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Upgrading Shamans and Shadow Priests are more or less similar in TBC. Both are valued for their versatile toolkits that increase the damage dealt by another DPS player during a raid, and both are able to stay afloat when expected to deal damage themselves.

Class Picking Guide for WoW Classic

Greetings, travelers! So WoW Classic is here, so we’re still talking about the various aspects of the game. Our main topic for today is the first fateful decision you will make in your WoW adventure – choosing a class for your character. This article will help you learn about all the classes available for different races, their roles in WoW Classic, and then understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Early Character Creation

Due to player concerns about character names, Blizzard decided to open the character creation tool in WoW Classic two weeks before the game’s release. If you have an active subscription in this window, you will be able to create and customize three characters for your World of Warcraft account. Character creation will begin on Tuesday, August 13. This worldwide classic release schedule shows local time, but instead of August 26/27 it will be August 12/13 respectively for the character creation window.

WoW Classic launch time

While it’s still possible for Blizzard to make changes to TBC that will subtly alter the PvE meta in the game as we work our way through the expansion phases of the add-on, these are the best overall DPS, Healer, and Tank classes in TBC Classic PvE based on what’s currently on we know.

Top pick: Protection Warrior

Warriors are the staple choice for Classic, not because of the damage they deal, but because they’re the only realistic choice for vanilla refueling: Monks and Demon Hunters weren’t originally in the game, paladins are mainly used to heal and empower other players (see below) and the druid bears are more of a joke. Warriors are more mobile, better at holding the threat than any other defender class (there’s a reason why “Wait for Three Splits” is a meme about defense even today), and quite strong when it comes to taking damage. As a bonus, if you’re interested in the full Classic Experience, they are one of the few classes that can craft and wield Thunder Fury, the Blessed Blade of the Wind Seeker, which is a fun quest experience if you’re lucky enough to get the starting drops.

As with all refueling classes in Classic, the gameplay is completely different than live. For example, Active Mitigation – buttons you press to reduce damage taken or regenerate after damage taken – is less emphasized, and in some cases limited to the cooldown you predictably hit during periods of high damage. Instead, the priority is to keep the monster threatened so your damage dealers can get rid of, along with any tank swap or other mechanic existing in combat.

In PvP, fighters deal moderate damage as either weapon or fury, and are adept at carrying the flag in Warsong Gulch as protection.

Top pick: Holy Priest

The second in the traditional RPG archetype the warrior-mage-priest (sorry rogues), the priests are healers in WoW Classic. They have the most tools to play with, while druids and paladins offer refreshing variations on healing, priests are the power of the raid, and they are just as profitable in PvP.

the holy priests are the strongest healers in the vanilla World of Warcraft during the raids and are almost unstoppable when paired with the Protection fighter. In the arenas, Disc and Shadow priests are legally profitable, although they were seen less frequently during the 2004 raids.

For Raids, Priests also offer a powerful Fortitude Boost to increase durability. Dwarven Priests give Alliance players an incredibly powerful Dread Ward that protects the player from taking a Fear effect. Since several of the main bosses use Fear, including the Magmadar in the Molten Core, rotating Dwarven Priests is useful.

The healing styles of the holy priest are slightly different in the classic than in modern WoW. Holy Nova is a short-range AoE Healing which means you’ll be taking off against melee or ranged players. There is no Hello, Binding Heal, or almost anything that starts a “Hello”, so you’ll be throwing a pile of Renewals and Greater Healings at different levels instead. Your highest talent is Lightwell, an interactive healing font that no other player will ever click.

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Okay, I’ll tell you about all the classes and why you should play them. But remember I’m doing this with a big sign saying warriors are better than everyone else, okay?

Phase 2 WoW Classic TBC Class Rankings

WoW Classic TBC Phase 2 has arrived, and the first week of Serpentshrine Caverns and Tempest Keep is in the books. More importantly, they are also in the journals.

So how are our WoW Classic TBC class rankings changing in Phase 2?

The DPS tier list has changed very little – Warriors have increased slightly, but the top 3 Hunters, Warlock and Mage remain strong.

The list of healing levels has changed somewhat – Resto Shaman remains the main utility healer, but priests are starting to win on the pure numbers side.

The Tank tier list sees very little change in TBC Phase 2 – the Warriors remain the best single-target tank, the Paladins remain the best AOE tank, and the Feral Druids do enough of both to always fill a useful raid slot during DPS fights, in which a dosage is not needed.

WoW Classic TBC Parse Data

WoW Classic TBC offers a wide variety of content for PVE and PVP players.

This includes Heroic Dungeons and 3 Raids for PVE, as well as Arenas and Battlegrounds for PVP.

For PVE, that means tons of parsing data across a variety of raid setups, from Karazhan to Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon’s Lair.

At the very top of the DPS stack, Warlocks and Hunters regularly fight for supremacy, and the Hunters lead everyone to this day.

When it comes to healing, the most dominant healers in WoW Classic TBC appear to be Restoration Shaman and Restoration Druids.

In the case of tanks, it is much more difficult to judge as each spec has a different direction. Protection Paladins will be the best tanks in AoE situations, Protection Warriors in single target situations, and Feral Druids will bring a compromise in both cases as a kind of multitool.

Endgame, PvE: When you hit the peak of your DPS ratios in a raid, be sure to check aggro levels otherwise you will die before you know what hit you. You can plant enemies, open locked chests and doors, in line with their high DPS, the Rogue is a welcome addition to the dungeon group.


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Paladins have been significantly changed in The Burning Crusade Classic. Not only will Horde players be able to finally play this class after it was exclusive to Alliance in Classic, but both Seal of Blood and Seal of Vengeance will be available to players of both factions in the updated TBC. 15 years ago, during the original launch of The Burning Crusade, there was a strong racial imbalance due to the fact that Seal of Blood – a generally stronger option for Paladin abilities – was assigned to Blood Elves. In TBC Classic, all seals will be available to all races, keeping the Paladin equally balanced regardless of the faction selected.

Overall, Paladins are a good choice when it comes to healing, fueling, and dealing melee damage. All three specializations are achievable in raid mode, and Holy Paladin stands out as one of the best healing options in the game. Additionally, Protection Paladin is one of the best refueling options in 10-man raids and 5-man dungeons.

The best talent trees: Saints, Protection

Best Races: Human, Blood Elves


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The default healer in Classic returns for a few seconds in TBC. While the priests will see some of their overall healing efficiency has decreased compared to the unreasonable numbers they put on classic mode, the class still has plenty of juice behind it.

Holy will be the healing specialization for Priest players in TBC, but Shadow has received notable buffs to increase his abilities in the DPS department. Additionally, the fact that Shadow Priests provide groups with the ability to regenerate mana through their abilities will make them a must-have class in any environment, be it dungeons or raids.

With the help of the Tauren, both the orcs, led by Warchief Thrall, who had forged lasting ties with the Tauren chieftain Cairn Bloodhoof, and the troll tribes led by Shadowhunter Vol’jin, settled in Kalimdor. Later, the Forsaken decided to join the Horde. Horde members value honor above all else.

Ultimately, play what you love best

The fact is, even if you personally thought that the Holy Paladin was the best healer for OP tanks, or that you were doing much better in DPS as a ranged player instead of that combat rogue, ultimately it’s a passion for the class that keeps you playing through the tough patches. I argue that even if hand-to-hand combat will objectively suffer from this whole boss area of ​​action, if you really love your Strengthening Shaman, you might be better off playing it than switching to Elemental.

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