Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ soundtrack has seven CDs’ worth of island vibes

You can put down your Switch, you can retire from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but you can never quite leave the island behind. Now, thanks to a new a multi-CD imported soundtrack for the game, you won’t have to. With seven — yes, seven — compact discs of Animal Crossing music, you can quite literally change your life’s theme music as often as it changes in the game.

Seven CDs seems like a lot, but New Horizons, like other Animal Crossing games before it, is almost constantly scored, with multiple variations of music in the game for every hour of the day (“3PM” fans, rise up), multiple locations, and weather conditions. The series’ music is one of the big reasons why it’s so beloved. Having a song for almost every situation only furthers the game’s “I could really stay here forever” power. That’s why Nintendo dropping a live version of the theme can be a little mini event in its own right.

You can own K.K. Slider’s entire discography AND the music for every hour of the day.
Image: Columbia Japan

Details on the limited edition imported Animal Crossing: New Horizons soundtrack are slim, but referring to the image above, the complete package appears to come with seven CDs, custom albums to hold them, and what appears to be a K.K. Slider-themed headphone case. The soundtrack is available for preorder now from Amazon with a current release date set for this Friday, April 16th.

Till then, join me in strolling your island (mentally) at precisely 3PM wherever you are.

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