Celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary with a matching denim tuxedo from Levi’s

The Pokémon franchise is turning 25 this year, and to celebrate, the brand is teaming up for a number of collaborations, from McDonald’s cards to Post Malone concerts. And then there’s Levi’s, which is celebrating the anniversary with a line of Pokémon-branded outfits, led by the standout floral-print Pokémon-themed denim trucker jacket / jeans combo in what might be the finest example of the Canadian tuxedo ever made.

The flashy getup is available as separates: a $128 trucker jacket and a pair of $148 jeans, both of which feature a… unique print of various Pokémon characters darting in and out of a floral garden motif. And while Levi’s shows its models rocking half of the set (presumably as an accent piece for a more restrained outfit), it’s clear the only real way to style the outfit is by going all-in on the look.

Image: Levi’s

The floral outfits are, admittedly, the boldest of the collaboration. Most of the Levi’s x Pokémon drop is actually fairly pedestrian by comparison: T-shirts and jeans adorned with characters from the show, a set of shorts and a yellow tank top that’s a pair of red suspenders away from being a Misty cosplay, and a knit hat with Pikachu ears. (There’s also an option to get some laser-etched Pokémon patterns on regular Levi’s jeans for those who prefer a more subtle design.)

The new Levi’s merch looks like it’ll be the best way to wear your Pokémon love on your sleeve — that is, if you don’t count the human-sized Metapod sleeping bag.

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