Best God Games 2022. Pc game where you are a god

There is a feature in the game called Bestiary that essentially resembles a guide. Records details of all enemies that players will encounter while playing as Kratos.

10 Games That Let You Play As A God

There are many mythology-based video games out there, and quite a handful of them put you in the role of god.

It is not uncommon to find that video games satisfy a fantasy of power. Of course, players can do things that they cannot do in real life, such as building an entire city, saving the world, and / or killing multiple monsters.

Some games take the power of fantasy to the next level. Such titles allow players to play the role of true gods. Many of these games take their inspiration from mythology. Despite the game being similar to a god, the games vary greatly in mechanics, story, and style.

10 Okami

Shinto mythology is a major part of Japanese history, and Okami is a game that draws tons of inspiration from Shinto creatures and folklore. The characters take on the role of the sun goddess, Amaterasu, in the form of a wolf. During the game, the player runs across the land of Nippon (Japan) to defeat evil beasts and slowly restore their divine powers. In terms of style and mechanics, the game is very unique. Players can paint different things with a brush. This is by far one of the best PlayStation games released in 2000.

Anyone who has read Greek mythology knows it is brutal. The gods are petty and not very kind. God of War runs with it all and makes a story of tragedy, violence, and drama.

The latest game has delved into Norse mythology. However, in all titles, players take on the role of Kratos, who assumed the role of the god of war after defeating Ares in the first game. Beyond Kratos, there are unforgettable monsters and gods that players must fight against.

But fans don’t need to worry as they will be able to use both DualSense and DualShock controllers with the correct drivers on their PC. They can also use other controllers as the game offers full controller customization.

The Universim

Developer: Gry Crytivo

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

If dominating a single colony isn’t enough for you, you can raise the bar by building an entire civilization that spans multiple planets.

Universim sees you advancing humanity from humble beginnings to an advanced society with cutting-edge technology with limitless potential.

Players can influence people’s decisions and punish them whenever they want by using various divine abilities, including causing natural disasters.

The game takes a lot of inspiration from classic god games like Black & White, so if you’ve been looking for something to scratch it then look no further.

Dwarf Fortress

Developer: Bay Games 12

While it may not be the best looking or even the most challenging god game on PC, Dwarf Fortress is a complex beast with an exhausting number of mechanics to master.

Once you go through the outdated UI and graphics of a 15-year-old game and understand the different systems, things will eventually work.

You will quickly become obsessed with micromanaging every moment of your dwarves’ lives, which revolves around two main tasks: gathering resources and building fortresses.

Given how long the Dwarf Fortress has existed, there is no shortage of guides and resources to help you get started, and the community is very friendly to new players.

Given how long the Dwarf Fortress has existed, there is no shortage of guides and resources to help you get started, and the community is very friendly to new players.

From Dust

Hailed as Populous’ spiritual successor, From Dust likewise accuses you of looking after a small tribe that summoned you to help them communicate with nature and discover what happened to their ancestors.

Your divine essence, referred to as “Breath” – hopefully evokes some mystical life force, rather than referring to the consumption of garlic bread – has the power to manipulate the terrain to guide your people to the totems that unlock the secrets of their past. By manipulating lava, soil and water, you can collect huge earth orbs to help your people traverse the earth and prevent their extinction from tsunamis or volcanic eruptions. A bit like Moses meets the Last Lord of Air.

Black & White

Black & White is another god game from Peter Molyneux – but as the name suggests, there are two different approaches to divinity. After being summoned by the power of prayer, you interact with your followers with the disembodied hand, throwing objects, performing miracles and tapping on people’s houses until they wake up. You also have a bodily representative in the form of an anthropomorphic animal avatar of your choice that you can teach to perform tasks – but they have a mind of their own, so you will have to spend time training them to follow your orders.

Your goal is to convert every village on the island to worship your divinity, which you can achieve by impressing them with your miraculous feats or by scaring them into submission by striking them with lightning. The landscape, temples, and even music change to reflect the kind of deity you want to become. It also has a successful sequel if you are looking for even more topics to adore you.

Reus is Dutch for ‘giant’ and if you squint it looks a bit like Deus, which Latin means ‘god’ – so it’s no surprise that this independent god game puts you in control of four elementals that can affect the planet below their. Each giant god – ocean, forest, rock, and swamp – can create landscapes and allocate resources based on their specialization – after which people move in and start a shop on your planet.

However, nature is a delicate balance, so you can’t pour resources whether you like it or not, because people will become too greedy and fight among themselves. To counter this, you will have to either inspire admiration and humility in your population or make their home environment so dangerous that they are too busy fighting for their lives to fight each other.

It includes pre-made fish models as well as an in-game crafting tool that allows you to invent all kinds of sea monstrosities along with your nervous system and brain.

What God Of War Difficulty Setting Is Right For You?

godofwar image6 difficulty

There are four difficulty settings as you can see in the picture above. I haven’t researched them as thoroughly as I’d like, but the major changes to the first three difficulty settings are how much damage both you and your enemies take. There may also be changes in the opponent’s artificial intelligence; enemies on the two higher difficulty levels tend to be a bit more aggressive and resistant to wavering. Even so, I would suggest that most players, even veterans of action and RPG games, stick to the first two easy difficulties.

Not because the two higher options are particularly difficult. As a veteran of demanding action games, I’d say God of War has almost normal difficulty for an AAA action title, and probably won’t be too much of a challenge for action game veterans, even at the highest settings. On the contrary, the higher difficulty multipliers for enemy health can make even otherwise irrelevant fights an annoying hassle as you have to defeat individual enemies for a minute or more to eliminate them. Especially at the beginning of the game, when the move set is quite limited, it gets boring very quickly.

godofwar image7 1 fight

This Draugr is going to have a bad time.

On the two lower difficulty levels, where the enemies are more vulnerable, the combat is quick and can be quite rewarding. The audio design of the game is perfect and it really perfectly highlights the combat action; bringing out a crucial parade against an incoming enemy has a loud thud as they bounce off your shield, and ax strikes sound brutal as you hear the blade cut through the body. If I have one complaint about fighting in the game, it’s the relatively limited move set mentioned before, but in defense of the game you can unlock more moves with the simple skill tree system. Besides, you have many more options in this game than just smashing RBs to smash your way through your enemies.

godofwar image7 2 fight

God Of War Is Also Dad Of Boy

Among these options is the ability to tell your son Atreus, equipped with the Claw shortbow, to shoot arrows at your enemies. Kratos’ son Atreus is an almost constant companion throughout the game and helps in combat in a variety of ways: he can jump and choke on human-sized enemies, he can attack with a dagger, and he can fire arrows. His attacks can distract enemies, giving you a chance to dash onto their exposed butts.

godofwar image8 puzzle

Atreus dropped the chain; Kratos has to freeze the wheel to immobilize the bridge.

Atreus ‘gear can be upgraded just like Kratos, although I’d recommend spending upgrade materials on Dad first, as Atreus’ usefulness in combat can be quite variable. Its usefulness is greater in the sections of the puzzle-solving game, where you’ll usually see a path closed to Kratos but open to Atreus. You have to perform simple actions like yanking a chain or throwing an ax at distant targets to open the path, with Atreus being the centerpiece of most of these sections. Atreus can also read Norse runes during the game, which Kratos is not. This makes sense considering he’s a stranger on the set.

godofwar image9 atreus3

While he can be useful in combat and critical in solving puzzles, Atreus is obviously the most important deuteragonist in the game’s history. The game takes a somber tone at first and Kratos seems quite strict in his interactions with the baby, but it is immediately revealed that this is mainly due to the recent death of the family’s mother. As they travel together, Kratos greatly warms the boy up and there are some joyful moments for the parents – at least as warm as Spartan parenting can be.

godofwar image10 parenting

Some of that great Spartan parenting.

Of course, this is a performance review, not just a game review, but before we get into performance, let’s talk about the game’s settings.

The game uses simulated evolution based on the laws of ecology as a framework for its gameplay systems, in which the player chooses between a variety of flora and fauna to place in physically simulated oceans.

Verdict – “Ready Yourself, Boy.”

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