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BillingPlatform is a cloud-based software solution that has efficiency at the forefront of its vision. Businesses that want to offer subscription billing and invoicing services can often face a small mountain of complex issues, most notably linking up the various component parts of the process. However, BillingPlatform has been designed to let company owners amalgamate many of the everyday tasks into one streamline billing procedure. To do this the BillingPlatform software combines a range of software tools including billing, revenue recognition, reporting and more besides.

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In short, the system lets businesses take care of everything from the very first rollout of a product right on through to the point where customers are invoiced. Automation lies at the heart of BillingPlatform and with its cutting-edge design and power packed feature set it’s well worth investigating if you’ve got subscription services to take care of.

The BillingPlatform interface is notable for its clean and crisp lines (Image credit: BillingPlatform)


As is the norm for many SaaS packages the BillingPlatform software does not come with an off-the-shelf pricing structure per se. You can do the routine thing of organizing a demo with them initially, which will allow you to see if it’s going to be a good fit for your business. 

And, because this is quite a specialized area and subscription payment systems are often bespoke to certain businesses, the pricing can be worked out later down the line. In any case, you’ll need to speak with a BillingPlatform representative in order to clarify exactly what costs will be involved.

BillingPlatform offers a way of joining up various systems to cover more complex business scenarios (Image credit: BillingPlatform)


Everything under the BillingPlatform product package centers around the billing cloud, an enterprise billing solution that features several core features, and forms the overall basis of this versatile platform. Those core features include billing management, products and pricing, accounts receivable, account management, revenue management and business intelligence. 

Drilling down into these main features, it’s the billing management area that quickly grabs your interest. This aspect of the package lets you handle customized subscription and usage-based billing, along with hybrid and dynamic billing too. There’s also the areas of invoicing and taxation, which are both well covered too. Meanwhile, products and pricing can be similarly customized to suit individual business needs with flexile rules for adjusting pricing, rating, promotions and discounting, all within your product catalog. 

The account management side of things delivers powerful control of accounts and their hierarchies, with a central customer portal offering insights into invoices, outstanding balances and payments. There’s also a sizeable revenue management capability on offer that features a configurable sub-ledger that can be customized to suit. 

Rounding it out is an accounts receivable side to BillingPlatform that takes control of payments, credits and refunds plus any dunning issues too. Finally, the business intelligence part of the BillingPlatform equation delivers complex reporting and analytics along with dashboards.

BillingPlatform users get complete control over their product catalog (Image credit: BillingPlatform)


There’s an additional edge to BillingPlatform, aside from the excellent performance you get from the cloud-based platform itself. The software package has been designed to work in tandem with other external systems too. 

This means that it can be synchronized in harmony with ERP, CRM and tax systems along with being connected to payment gateways as well as factoring in provisioning and CPQ. Pull it all together and BillingPlatform is more than able to match the requirements of most business users.

High levels of automation make tasks like invoicing a breeze to manage (Image credit: BillingPlatform)

Ease of use

One of BillingPlatform’s main objectives is to make the billing process more straightforward and it achieves this via a combination of great useability and plenty of powerful functions. The main interface area is a dream to navigate with an excellent simple color scheme that helps enhance the look of your data, rather than making it harder to work through. 

BillingPlatform users can also keep precise track of debt using the Collector Dashboard (Image credit: BillingPlatform)

There’s a simple menu system too, featuring underneath the Home button: Products, Accounts, Collections, Accounting, Reports and access to dashboards. You can also tweak all of the settings in the Setup section too. Overall, the ease of use delivered by the BillingPlatform experience is excellent.

Support for BillingPlatform follows a similar theme starting with an excellent knowledge base (Image credit: BillingPlatform)


With a platform as potentially complex as this one you’ll be more or less certain to need to visit the BillingPlatform knowledge base. This is an area within the website that comes bristling with useful help. There’s a collection of regular user guides along with a developer guide too, while announcements relating to the platform can also be found inside the hub. 

The user guide is comprehensive to say the least, with getting started and best practice scenarios explained, how-to articles and all manner of other useful insights. The developer guide takes that same lead but offers more help for IT administrators. If you’re a registered user there is also the option for getting in touch with support staff for a more personalized experience that can help deal with specific queries.

Final verdict

BillingPlatform delivers on its promise to be a practical cloud-based monetization platform. It offers a wealth of features and functions that can be used by any size of company, although is aimed at larger concerns with lots of data to munch through at any given time. Equally, it’s easily adapted to suit a variety of sales ventures, plus there’s a great level of integration with other software platforms. 

The appeal is further boosted by solid levels of support, with plenty of guidance available for either transitioning to BillingPlatform from another system or adopting it for the first time. While you’ll need to speak to them to get a handle on what sort of costs are involved there is no doubting the potential of this impressive platform.

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