximately 700 million miles a year, but did not specify whether this includes contract drivers.

    Based in Bentonville, Ark., Wal-Mart, which is heavily lagging Amazon’s e-commerce growth, is aggressively seeking to close the gap. Last August, he purchased the fast-growing e-retailer Inc for $ 3.3 billion and installed Jet founder Marc Lore to run his e-commerce business. Earlier this month, Wal-Mart announced it was acquiring Bonobos, an exclusive menswear retailer, for $ 310 million. Bonobos, along with Modcloth, a womenswear specialty brand acquired by Wal-Mart in March, will be overseen by Lore, which will sell the clothing lines on and on the companies’ own websites.

    In his presentation, Jindel reiterated his warning that Amazon would decimate traditional sales unless retailers were able to gather appropriate responses to the entry by the Seattle giant. Jindel called on traditional retailers to use the size of their large physical stores to develop store-to-door models. Citing company data that shows the Framingham, Massachusetts-based Staples Inc office supermarket has 1,255 stores, Cincinnati-based Macy’s Inc retailer 823 and Wayne, NJ toy dealer Toys “R” Us Inc, has 875 stores, Jindel said re-positioning its locations to fulfillment centers will enable sellers to deliver next-day deliveries at a competitive cost, improve product visibility processes, and handle returns more efficiently.

    In a separate session, Steve Howard, president and CEO of Esquire Logistics Inc, based in Hialeah, Fla next day service. Most retailers offer a delivery time of two to three days for online orders, which Howard says is no longer acceptable to meet the demands of today’s consumers.

    Wal-Mart shifts reporting of supercenter backrooms to logistics division

    Mark Solomon joined DC VELOCITY as Senior Editor in August 2008 and was promoted to his current position on January 1, 2015. He has spent over 30 years in Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management as a Journalist and Public Relations Officer. From 1989 to 1994, he worked in Washington as a reporter for the Journal of Commerce, covering the aviation and transportation industry, the Department of Transportation, Congress, and the US Supreme Court. Previously, he worked at Traffic World in a similar role for seven years. From 1994 to 2008, Mr. Solomon ran Media-Based Solutions, a public relations company based in Atlanta. He graduated in 1978 with a BA in Journalism from The American University in Washington

    “As a Science Ambassador, you are basically the face of the magazine for people who come on day one to find out about their new roles. People get nervous a lot, so it’s my job to calm them down and give them the tools and resources they need to do a great job, ”said Honeywood, who can be easily seen by colleagues in her light blue and yellow vest.

    Potential Risks and Additional Costs When Shipping FCL to Amazon

    As long as you follow Amazon’s policy on how your container is packaged and shipped for delivery to the fulfillment center, Amazon should take and process your goods with no problem. However, even a small mistake on your part can lead to potentially costly penalties in the form of wasted time and delays. This can of course lead to extra charges and unexpected domino costs.

    Amazon’s terms and conditions state that they reserve the right to decline any shipment for any reason; but if you follow their advice, it’s unlikely.

    However, even with properly prepared shipments, problems can and do arise from time to time. Knowing some of the most common problems and how they can affect you can help you make an important decision. Are you planning on delivering a full container directly to Amazon or would it be better to split your shipment into smaller loads for delivery to Amazon in the final stage of your journey?

    These are the main risks and additional costs that may accompany FCL shipments to Amazon.

    Drop a trailer

    If your Amazon fulfillment center does not have the time and resources to unload the container immediately or on time, it may ask the driver to leave the loaded container with him for later handling in the indefinite future.

    This can result in both delays and additional costs as the freight forwarder will have to arrange for the truck that delivered your cargo to return to another time to collect the container. You now have to pay for two truck trips, as well as for the daily costs of using the container.

    Driver waiting time or stopping time

    When you use a shipping company to transport and manage your shipment, the company will allocate the driver a certain amount of time to wait for your goods to be unloaded before they can leave the truck again. This time slot will be included in the price your freight forwarder will provide you and may average between one hour and three hours of free waiting time.

    However, if your cargo arrives at the Amazon Fulfillment Center and fails to accept delivery by the time you specify, or if unloading takes longer than expected, this will result in your shipping company charging additional fees (to reflect the longer waiting time for the driver).

    Rejected containers

    While this problem is rare, it can cause serious problems for importers. If Amazon refuses to accept the container for any reason, it may instruct you to unload the container in its own warehouse and return the goods as LTL shipment or groupage shipment.

    The cost of the diet container

    The container used to transport the goods will be allocated for use for a specified period of time, but if pick-up or unloading of the cargo is delayed for any reason at a Fulfillment Center (such as those described above), this will result in additional “Daily” or “Daily” Charges charged by the shipping company.

    Storage costs

    If you have to wait a while for your visit to Amazon, you will have to pay an additional fee for container storage in the meantime before you even reach the fulfillment center.

    Is FCL Shipping the Best Choice for Importers Selling via Amazon?

    Shipment of imported goods via FCL to Amazon is almost always more profitable than shipping smaller loads, as long as you follow all the rules and don’t run into any problems along the way.

    However, making even the slightest mistake or omission at any point in the process can have potentially costly consequences in terms of delays and additional costs. These implications make importing FCL to Amazon a bit more risky if you are not completely confident in your process.

    Unicargo is working hard to keep up with Amazon’s requirements and has shipped thousands of successful FCL shipments to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

    If you need help or advice on shipping an FCL shipment to Amazon, or if you are trying to decide if FCL or LCL is more suitable for you, find out more in the author box below.

    Refael Elbaz is an Israeli entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Unicargo. Unicargo, a modern forwarding company that focuses on creating advanced solutions for e-commerce companies and entrepreneurs.

    Unicargo uses technology to consolidate all data points in international transport, thus creating services and tools for e-commerce companies. Unicargo enables them to make intelligent, data-driven decisions about the supply chain.

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