Best Power Supply for GTX 1080 – Avoid One Big Mistake. What power supply do i need for a gtx 1080

The only thing we didn’t like about this power supply was the smaller distance between the peripheral connectors compared to the competitors on the market. In addition, it will be much better if it has a short response on smaller rails.

Best Power Supply for GTX 1080 Reviews

GTX 1080 is the most powerful graphics card released by Nvidia. It can run any game with top quality graphics and high definition sound effects. It is considered by gamers to be the most reliable and visually effective GPU.

You need a reliable power source to use these features. Low power levels can overload and damage devices. On the other hand, too much power means a waste of money.

Finding the perfect power supply that will improve the performance of your gtx 1080 can be quite a challenge. That’s why we reviewed the 7 best power supplies for the GTX 1080.

What is the Best Power Supply for GTX 1080?

  • Perfect high temperatures: Corsair CX CP-9020102 power supply
  • Best silence: the CORSAIR HX750i series power supply
  • Best energy efficiency: EVGA 220-P2-0650-X1 power supply
  • The best compact: the Seasonic FOCUS Plus SSR-750PX power supply
  • Zero noise: Thermaltake Smart BX1 power supply
  • Best compact size: the Corsair RM750x power supply
  • Best budget: FOCUS Plus 550 Gold SSR-550FX seasonal power supply

Finding the right power supply is very important as the wrong power supply can cause irreparable damage to your devices. Therefore, check out these key factors when choosing the best PSU for the gtx 1080.

Power Supply Outlets

It just depends on the type of outlet your power source is using. Few sources have a single input / output. Some others provide multiple I / O.

For large configuration, you will need multiple I / O which can run in an AC unit. If your setup is small, one outlet is enough.

Power Supply Types

Currently, full, half and non-modular power supplies are available. Each type provides different functions. Non-modular power supplies are the cheapest and come with all cables included with the power box.

Semi-modular power supplies are great because they are cheaper than fully modular. But they provide the same ease of use and customization features. If you need maximum cable customization, go for fully modular as every cable of this type is interchangeable.

Power Supply Wattage

Most PCs do not require a large power supply. Therefore, take into account the fact that a larger power supply presents a risk of overkill and may damage your equipment. A 500W-650W power supply will be more than enough for most systems.

Form Factors

The main aspect ratio of each processor is ATX / Eps or SFX / SFF.

SFX or “smaller aspect ratio” is designed to make smaller computers run smoothly and efficiently without crashing. On the other hand, ATX are standard size computers and can be used with almost all CPUs.

Efficiency Rating

The higher efficiency of the power supply means that it effectively minimizes power loss. It also reduces less electricity loss in the form of excess heat. Therefore, check the performance rating of the power supply before purchasing.

Read on to find the most compatible power supply for your GTX 1080.

The best power supply for the GTX 1080

You need a reliable power source to use these features. Low power levels can overload and damage devices. On the other hand, too much power means a waste of money.

Why the GTX 1080 Is Amazing

Before we dive into some killer power specs for the GTX 1080, you need to know why this card is still a favorite among serious gamers. The GTX line of graphics cards has been the epitome of gaming prowess for many years. It can be found in many different brands, but they are all essentially the same.

Thanks to the Nvidia Pascal architecture, there is not a single game that can slow down 1080. Pump your games to high and very high graphics settings and stick to your pants. They offer three times the performance than all previous generations of graphics cards. They can handle even the most difficult and graphically intense VR games.

With so much going on in these elegant and sexy cards, the heat should be a real problem. But not with the GTX 1080. Innovative designs, premium materials and decades of experience have come together to provide excellent heat dissipation with vapor chamber cooling in some of the top brands.

Suffice it to say, no matter what brand the GTX cards are designed to blow up. Luckily, they aren’t meant for blowing up your bank account. The inexpensive, deadly graphics are a feast for the eyeballs when you spend your money on the GTX 1080. But it will all be worthless if you don’t give it the juice it needs. Screaming graphics have a fairly high energy requirement.

Choosing a Power Supply for the GTX 1080

Power supply. Close-up. Yellow fan blades

I could talk about my one true love, the GTX 1080 for days, but I’m sure you’d like to hear about power. After all, without a good power supply, you just have an expensive paperweight. Please note that there are several types of GTX 1080 available on the market today. Each has its own set of requirements, so check that yours is compatible with the following power supplies before purchasing.

Most GTX 1080 cards say a 500W PSU should do the job, but my opinion is different. My experience has shown that when it comes to power you don’t want to go with the recommended one. Always go higher.

Because this PSU doesn’t just power your graphics card. It has to power a large number of components, usually all at once. You can go to the bare minimum and get away with it for a while, but I’d rather secure my kits for the future.

Eventually, you’ll update other parts of your PC, even if the graphics card is still good. If you happen to upgrade a component to something with a much higher power consumption than the original, suddenly this smaller power supply won’t reduce it. Since power supplies can be a large investment, it’s much better to buy the largest one that’s right for your kit – and the future of your kit!

If this is your first time purchasing a new PSU, it can be a bit daunting. There is a lot of information to digest, and you don’t want to fry your computer in the process. But don’t worry. I’ve done some of the hard work for you testing the GTX 1080 with the power supplies below and scouring the internet for other reviews.

Pick anything from this list for your GTX 1080 graphics card, and you can’t go wrong. Just make sure your specific card and power supply are compatible.

Buyers are very impressed with the Corsair CX series. From price to material quality, everything is top notch. Users recommend that you use the power supply with the cables attached to it, rather than the one that came with the old power supply. This will ensure compatibility and smooth operation

Raidmax Scorpio 535W

Semi-Modular Power Supply

This power supply is half the price above, but still easy to keep cables tidy, has plenty of power, and is 80+ Bronze certified.







Swooping at our best semi-modular site is actually a power supply that flies quite low under the radar, the Raidmax Scorpio 535W.

Actually, I had the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the Scorpio as it was my main power supply for almost 2 years and I still use it today for component testing.

Let me tell you, this thing can beat.

Not only is this bad boy a whole 535W (enough for most systems), but the sheer number of times this thing has been dropped or has fallen onto it is staggering and it continues to crash.

It doesn’t mean, however, that you have to throw it down the stairs.

Please don’t do this…

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