Best desktop computer deals for January 2022. How to get a good computer cheap

That’s right – with a few select upgrades, these Dell towers that litter office buildings around the world can actually make decent gaming kits. And your city is probably full of them, as schools and businesses often dispose of them in large batches.

Why you should buy cheap and often when looking for PCs

If you’ve had your PC for several years and want to replace it or add another one to your collection, should you buy a cheap PC or go crazy on an expensive one? It’s a tough decision.

The assortment of PCs and laptops is huge and there are dozens of suppliers. You have a choice, and prices range from a very cheap computer costing a few hundred (dollars or pounds, are all the same thing) to several thousand.

Buy the best

Let’s say you can afford a really good desktop or laptop computer, and for argument let’s say you have $ 2,000 to spend. The model you have purchased will have some pretty good components. It will have a fast processor, lots of memory, a large hard drive or super fast SSD, a high definition screen and so on.

The benefit of buying the best is that you are getting a very powerful computer that includes the latest technology. It’s great for work or play, and you can enjoy spreadsheets, games that run at high FPS, and it’s all fun.

The problem is, technology keeps changing and who knows when it will slow down. If you spend a lot of money on a new computer, you will have to make it run for a long time. But with each passing year, the technology gets older and after a few years it will start to look very ordinary.

That $ 2,000 computer after three or four years is not going to look so special. It will still work well, but it won’t be as spectacular as it was when it was new. After five or six years, it will be old technology that can be outdone by models that cost half the price.

In addition to quickly dating, an expensive computer that you keep for many years prevents you from keeping up with the latest technology. As new PCs and laptops come out, you’ll be stuck with your old model. You cannot take advantage of something new that appears.

If you’ve spent thousands on PC, don’t visit the hardware store. You will see new PCs and laptops with unusual, new and different specifications and you will not be able to take advantage of them. You’ll be stuck with your computer for the next few years.

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 2 in 1

Hold on to your expensive PC for years to come and new ideas and technologies will bypass you like this Dell Inspiron 15 5000 2-in-1 360 degree hinge. It is cheap too.

The CPU will be mainly responsible for making your overall use snappy. When you’re dealing with off-the-shelf PCs for under $ 500, you can expect to see older CPUs at the forefront, with fewer cores and threads than the more premium options.

Lenovo IdeaCentre 3 Desktop PC — $350, was $400

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