Apex Legends guide: Who should you play as. Apex legends who to play

Bangalore is the de facto soldier legend in Apex Legends. All she has gives her a better chance of killing or escaping quickly. If you like to run, shoot and play aggressively, Bangalore is a good choice for you.

Apex Legends Seer guide: How to play, abilities, and lore

season 10 of Apex Legends brought many changes to the game, the most important of which is the next playable character. This free Battle Royale game came out of nowhere when it was released in 2019 without any preparation, but the team behind Titanfall 2, Respawn, certainly knew what they were doing. They’ve always mastered what an FPS game should be like, but introduced their own unique and incredibly satisfying movement mechanics to really elevate the action. He will never kill big guys like Fortnite or Warzone, but he stands shoulder to shoulder with these powers.

The eighteenth playable character to join the roster is Obi “Seer” Edolasim, who joined the game during the Emergence season 10 event. The Seer fits somewhat into the hunter or scout archetype, but has completely different uses than other legends that can fill the role . It’s just as unique and dynamic as the rest of the list, which means it will take some time to fully understand what it is and isn’t for. The Prophet’s strengths are just beginning to be recognized, so let’s take a look at his knowledge, skills, and how to get the most of this stylish legend in Apex Legends combat.

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Seer’s lore

Seeers mocking towards the camera.

There was a prophecy about the Seer even before he was born that he would cause great suffering and pain. On the night of his birth, a powerful meteor struck the moon of his home planet, Boreas, which was seen as a bad omen. When people saw his blue eyes, he was condemned by everyone except his parents who loved and cared for their child. They even supported him when he joined Arena to express his creativity where he grew stronger.

As proved in the Arena, the Seer became known among the other poor and less fortunate people who came specially to watch him. When he joined Apex Games, Seer was a name almost everyone was aware of as a child who struggled with his etiquette as cursed to become a character any poor people could look at.

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Bangalore is the de facto soldier legend in Apex Legends. All she has gives her a better chance of killing or escaping quickly. If you like to run, shoot and play aggressively, Bangalore is a good choice for you.

When you are shot or hit, Bangalore’s movement speed increases.

The active ability Bangalore ejects a cloud of smoke that covers the area and hides enemies and allies there.

Bangalore is calling for an artillery strike that covers a large area with missiles for a long time.


Bloodhound is a scout class that can see through walls and track enemies for its allies while providing enhanced environmental information. Bloodhound is perfect for the cautious gamer, someone who wants to have all the information about a fight before getting into it.

The Hound sees footprints on the ground where enemies have recently walked.

Bloodhound scans over a small area, revealing enemy shapes through walls.

Beast of the Hunt allows Bloodhound to go berserk, allowing them to see through objects in real time and move faster. Enemies are highlighted.

Each team can only have one specific Legend at a time, and lineups are limited to three, which means you must have at least three Legends that you are comfortable with if you want to succeed.

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Available on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and ПК ерез Origin and Steam

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Просмотр игр Information Поддержка Купить Â Origin United States United Kingdom Australia Deutschland France Italia Россия Brasil Mexico Poland 日本 대한민국 繁體 中文 Юридическая информация Пользовательское соглашение Правила соблюдения конфиденциальности информации и идентификации пользователя (ваша конфиденциальность)

How To Decide Which Apex Legend To Play With

Apex Legends gives players the choice of eight distinct and unique legends. Unlike some of the other Battle Royales, these eight characters make a big difference in the way you play. Not every legend is suitable for everyone. When you first start the game, it may seem as if the rounds are going too fast for you to take the time to evaluate each legend. This guide should help you decide which legend to play. This will reduce the time it takes to master Apex Legends and help you win matches faster.


Which legend to play

Gibraltar is a fantastic defensive character. If used properly, it is the most difficult legend to kill. His passive ability displays a shield in front of him when you aim at locations. His tactical ability gives him a force field dome that can protect you and your teammates. Gibraltar’s ultimate ability is Defensive Bombardment. Gibraltar drops bombs on the selected area. This ability will not kill any player by itself, so it will require further action.

Gibraltar is a legend to choose from if you want to take on the burden of enemy fire. A Gibraltar player must take damage from his teammate and draw fire to keep others alive. If you prefer to avoid getting hurt then this isn’t a legend you should be playing. However, if you want to be your team’s tank, Gibraltar is for you.


Which legend to play

Wraith is mainly played as an offensive character, but her skills make her quite technical. Her passive ability will give you audible hints when another player notices you or is nearby. The Wraith’s tactical ability makes you temporarily invulnerable. Her final skill opens a portal that connects two locations. These skills are tricks you can rely on, if anything goes wrong you’ll still need to master the basics of combat.

Wraith is best suited for players who are not afraid to get their hands dirty during a firefight. If you want to use all of her tricks to aid in the eliminations, Wraith will be a clever legend for the game.


Which legend to play

Mirage is a strange legend. He has almost no offensive skills so he will need other teammates to back him up and support him. His passive ability allows you to display a decoy hologram, which is a good distraction to help you escape. Mirage’s tactical ability is Psyche Out, which creates a hologram that can move in front of you, distracting enemies and distracting them. His ultimate ability creates multiple holograms that apply his other abilities to the entire team.

Mirage has a very specific playstyle. To be used properly, his holograms need to be refined and coordinated with his more offensive teammates. Your team should be ready to set a trap. Mirage is a legend that you can play if you prefer to analyze situations and then engage, using it requires good communication with your team and tactical thinking.


Which legend to play

You Should Play More Than One Legend

Apex Legends uses a “first come, first served” principle when selecting a character. This means that you won’t always be able to choose the character you use the most. You have to learn to be resourceful in choosing your character. It would be silly to try to perfect every Legend, but you should use this guide to pick at least two Legends to choose from each round. You should choose a category where you can really develop your skills. Then you need to refine more than one Legend in that category. Chances are you’ll be competing in matches where you can’t pick your main legend. Flexible choice can give you an advantage.

Remember that Respawn will be introducing new characters with new skills from time to time to keep things fresh. Head here to find out how to get these new characters.

Now that you have your character, it’s time to optimize your game and adjust your settings accordingly.

Caustic is a legend that should be chosen if you mainly care about helping other teammates during shootouts. His skills can be used to augment more offensive legends. It’s a legend to play if you like to be close to the action but can think much more tactically than just aim and shoot.

Pathfinder – A Ziplining Jokester With A Knack For Recon

Pathfinder’s skills aren’t offensive, but can be a great choice for new players. The always optimistic MRVN can easily make a smile with his jokes and unwavering happiness. His tactical Grappling Hook skill is brilliant for quickly recovering from a potentially lethal situation. As a new player, it’s easy to get stuck somewhere it shouldn’t be on the map, and it’s even easier to get trapped by an enemy team. Therefore, the ability to use the Pathfinder hook to get away quickly is helpful.

When you start playing Apex, you have to get used to a lot in terms of gameplay. You need to get used to the types of weapons and find out which ones are right for you. One thing you have to get used to are the maps and potential ambush points. In addition, you have to guard the safety ring or risk death. Pathfinder’s ultimate ability, Zipline Gun, makes it easier to escape from the lock ring should you get stuck in it.

Pathfinder’s style of play suits the beginner’s style of play due to its zipline ability, but that doesn’t mean Pathfinder is only for beginners. You can get creative with his zipline skills to gain an edge over the opposing team, making him a great scouting legend. Pathfinder is the best legend to explore and get used to with a lot of maps in Apex Legends.

Bloodhound – The Tracker Supreme

Of all the original Legends, Bloodhound is the best for beginners. Bloodhound has one of the best tactical skills of all Legends. It’s easy to be ambushed by an enemy squad and killed within seconds of jumping onto the map, so having this advantage is game-changing. As their name suggests, all Bloodhound abilities track where enemies are or have been, and you can come up with your next moves based on that information.

If you suspect that someone may be nearby, you can use Bloodhound’s tactical ability to scan the area. If there are enemies in the area, the scanner will detect them and point them to you. Basically, their ability will allow you to see enemies outlined in red for a short time, even inside buildings. This skill can be helpful if enemy teams are using Bangalore Smoke Shield.

Bloodhound is the perfect choice for players who feel confident that their team can take on opposing teams. Since Bloodhound can find enemies, you may have an advantage over your attacks. Of course, Bloodhound is nothing without a great team behind it, so keep that in mind if you decide to play as them. When you have a well-balanced squad, Bloodhounds’s playstyle is undeniably one of the best in the game, and will be crucial to your team’s potential victory.

* Log in to the website. Требуется постоянное подключение к Интернету i учетная запись EA. Действуют возрастные ограничения. Включает в себя возможность совершать внутригровые покупки.

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Lastly, Seer reaps a ton of benefits from measuring beacon scanning. The more knowledge you have about the map, the better you can focus your attention and skills to really nail your enemy. The more you know, the easier it will be for your team to perform clever ambushes as well as tactical retreats.

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege is a single-player shooter. When playing, you use operators and a rainbow band. The good thing about this game is that it promotes unity despite the different nationalities. The team consists of different nationalities, gadgets and weapons. It has an asymmetric structure by features. Therefore, the game is not fully balanced in their skill choices.

You can play the role of the American hostage rescue squad, the German GSG -9, the British SAS, the French GIGN and the Russian Spetsnaz. Each of them has an operator that you can divide into a unit. It is between defenders and attackers. You may also have access to the recruiting operator. One of the fantastic tools in this game is that you can be flexible with your gear assortment. The game is played at the expense of acquiring a gadget or adjusting weapons.

Players can choose any operator from among the units and can use them to attack and defend before the round starts. You can choose spawn points and attachments for your weapons. If you want the item, you can also buy it from the in-game stores. You can use in-game currency to buy cosmetics and operators. They call it fame, you earn it at the end of matches depending on your achievements in battle.

If you start an online match, the attackers plan and select spawn points to start the attack. Defenders also develop a base defense strategy. You will have a one-minute preparation period for this game.

The destruction of the environment is highly exposed in the game. To achieve this goal, your weapons have a procedural destruction system. You can plant an explosive and smash structures or make bullet holes by shooting. It’s a survival game.

Among the various shooters such as arena warfare, Dota 2 and the brave Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege, this is the easiest and most tactical. You need to develop your strategies and plan your next move. Every wrong step you take can lead to your failure. In this game, you build awareness of your surroundings. You won’t find realistic and intense single-player shooting anywhere, but this game offers it all. It has 20 unique maps, all of which lead to unusual and exciting arenas. Every feature of this game leads to incredible destructive power. You gain freedom to destroy, crush and kill.

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