Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Intel Location Guide. Where is intel located

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For collectibles in Call of Duty: World at War, see Death Cards. To find collectibles in Call of Duty: Ghosts, see Rorke Files. To find collectibles in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, see Collectibles. For Doom collectibles, see Intel (Doom). For a map see Intel (map).

Intel refers to in-game files that contribute to building the world at campaign levels. Intel files are often scattered in different places on the level map and contain information that often adds depth to the story, such as recordings, documents, or articles. Intel files are depicted as military laptops in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered

In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the intel are futuristic laptops with a blue screen and a light purple keyboard.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops, they are shown as file folders and recordings, while its sequel shows its data as data pads and recordings. Once collected, they allow access to codes in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, access to various secret documents in Black Ops, and access to recorded messages in Advanced Warfare. In Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, and Black Ops II, they only allow you to unlock achievements / trophies, although one of the Challenges for each mission in the second game, which allows you to unlock additional equipment, requires the player to acquire all three Intel items on a level.


There are 30 pieces of information in total. To see how much information a player has found, they can go to the cheat menu. It will tell you how much intelligence has been collected in total and how much has been found for the current mission.


Cheats affect gameplay and / or graphics, depending on which ones are active. You cannot collect achievements or trophies while you activate the codes. The cheats can be activated from the pause menu after the game is over.

CoD Noir: All colors change to black and white.

Photo negative: all colors are inverted.

Super Contrast: Dramatically increases the contrast of the game.

Ragtime Warfare: all colors are faded and yellowed, dust and scratches fill the screen, gameplay takes place at double speed, and piano music plays over every other sound in the game

Paintball (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition only): All projectiles turn into paintballs because they leave stains of paint wherever they go. Similar to the paintball death card in World at War.

Cluster Bombs: After a fragmentation grenade explodes, respawn and more explodes. This only affects the player’s grenades and discarded grenades.

Bad Year: Dead enemies turn into tires. Reflex editing requires a headshot to trigger this effect.

Slowdown Ability: After pressing the melee button, the game slows down halfway.

Infinite Ammo: Weapons have unlimited ammo and magazines. No need to reload. Does not work with equipment like C4 and claymores.

More cheats have been added to the Remastered version.


Act I

“Crew Expendable”

1. In a room with two sleeping Russians. It is on the table next to the lectern to the left of them.

2. Go down the stairs in the first large hold. It is located to the left of the player after you descend the stairs on the upper floor.


3. On the table in the first house, the player cleans up on his left.

4. On the second floor, in the building where Nikolai is being held. It is in the large bathroom on the box in front of the toilet.

“Charlie Don’t Surf”

5. Inside the first target building in the basement. Behind the room with the AK-47 on the wall. When the player goes down the stairs to the basement, he will enter a room with several tables full of weapons. The intel is in the room on the left after the player passes the tables.

6. At the guard post (bombed house) south past the first target building. He’s on the second floor on the table.

7. After a heavy fire exchange with the machine gun truck, the player should follow the road until he sees a staircase on his right. (Staircase is approaching player, turn back to climb up). There is Intel on the roof of this building near a TV set which can be difficult to see.

“The Bog”

8. In the first building, the player will infiltrate in this mission, if the player sticks to the second floor after it is clean, some marines will break down the door in the corridor. Inside, there’s another intel to the left of the door.

9. After destroying the tanks with the Javelin and crossing the parking lot, the player runs along the alley and turns left until he sees the fridge. Take a sharp left near the fridge and head north, and on the opposite side of this area, behind a pile of boxes, the player will find intel.

16. After clearing a small lot (with lots of equipment, cars, etc.), instead of going straight up the stairs between the buildings, turn left around the three-story house (the floors are red, yellow, red) and look inside the small hut attached to his side to find intelligence on some barrels.

Mission 1: Induction

1. Following the tower’s robotic defense section, you will enter a curved interior building. Keep to the right wall and go upstairs, turning right on the landing. There is a small bar with a white neon sign. The first information can be found on the table in the back corner of the bar.

2. When exiting the subway, you will enter Seoul Street. There is a restaurant at the fork of the path with a sign in white and pink text. Go upstairs and then go to the bar where another staircase leads to the third floor. On the third floor landing, you will find intel on the floor next to the balustrade.

3. At the end of the mission you will have to collect explosives and head towards the plane as you fight through the fountain with the waterfall. Go behind the waterfall to find a small hidden room with intelligence on the table.

Mission 2: Atlas

4. At the beginning of the mission, go down the corridor and break into the room. When you’re free, turn around and go back down the corridor. It continues to the left – after the breach is over, the door will open. Enter the bedroom and search the toilet for information.

5. After the car tour from Irons, you will be placed outside the building. Before going inside for repair, turn right to get a good look at the locked gate. To the right of the gate, there is a security post with another intelligence material.

6. After completing the grenade training, you will go downstairs to the supply room. At the bottom of the stairs, turn right and look at the shelf to the right of the holographic display where two men are working.

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Early products

Intel’s first products were memory chips, including the world’s first metal oxide semiconductor, the 1101, which did not sell well. However, his brother 1103, a single-bit dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chip, was successful and was the first chip to store a significant amount of information. It was first purchased by the US technology company Honeywell Incorporated in 1970 to replace the underlying memory technology in their computers. Since DRAMs were cheaper and consumed less power than core memory, they quickly became the standard memory devices in computers around the world.

Following the success of DRAM, Intel became a public company in 1971. That same year, Intel introduced Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EPROM), which was the company’s most successful product line until 1985. Also in 1971, Intel engineers Ted Hoff, Federico Faggin and Stan Mazor developed a general-purpose four-bit microprocessor and one of the first 4004 single-chip microprocessors, under an agreement with the Japanese calculator manufacturer Nippon Calculating Machine Corporation, which allowed Intel to retain all rights to the technology.

Not all of Intel’s early efforts were successful. In 1972, management decided to enter the growing digital watch market with the purchase of Microma. But Intel did not have a real understanding of consumers and sold the watchmaking company in 1978 at a loss of $ 15 million. In 1974, Intel controlled 82.9% of the DRAM chip market, but with the growth of foreign semiconductor manufacturers, the company’s market share had dropped to 1.3% in 1984. However, by then Intel had moved away from memory chips and focused on its microprocessor business: in 1972 it produced the 8008 eight-bit central processing unit (CPU); The 8080, which was 10 times faster than the 8008, arrived two years later; and in 1978, the company built its first 16-bit 8086 microprocessor.

In 1981, the US computer manufacturer International Business Machines (IBM) chose the 16-bit Intel 8088 processor as the processor for its first mass-produced personal computer (PC). Intel also supplied its microprocessors to other manufacturers who made “clones” of PCs that were compatible with the IBM product. IBM PC and its clones sparked the demand for desktop and notebook computers. IBM has entered into an agreement with a small company called Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, Washington to supply a Disk Operating System (DOS) for its computer. Ultimately, Microsoft delivered its Windows operating system to IBM PCs, which, thanks to the combination of Windows software and Intel chips, were called “Wintel” machines and dominated the market from the very beginning.

Of the many microprocessors manufactured by Intel, perhaps the most important was the 80386, a 32-bit chip released in 1985, which initiated the company’s commitment to making all future microprocessors backward compatible with previous processors. Application developers and PC owners could then be sure that software running on older Intel machines would run on the latest models.

Pentium microprocessor

With the introduction of the Pentium microprocessor in 1993, Intel abandoned number-oriented product naming conventions for the trade names of its microprocessors. The Pentium was the first Intel chip for PCs to use parallel or superscalar processing, which significantly increased its speed. It had 3.1 million transistors, compared with the 1.2 million transistors of its predecessor, the 80486. Combined with the Microsoft Windows 3.x operating system, the much faster Pentium chip contributed significantly to the growth of the personal computer market. While companies continued to buy the majority of PCs, the more powerful Pentium computers allowed consumers to use the computers for multimedia graphics applications, such as games, that required more processing power.

Intel’s business strategy was to make newer microprocessors much faster than the previous ones to encourage buyers to upgrade their computers. One way to achieve this has been to manufacture chips with significantly more transistors in each device. For example, the 8088 found in the first IBM PC had 29,000 transistors, while the 80386 introduced four years later contained 275,000, and the Core 2 Quad introduced in 2008 had over 800,000,000 transistors. Itanium 9500, which was released in 2012, had 3,100,000,000 transistors. This increase in the number of transistors became known as Moore’s Law, named after company co-founder Gordon Moore, who observed in 1965 that the number of transistors in a silicon chip was doubling roughly annually.


Moore’s Law. Gordon E. Moore noticed that the number of transistors in a computer chip doubled every 18-24 months. As the logarithmic graph of the number of transistors in Intel processors at the time of their introduction, its “law” was obeyed.

To increase awareness of the consumer brand, in 1991 Intel began subsidizing computer advertising on the condition that the advertising contained the corporate label “Intel inside”. As part of the collaboration program, Intel set aside some of the money each computer manufacturer spent annually on Intel chips, of which Intel covered half of the company’s newspaper and television advertising costs over the course of the year. While the program cost Intel directly hundreds of millions of dollars each year, it had the desired effect, making Intel a conspicuous brand.

Intel’s famous technical prowess was not free from mishaps. His biggest mistake was the so-called “Pentium defect” in which an obscure segment among the 3.1 million transistors of the Pentium processor made an incorrect division. The company’s engineers discovered the problem after the product was released in 1993, but decided to remain silent and fix the problem in the chip updates. However, mathematician Thomas Nicely of Lynchburg College in West Virginia also discovered this flaw. Initially, Grove (then the CEO) declined recall requests. But when IBM announced it would not be shipping CPU computers, it forced a recall that cost Intel $ 475 million.

Intel® Pentium® 4 processor

Though struck by the Pentium fiasco, the combination of Intel technology and Microsoft software continued to crush the competition. Competitive products from semiconductor company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), wireless connectivity company Motorola, workstation maker Sun Microsystems and others have rarely threatened Intel’s market share. As a result, the Wintel duo have consistently faced accusations of being a monopoly. In 1999, Microsoft was found guilty in a US district court of being a monopoly after being sued by the Department of Justice, while in 2009 the European Union fined Intel 400.45 billion for alleged monopoly activities. In 2009, Intel also paid AMD 400.25 billion to settle a decades-long legal dispute,in which AMD accuses Intel of putting pressure on PC manufacturers not to use their chips.

22. This one is on the fire escapes of the first apartment, from which the player leaves after shooting down the helicopter and carrying MacMillan. The player will have to climb the ladder and climb several floors. It will be on the ground of the highest staircase.

How to Complete Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Challenges

Players must find six pieces of information and keep them for a set amount of time between one and four tiers to earn caldera rewards. Those who complete all six challenges will also receive the Bomber Menace STG44 blueprint as an additional reward.

Intel is tied to six specific objects. When the player approaches the information in one of the preset locations, they should be prompted to interact with the object. Soon after, a banner should appear showing the number of circles you need to survive. You can only get one piece of intelligence at a time, so you need to play at least six Warzone rounds to collect all the rewards. Please note that the event only applies to Traditional Battle Royale, not Looting.

All Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Intel Locations & Rewards

The Secrets of the Pacific tab tells you where to find each piece of information. Select each award in the lower right corner to view photos and descriptions related to each challenge. Warzone veterans may already know where to look based on these tips. However, it can still be troublesome to search each location for intelligence information without getting killed.

Here’s the general location of each intelligence piece of information with numbers based on their order on the event page.

We will refer to this information based on its challenge name on the event page. Players can also view the Challenge Checklist while viewing the Verdansk Map. Automatically marks the challenge box if the player collects this information and survives the specified number of wheel bends.

1. Warzone Jailbreak Intel Location

Location: A cloakroom inside the prison
Reward: Marina Street calling card

As the name suggests, “Jailbreak” intelligence is at the prison POI in the lower right corner of Verdansk. Enter the Gulag-like building and look for the shower area on the ground floor. Next to the row of cabinets there should be a bench with a stack of towels and a red ping-pong paddle. Collect paddle data and survive to get the Marina Street calling card.

2. Warzone On The Air Intel Location

Location: between the train station and the west promenade
Award: The emblem of the local radio

Intel “On The Air” is located in the electronics store between the train station and the west promenade. It is one of the more difficult to find because it is not located directly at the POI but between two of them. Mark a white square building between the locations. It’s an electronics store that should have a microphone standing against the wall. Collect from the microphone to earn a local radio emblem.

3. Warzone Fast Food Intel Location

Location: Restaurant at the airport
Reward: The charm of a volcanic souvenir

Information on “Fast Food” can be found in the Russian fast food bar at the airport. One of the easiest ways to get in is to jump down on the roof of the building, but you can enter in other ways as well. In the restaurant part there are tables and chairs spread on the floor and an advertising banner on the wall. Interact with the black cash on the left side of the counter and survive long enough to collect the charm of a volcanic souvenir.

4. Warzone On Your Feet Intel Location

Location: operating table in the hospital
Reward: Naval plan sticker

Intelligence data “On Your Feet” is located in the hospital on the first floor of the main building – the largest in the complex. Go downstairs and search the rooms for operating theaters until you find one with a blue first aid kit on one of the stretchers. Interact with the kit and survive a lap or two to earn a marine plan sticker.

27. When the player destroys the first BMP, go upstairs and clear the enemies of the distant building. Before entering through the gate (which Gas explodes), turn right into the nearby alley in front of the last enemy building. At the end, there’s intelligence on the ground.

Corporate Headquarters Address

The Intel headquarters address is 2200 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054-1549, USA. Please share your thoughts and views with the company’s headquarters via letter.

To speak to an Intel Corp headquarters quickly, call the company’s headquarters telephone number (408) 765-8080.

Intel Office Locations in the US

Please note the following Intel Corp office locations in the United States:

Country City Address
Arizona Merchant 5000 W. Chandler Boulevard, 85226
Arizona Merchant 4500 S. Dobson Road, 85248
Arizona Mess 6305 S. Sossaman Road, 85212
California Calabasas 26630 Agoura Road, 91302
California Folsom 1900 Prairie City Road, 95630
California Irvine 111 Theory Avenue, Apartment 100, 92617
California Los Altos 300 3rd Street, Apartment 2 and 11, 94022
California Manhattan Beach 1600 Rosecrans Avenue, 90266
California Matthew 10488 Superfortress Avenue, 95655
California Milpitas 1900 McCarthy Boulevard, apartment 300, 95035
California Viejo mission 27201 Puerta Real, 4th floor, apartment 400, 92691
California Newport Beach 4000 MacArthur Boulevard, 92660
California saint Clara 3065 Bowers Avenue, 95052-3293
California saint Clara 3920 Circle of Freedom, 95054
California saint Clara 2200 Mission College Boulevard, 95054-1537
California saint Clara 2811-2821 Mission College Blvd, 95054
California saint Clara 3201 Scott Boulevard, 95054
California saint Clara Walsh Avenue 2625, 95051-0920
California San Diego 3390 Carmel Mountain Road, Suite 100 & 200, 92121
California San Diego 9710 Scranton Road, Suite 160, 92121
California San Diego 12220 Scripps Summit Drive, Suite 150, 92131
California San Diego 3579 Valley Center Drive, apartment 175, 92130
California San Francisco Kasztanowa 150, 94111
California San Jose 1250 Aviation Avenue, Suite 185, 95110
California San Jose 101 Drive of Innovation, Buildings 1-4, 95 134
California San Jose 2880 Zanker Road, 95134
California San Mateo 1730 S El Camino Real, Suite 200, 94402
Colorado Broomfield 385 Interlocken Crescent, Apartment 160, 80021
Colorado Englewood 10700 East Geddes Avenue 300, 80112
Colorado Fort Collins 4701 Technology Park, 80528
Colorado Longmont 1921 Corporate Center Circle, Suite 3B, 80501
Colorado Westminster 3055-A West 74th Avenue, 80030
Connecticut Stamford 4 High Ridge Park Road, 06905
District of Columbia Washington 1155 F Street NW, apartment 1025, 20004
Florida Miami 6205 Blue Lagoon Drive, 33126
Georgia Alpharetta 4501 Northpoint Parkway, 30022
Idaho Boise Federal Road 8000 S, 83716
Idaho Idaho Waterfall Drive 900 overlooking the pier, 83402
Illinois Champagne 1906 Fox Drive, 61820
Illinois Lake Zurich 1 corporate disk, package 310, 60047
Illinois Oakbrook Terrace 1815 S Meyers Road, Suite 150, 60181
Illinois Schaumburg 425 N Martingale Road, Suite 1320, 60173
Maryland Columbia 7110 Samuel Morse Drive, 21046
Maryland City of Ellicott 6021 University Boulevard, 21043
Massachusetts Chelmsford 100 Apollo Dr, Suite 101, 01824
Massachusetts Hudson Reed Road 75, 01749
Minnesota Edina 7650 Edinborough Way, apartment 400, 55435
Minnesota saint Paul 2340 Energy Park Drive, 55108
New Hampshire Merrimack 25 Manchester Street Suite 200, 03054
New Jersey Hampton 53 Frontage Road, Suite 210, 08827
New Jersey Parsippany 1515 Route 10, 07054
New Mexico Rio Rancho 1600 Rio Rancho Blvd SE, 87124-1025
New York New York 1133 Avenue of the Americas, 10036
New York New York 594 Broadway, Suite 407, 10012
North Carolina Cary 1000 CentrumGreen Way, 27513
North Carolina Raleigh 5540 Centerview Drive, Suite 318, 27606
Ohio Hudson 591 Boston Mills Road, Suite 600, 44237
Oregon Aloha 3585 SW 198. Avenue, 97078-1265
Oregon Hillsboro Gibbs drive from 19500 NW, 97006
Oregon Hillsboro 6200 NW Casper Pl, building 12, 97124
Oregon Hillsboro 5200 NE Elam Young Pkwy, 97124
Oregon Hillsboro 3355 NE Cornell Road, 97124
Oregon Hillsboro 2111 NE 25th Avenue, 97124
Oregon Hillsboro Evergreen Parkway, 97124
Oregon Hillsboro 2501 NE Century Blvd, 97124
Oregon Hillsboro 31025 NW Scotch Church Road, 97124
Oregon Hillsboro Century Blvd and Croeni Road, 97124
Pennsylvania Allentown 1110 American Parkway, 18109
Pennsylvania King of Prussia 780 5th Avenue Ste. 140, 19406
Pennsylvania Lancaster Orange Street 35 E, Ste. 302, 17602
Texas Austin 1300 S Mopac Expressway, 78746
Texas Austin 6500 River Place Blvd Bldg 7, 78730
Texas Austin 5113 Southwest Parkway, 78735
Virginia Fairfax 4100 Monument Corner Drive, apartment 540, 22030
Virginia Reston 11911 Freedom Drive, Suite 201 and 400, 20190
Washington Bellevue 2700 156th Avenue NE, Suite 300, 98007
Washington DuPont Central drive 2800 N, 98327
Washington Seattle 925 4. Aleja, Suite 2270, 98104
Wisconsin Eau Claire 1825 N Clairemont Avenue, 54703

2. In the classroom, Sergeant Foley quotes “I think I saw someone come in in this class” and then the player’s team comes in. It’s on the right wall as the player enters, on the desk by the barrels.

How to unlock the Bren in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific

bren lmg

You’ll need to be level 53 in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Season 1 to unlock Bren. As these are only two levels below the maximum, getting there will require some serious grinding.

Since you will need to have Bren available in Vanguard and Warzone to assemble this inventory, make sure you jump into some games and play very well until you reach the required level.

Best alternatives to the Bren in Vanguard

The Bren is a slow-firing, heavy LMG, so if you’re looking for something faster, we recommend trying the Volk assault rifle in Warzone Pacific. It’s fast enough to eliminate entire groups of players.

You can also check out our best Automaton gear, which is a rapid-fire assault rifle that you can use to take out enemies at long distances in long-range combat.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software / Gry Sledgehammer

Call of Duty: Warzone

10. After a flash bang inside the house, it should be inside the building with a burning barrel or vending machine near the door. Get this one after the shootout.

Hunt for Adler challenges in Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players have a different set of Hunt for Adler challenges at their disposal:

  • Field Reconnaissance: Kill 25 enemies exposed by a Spy Plane, HARP, or Field Mic.
  • Interested Person: Get 25 kills during a kill streak using the Assassin Perk.
  • Yamantau: Play and complete seven games on the Yamantau map.

Hunt for Adler rewards in Warzone and Cold War

However, each individual challenge in the event has its own reward, and since they are all different, they are exclusive to the version.

Name of the item Item type Rarity Mission
About a hair Spell Legendary Agreement with Intel – factory (war zone)
Chief Companion Sticker Epic Jamantau (Cold War)
Lost Phone card Epic Agreement with Intel – Farms (war zone)
Pager Spell Rare Field recon (Cold War)
Rebellious Rivas Sticker Epic Intel Agreement – Summit (Warzone)
Tortured and rescued Adler Leather Legendary All Warzone missions / All Cold War missions
A vengeful commando Phone card Epic Interested person (Cold War)

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