Are Threadripper CPUs Good for Gaming. What is a threadripper

Consumer and corporate markets have very different requirements. Both AMD and Intel are aware of this and completely separate the two divisions by functioning as standalone companies.

A Short Guide to the Fantastic AMD Threadripper CPU

AMD has been in the CPU wasteland for a few years, but it is back with a huge bang. AMD Threadripper is one of the most powerful consumer processors on the market, but is it right for you?

First there was a battle for ever higher frequencies. Once the quota was reached, producers made a turn and so began the “War of the Cores” that had raged throughout the 2000s.

In the struggle for your CPU, manufacturers and developers have found ways to overcome the physical limitations and began creating multi-core processors. Improvements in processing power and speed have helped usher in a new era of computing. But there has always been a utility limit to stacking processors – or so it seemed.

Enter the AMD Threadripper.

Threadripper: Origins

AMD and Intel continued to get closer in the late 1990s, releasing processors with ever higher frequencies. With the advent of the new millennium and the beginning of Core Wars, Intel moved away from AMD and became the most popular processor manufacturer in the world.

Intel has become a symbol of performance. The “Intel Inside” ads and stickers on your computer were the acronym of quality. AMD continued to produce lower cost – and possibly lower quality – processors, becoming synonymous with the phrase “you get what you pay for.”

Following corporate restructuring in 2014, AMD seemingly reoriented itself and launched the well-received Ryzen processors in early 2017. Given their past history, many were unsure if it was a turnaround or a one-time success of the processor manufacturer. In a surprising turn of events, AMD announced and launched the Ryzen Threadripper processor series within months of the original Ryzen launch.

And with the release of Threadripper, it looks like AMD may be ready to offer Intel some serious competition for the first time in many years.

David McAfee, senior director of product management at AMD, said the Threadripper 3990X was designed for creative arts professionals who need the best-possible rendering and other processing-intensive tasks.

What Is a Threadripper?

Threadrippery is a line of workhorse computer processors designed to excel at the highest level in the toughest tasks such as animation, video effects, and video game development and design.

If you’re experienced in any of these areas, you’ll likely be intrigued by Threadripper’s slogan: “Render time irrelevant.” Threadrippers can significantly increase your productivity and reduce the waiting time for work to continue.

Threadrippers can have up to 64 CPU cores (and for the uninitiated we have a benchmark: Apple’s newest and most expensive Mac Pro can have up to 28 cores), up to 128 threads, and up to 88 PCIe 4.0 lanes. The L3 cache of the top model is 262144 KB.

Threadrippers are made for the serious computer professional who subjects their workstations to the toughest tasks a computer can do.

So … Can They Run Games?

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