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About this game

Modern Warfare reboots the legendary series with a completely new engine and a brand new single-player campaign.

  • Campaign: Take on the mission of recovering stolen chemical weapons by meeting special forces and freedom fighters from Europe and the Middle East.
  • Co-op: Spec Ops is back with new 4-player missions that reveal what happens after the events of the main campaign.
  • Multiplayer: Choose your theater of war: 2v2 Shooter, Classic 6v6, or mass 32v32 ground warfare.
  • Battle Royale: Modern Warfare includes a new free-to-play Battle Royale mode, Warzone, so you can jump right in and be the last man alive.

Note: Online multiplayer requires PlayStation Plus.


The perfect shootout is joined by a wide selection of multiplayer modes that provide players with variety, including short and fun 2v2 fights.

Game reference

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare thrives in the Clean Game division; his guns, his movement, his action: it is all the best that has ever been.

US player

A bold approach to campaign mode with no frills helps keep the landing, while a return to the drawing board with multiplayer brings a long-lost classic Call of Duty to life.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Review – One Step Forward, Three Steps Back cre: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Review – One Step Forward, Three Steps Back For years, Call of Duty campaigns have struggled with…

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Here we continually track down COD Vanguard, Warzone, Modern Warfare, and Black Ops issues and bugs during the Cold War along with their current status.

13:17 (IST): Warzone players will be relieved to know that Dead Silence is weakened with new changes added to the High Alert perk that will allow players to follow in the footsteps even if the enemy has the Dead Silence perk. At last! A much needed change.

Furthermore, Raven Software has released a new patch that removes the ability to edit gear in the pre-game lobby as a temporary fix for the unlimited dead silence bug.

Raven just released a patch to remove the ability to edit gear in the pre-game lobby due to the infinite dead silence bug. (Source)

In addition, a new Cold War-era bug reportedly resulted in users having to download over 200GB of data.

Welches Call-of-Duty-Spiel ist das beste? Nach dem Durchbruch von Warzone in the Top Call of Duty Games ranking for 20 Jahre.

13. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Edition: October 2018 | Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One | Value: 87 | Entwickler: Treyarch

Dimitry Halley: Black Ops 4 is a specialist. Und das nicht nur, weil in Multiplayer spezielle ähm Spezialisten spielt, sondern weil es gar keinen Singleplayer gibt. Das 2018er Call of Duty setzt alles auf eine Karte: mit seinem Mehrspieler die Leute zu begeistern. Und das gelingt of earthly gut.

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