Black Ops: Cold War – Redlight, Greenlight Photo Intel locations for the IMINT challenge explained. Where is the evidence in redlight greenlight

Then open the first page of the observer and note the letters highlighted in red. As you can see below, my letters are N, L, H, A, E, E:

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Where to Find All Optional Intel Photo Locations for Redlight, Greenlight Mission

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has six hidden spotting points located throughout the Redlight mission, Greenlight, for players to discover.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has several side missions that players can complete for additional content and rewards. Some of these missions have optional objectives where players need to find evidence, weapon lockers, and other stuff. In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Operation Greenlight, players can find some intelligence scattered around the map.

This guide contains light spoilers for players who have not reached the Call of Duty campaign mission: Black Ops Cold War Redlight, Greenlight. Once players switch to Redlight, Greenlight, they can make some progress in collecting this hidden information.

In this mission, players are sent to the Russian Call of Duty: Black Ops superstructure from the Cold War. This is where the enemy trains the Soviets with the intention of invading America. Players must prove the existence of Operation Greenlight by taking six photos of intelligence material scattered around the map. Players can use the camera by selecting it and zooming in on each evidence until the game indicates they took a photo.

Photo One

At the start of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War mission, players will come closer to safety. Drive down the rocky slope and take down the enemy soldiers. Then go to the guardhouse next to the main gate. A plan will appear on the wall with a little encouragement to take a photo.

The second piece of information can be found by avoiding helicopters, vigilant soldiers, and patrolling enemy Call of Duty tanks. The game will instruct players to enter the building where they will open the lock, fight a few soldiers and go downstairs where Woods will help eliminate the guards. It is in this section at the bottom that players can find a side room on the left side where players can find blueprints hanging on the wall.

Go back to the street and deal with another wave of resistance at the top of the slope. As soon as it’s clear, go up the slope and regroup with Woods.

Redlight, Greenlight Photo location 1 in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

At the beginning of the mission, when the optional objective appears for the first time, you must go through the security guard’s hut to enter the complex. The map is on the wall inside.

Redlight, Greenlight Photo location 2 in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

When you enter the base, you will briefly find yourself on a footbridge over a long corridor with several guards.


After you have cleared them, there is an open door on the left side of the ground floor. The map is on the wall on the right.

Assuming you’ve obtained all three evidence in the game, the next step in completing this side mission will be to examine the evidence in order to obtain the floppy disk access codes.

Brick in the Wall Mission – Numbers Station Broadcast

The second evidence can be found more or less in the middle of The Brick in the Wall mission. When you separate from the contact at the bar, you will receive two different goals – save the informant and connect with your team. Ignore the main target for now and sneak into the informant. After opening the door, go downstairs and use the silenced pistol to kill the three guards. On the middle table you will find evidence of Operation Chaos. Now save or kill the informant before continuing the mission.

Redlight, Greenlight Mission – Dallas Observer

Your last evidence is during the Redlight, Greenlight mission. Make your way through this level as usual until you reach a large, covered training facility that resembles an idyllic American mall. There are a lot of enemies here, so focus on killing them all first. After the area is cleared, walk down the main street until you see a building called “Savings and Equity Loans”. Next to it is a bar full of mannequins so go inside and then take the stairs. You’ll find the blueprint in the back of the warehouse upstairs, so just walk over and take a photo of it with your camera.

Once you’ve all got the three pieces of evidence, you can decrypt the floppy disk back into the hideout. This will take a bit of detective work, so if you’re confused be sure to check out our guide for details on what you need to look for. While we can’t give you an exact answer (because everyone is different), it will show you a method to decode each piece of evidence so you can unlock Operation Chaos.

Note that there will be one or two heavy tanks nearby so it might be easier to defeat them before pulling out of the camera. All this right before entering the IFV at the end of the mission. If you typed this in, you missed the last Intel photo.

How to decrypt the floppy disk in Operation Chaos

Now you have all the evidence on how to decrypt the floppy disk back at the CIA hideout? Well it’s actually a bit of a tough test, but I’ve been through it. Only for you. Here you are.

Step 1: The Coded Message

Selecting a scrambled message should make the line with the triangle turn into numbers. It will be different for each player, but check out ours below:

A coded message in operational chaos. There are red and blue numbers that the player can decode.

So we need to figure out what the two missing numbers are. The red and blue numbers will combine to form the first part of the code, so what do we have here?

My sequence of red numbers is 70, 72, 76,?, 90. What can we get from this? In fact, it’s a pretty straightforward ascending sequence when you look at the differences between the numbers. From 70 to 72, the difference is two. From 72 to 76, the difference is four. How about adding six to 76? That gives us 82, and the difference between that and 90 is eight. So the numbers go up by 2, 4, 6, then 8. Try this with your sequence to see if it works.

The blue sequence is 67,?, 77, 82, 87. This one is much easier – five are added each time. That means the missing number is 72. I’m tickled that the CIA’s top code crackers and detectives couldn’t figure it out. It gives me hope.

So our missing numbers are 82 and 72, so the code for me is 8272. Remember, your specific numbers will be different, but the sequences will be the same.

Step 2 – Numbers Station Broadcast

To solve this, you need to collect all three pieces of evidence. I take the number I got from the first step – 8272 – and check the list of city names. If you notice, Houston has 8272 as broadcast numbers, so I’ll mention this city when the floppy disk asks for a password. Select the city that matches the numbers you received in the first step.

Broadcasting stations in numbers during the Cold War

Then open the first page of the observer and note the letters highlighted in red. As you can see below, my letters are N, L, H, A, E, E:

The headline of this newspaper is:

What does it mean? Well, check it out. These letters are an anagram of the city from Numbers: Helena. Go through your list and see what anagram you have. So I have Helena, and the numbers for this (for me at least) are 3, 9, 7, 3 as seen in my Numbers Station Broadcast.

Decrypting the floppy disk

So are you ready to decode it? Here it goes. If you have followed my steps (and wrote down the numbers somewhere), you are ready to be crushed.

  1. First, enter the code you received from the anagram numbers. For me it was number 3973 because it was Helen’s number, but yours will probably be different.
  2. Now just enter your password. This is the city name you got from the first fragment of the second step. In my case, it’s Houston. Remember that this city matches your numbers in Step 1, NOT the city in the anagram.
  3. Just hit ‘authenticate and you’re done!

After the fat soldier dies, a handful of enemies will emerge from the elevator. Take them and enter the elevator. Head left, there will be some soldiers outside the check-in counter. Eliminate them and enter the Soviet computer terminal.

Take Photo

Now with a clear view of the outside of the base, equip your camera and take a picture. When you’re done, Woods will ask you to choose a soldier to look after. Get rid of the guard standing on the tower and then quickly pay attention to the two soldiers who are jumping out of the vehicle.

After you’ve dealt with the objectives, jump over the log blocking your path and slide down the hill to the main base entrance.

Search Guard House

With no enemies in sight, check into the guardhouse and take a photo of the map hanging on the wall. This will trigger an optional objective where you will have to photograph six maps for the duration of the mission.

After taking a photo of the map, head left and open the lock before going to the building at the other end.

There will be short stairs with the soldier examining the scene. Kill him with a silenced pistol or tomahawk. After dealing with the soldier, sneak into the boxes on the left. When the coast is clear, step into the shipping container for extra cover.

You will be greeted by a guard exploring the area with a torch. Wait for it to start moving to the right before making another move behind the truck, where another set of containers can be used as cover.

Silently kill the guard in front of you, then sneak behind the next guard and go through the white gate. After passing the gates, head towards the forklift in front of you.

TIP: Watch out for the tank patrolling the area. Wait for the light to move away from you before continuing.

After turning off the light, head towards the marked door. Open the lock and a cutscene will start.

At the beginning of the mission, you take down a few guards guarding the entrance to the base. The guards are surprised when Woods and his companion shoot them from a distance. But unlike the second mission to kill Arash, you can make the shots count.

Intel 5:

After you finish hacking the computer, exit the military command center and eliminate the enemies outside. There are a few mini-bosses here that can deal a lot of damage (hint: use grenades on these big boys).

After this little battle, you will find yourself down the stairs. After you went down there is a small room on the right. It is right behind the steel beams in the middle of the clearing, go to the other side and enter the small door. The map image is on the left.

Intel 6:

After the big battle, you and Woods burst into a brightly lit mannequin room. Suddenly, you encounter heavy artillery fire outside. Sneak through the corridor and you’ll find yourself at the entrance to the military vehicle warehouse, eliminate the wave of enemies, and when they’re all dead, you can go to the tank on the other side and fire.

Before you go to the tank, however, back up at the entrance and you will find a room on the right. Go inside and grab the photo of the map on the wall.

Gathering these 6 bits from the intelligence data shows how Hudson is a double agent and sells secrets to the Russians. This will enrage Woods and prepare you for the next mission in the game.

When the enemies are gone, go down and turn right. Enter the small room and look for another photographic evidence on the right side.

How to Decrypt the Floppy Disk in Black Ops Cold War

Decrypting a floppy disk in Black Ops Cold War is quite simple. The process is as follows:

  1. In the Operation Chaos menu, select “Decrypt Floppy Disk”
  2. Enter a 4-digit passcode
  3. Then enter the password for the city name.

However, in order to get these passwords, you will have to solve a series of puzzles.

Now let’s show you how to get them.

How to Decrypt the Floppy Disk and solve the Operation Chaos puzzle

After collecting all three pieces of evidence in the main storyline, the next step is to go to the Operation Chaos mission board to check each piece of evidence.

Remember that the clues and answers to this puzzle are completely random and vary from player to player. As a result, we will not be able to provide the access codes for your particular puzzle. However, we can help you understand how these puzzles work and provide you with the information necessary to solve them.

1. Front page of the Observer

This evidence can be found in the mission “Redlight, Greenlight”.

Being one of the simpler puzzles to figure out, all you have to do is select the letters in red to reveal your first code.

In the example below, while watching the red letters, the code will be ‘OSNOUHT’.

the first page of the observer

Look for the letters in red to solve this puzzle.

2. A Coded Message

This evidence can be found in the mission “Nowhere to Get Out”.

A “coded message” consists of a row of numbers with two cells containing question marks. Your task is to recognize the pattern / sequence of red and blue numbers and then decipher the missing numbers.

In the example below, after working out the order, the missing red number is 28 and the missing blue number is 22.

coded message

Discover the pattern between red and blue numbers to find the missing numbers.

3. Numbers Station Broadcast

This evidence can be found in the mission “Brick in the Wall”.

To solve this, you will have to refer to the first two puzzles – “Observer First Page” and “Coded Message”.

First, take the red letters located on the first page of the observer and decode them to reveal the name of the city. The 4-digit code associated with this city will be the first code you need to enter when decrypting the floppy disk.

Second, take the missing red and blue numbers from the “Scrambled Message” and put them together. The city associated with this number will be your second code.

cold War Black Ops broadcast by the station

And that’s all! Just select “Decrypt Floppy Disk” in the menu and enter the 4-digit passcode and city name to unlock the Operation Chaos side mission.

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