Best AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Graphics Cards To Buy In 2022. Where to buy vega 64

ROG Strix graphics cards feature two HDMI ports for simultaneous VR device and display connectivity, so you can enjoy immersive VR experiences at any time, without changing cables.

Best AMD Graphic Card

The best AMD graphics card

ASUS ROG Strix RX VEGA 64-08G Gaming features Aura Sync lighting system and improved cooling. We reward it with our Editor’s Choice

The ASUS Radeon RX VEGA 64 STRIX OC is an almost full copy of the Radeon RX VEGA 56 STRIX OC. Its specs are just as good

ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX Vega 64 Gaming OC Edition is one of the first Vega 64 graphics cards to feature a non-reference PCB and cooler design. It provided excellent performance in our tests, both at the default clock frequencies and after overclocking

Best AMD Graphics Card

The best AMD graphics card

ASUS wins in both the AMD and NVIDIA graphics card categories.

A card that offers many advantages for the best partners on the motherboard, such as fans that do not spin when idle, amazing RGB action, cool looks and tons of ASUS Focus features, quality features and all the extras.

ROG STRIX RX VEGA 64 OC Edition is a first-class modification of the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64. ASUS has equipped its idea with an original PCB with a 13-phase power subsystem using only high-quality components

AMD RX Vega 56 and Vega 64 never really set the world of PC gaming on fire. As good as they are, compared to what NVIDIA had to offer in its range, they have always been a bit of a shadow. Vega will soon be replaced by Navi, AMD’s new 7nm architecture, and Vega cards will be released to the pastures.

Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX Vega 64

  • The best solution for line cooling
  • Offers spectacular RGB lighting
  • The back plate provides vents for better airflow

Boost core clock: 1580 MHz | GPU cores: 4096 | Memory: 8 GB HBM2 | Memory speed: 945 MHz | Memory Bandwidth: 483.8 GB / s | Length: 12.2 inches | Number of fans: 3 | RGB lighting: Yes | Graphic outputs: 2 x HDMI, 2 x DisplayPort | Power Connectors: 3 x 8 Pin | Maximum nominal power consumption: 375W

Very famous is the Dual-X Nitro + version of Sapphire graphics cards, which was used in the RX 400 and 500 series. This three-fan design is much more unique and a slightly inferior version was used on the R9 Fury models. That beast on the graphics card, the Sapphire Radeon Nitro + RX Vega 64, is one of the most powerful variants of the Vega 64 models, and when it comes to cooling, it’s the most powerful cooler we’ve ever seen on a graphics card, both in terms of quality and dimensions.

The graphics card has a black bezel on the front, while the sides of the bezel and top (Sapphire logo) of the graphics card have RGB lighting and can be controlled via the Sapphire software. This RGB lighting is much better than the dual versions of the Nitro + where only the logo was illuminated on the top. There are three fans on the front (2 x 92 mm, 1 x 80 mm), with the small one in the middle. The graphics card has a beautiful backplate that also offers an RGB backlit area and provides multiple vents for better airflow.

The graphics card provides a 14-phase VRM design that shows extreme stability and helps a lot with overclocking. Speaking of overclocking, the graphics card already has a much higher clock speed than the reference version, which is why we only saw clocks up to 1650 MHz on the core, while the HBM2 memory could not be overclocked as it causes instability.

The graphics card cooling solution offers 3 x 8mm and 5 x 6mm heat pipes that are embedded in the vertically aligned fins of the heatsink. In terms of temperatures, the graphics card reached 70 degrees at full load, which is an excellent temperature as this card has a huge energy requirement.

This graphics card seemed perfect to us in every way, whether you’re talking about aesthetics or performance, however, since this graphics card is exceptionally large, you should make sure it’s compatible with your case.

ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX Vega 64

  • ROG Strix is ​​designed for a perfect shape
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