Collect Em All. List of gwent cards and where to find them

It’s She-Troll of Vergen – a new premium card coming soon to GWENT! Published by GWENT: The Witcher Card Game on Saturday 28 October 2017

The Witcher 3: The 10 Best Cards In The Monsters Gwent Deck

The Monsters Gwent deck includes several unique cards. These are the ones you absolutely must have in your waist.

The Witcher 3 Gwent is, according to many players, more fun than the rest of the RPG. It’s a simple card game: get a higher total than your opponent by any means necessary. Moreover, it doesn’t focus on combat like other online card games do. The original game (not the spin-off) is still very fun to this day, but you may have to complete some of The Witcher 3’s long history to get the best cards available.

The best Gwent deck in The Witcher 3 to offer mobilization effects is the Monster deck. The Monster deck does not contain Medic or Spy cards, but the boy does have a Spade of Mobilization cards. These cards bring all copies of that card out of your deck at once into the battlefield, completely overwhelming the enemy before they can respond – this is a unique deck mechanic.

Updated on October 9, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: The best Gwent deck that The Witcher 3 offers for bringing creatures to the battlefield is the Monster deck. He is unmatched in his ability to overwhelm the enemy with pure numbers thanks to a mobilization ability like the Nekker, but he also doesn’t lack crowd control or defensive skills like Toad’s ability to take out a ranged attacker instantly. One thing to keep in mind when learning about the best cards in the monster deck is that these rankings only apply to the normal version of Gwent in The Witcher 3 and not to the Gwent online spin-off card game. Playing alone varies in many ways and includes cards with different effects than those listed here.

13 The Witcher 3 Compared To Standalone Gwent

After the huge success of The Witcher 3, CD Projekt Red launched the standalone online card game Gwent, similar to games such as The Elder Scrolls Legends and Hearthstone. It offers more strategic gameplay and a huge number of new cards and mechanics compared to the version of Gwent players see in The Witcher 3.

However, the card effects in Gwent and The Witcher 3 are almost universally different. As a result, the guides for selecting cards and decks in the Gwent minigame in The Witcher 3 do not apply to the strategy in the standalone online game Gwent.

It’s She-Troll of Vergen – a new premium card coming soon to GWENT! Published by GWENT: The Witcher Card Game on Saturday 28 October 2017

Collect ‘Em All

Collect all of this side quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As there is no way (in the game) to know exactly which Gwent cards you have and which you don’t have, this is considered to be one of the most difficult non-combat tasks in the game.

Note: completing this task will unlock the Card Collector achievement.


To complete it, you must collect each type of card; a total of 120 cards, out of 199 available cards. The remaining 79 cards are duplicates (for example, you can find three Ghoul cards, but you only need one for this quest). 1

Gwent cards can be obtained by purchasing them from merchants, winning against others in Gwent, and winning against named NPCs in Gwent side quests. After winning a certain number of normal merchants, playing against merchants will no longer bring you new cards. The Wonder Guide to Gwent book (added in patch 1.20) can be used to keep track of the number of cards still to be obtained and side quests for Gwent.

Missable Cards

During the course of the game, some cards can be easily overlooked if the player chooses one action over another, decides to skip a side quest, or simply not to explore. Here is a list of such cases:

  • Complete the side quest A Case of Life and Death: There will be a small gwent tournament in the main courtyard where you will have to win all the rounds to get all the cards.
  • Make a Deadly Conspiracy: It turns out the one you’re looking for is a great Gwent player and has one of the best cards in the game.
  • Make a dangerous game and take cards as a reward.
  • Participate in High Stakes: You must win the tournament to get each card (see quests home page for tips).
  • Perform Shock Therapy to obtain the Iorweth Card.
  • Free the clay merchant held in captivity to the southeast of the boatbuilders’ hut: be careful, this merchant is wiretapped. Save the condition just before the cage opens and then make a quick trip to Claywich. If the option to speak doesn’t show up, reload until it shows up (Done with patch 1.22) or just meditate to daylight (Done with patch 1.31). Make sure you buy all the Gwent cards it has for sale.
  • Play Lambert as soon as possible (either at the Nowhere Inn or Kaer Morhen while the witchers are drinking)
  • See this list for a breakdown of the missing characters / cards, making sure you play (or buy from) each as soon as possible to avoid losing their cards later. Patch 1.05 added in vaults if you missed a player card.

If you have the Blood and Wine DLC installed, you’ll have access to a new Gwent faction and a pile of new Gwent quests. Our Blood and Wine guide will help you collect the Skellige Gwent Bundle, beat the Skellige Gwent players and win with the Skellige Gwent Bundle.

Completing Gwent quests

There are a few quests in Gwent where you’ll take on better-than-average opponents that reward you with Gwent cards that you can’t get anywhere else (even though random NPCs use them in their decks). Here is a description of each of them.

It’s possible to skip or skip these quests, or just complete them without playing Gwent – but as of patch 1.05 and later, safeguards against failure have been added for most cards that can be missed if a character becomes unavailable. All you need to do to track down a specific NPC card is select the Gwent quest and follow the landmark to the card. For example, if your actions make the Bloody Baron leave Velen before you win a card from him, you’ll find it in his house.

There is an exception: as mentioned below, depending on what DLC you have installed, you can miss Dandelion and a few other cards without winning the tournament during the A Case of Life and Death quest.

Gwent: Playing Innkeeps

You will receive this task after the tutorial match in White Orchard. Fight with Stepjan at the Alchemy Inn in Oxenfurt, an unnamed Bartender at the Inn at Rozstajach and Olivier at the Kingfisher Inn in Novigrad. Complete this quest before the Now Either Never or Miss it Forever side quest.

Nilfgaardian Nobleman

This is not a side quest, but it rewards you with a card that you won’t find anywhere else, unlike random opponents. Note that you can return to the palace at any time and beat it; you don’t need to do this on your first visit.

Gwent: Velen Players

You will receive this task by checking the notice board in Kaszura Wrona. Fight the Bloody Baron in Kańcz Wrony, the Old Sage in Beken, the Rag in Oreton, and the wonderful Haddym in Midcopse; each player will show you a different one. If you don’t complete this quest before completing Family Affairs when the Baron leaves his castle, search his rooms carefully when you return to Crooked Marsh for his card and a clue for the next player.

Gwent: Big City Players

You will receive this task by playing Gwent with Vimme Vivaldi or by checking the notice boards near Novigrad. Battle with Vimme Vivaldi in the bank in Novigrad, Marquis of Serenity in Passiflora in Novigrad, Zygmunt Dijkstra in Bathhouse in Novigrad and Merchant Scoia’Tael in the camp near Lucian’s Windmill. Complete this quest before the Reason of State or risk losing it forever.

Gwent: Old Pals

Receive this quest by challenging Zoltan Chivay or Vernon Roche. Fight Zoltan Chivay over Thyme and Rosemary in Novigrad at any time after reporting to him in Broken Flowers; Vernon Roche at the Temerian guerrilla camp near Novigrad whenever he is absent for tasks like Fatal Conspiracy and Eye for an Eye (feel free to wander as soon as you cross the Pontac); Lambert either at the Tavern Nowhere while Pulling the Thread (you must tell him that you will meet him at the next goal and then talk to him when he leaves) or at Kaer Morhen; and Thaler either during the Mortal Conspiracy or later at the Seven Cats Inn. Complete this quest before the Battle of Kaer Morhen and the Reason of State, or risk your disappearance forever.

Gwent: Skellige Style

Receive this quest by challenging Crach an Craite or Ermion. Battle of Crach an Craite in Kaer Trolde; Ermion in Kaer Trolde or Gedyneith; Sjusta Krawiec (hairdresser) in the port of Kaer Trolde; Germist the Druid in Gedyneith after completing the Practicum in Advanced Alchemy side quest; and the “Madman” Lugos in Kaer Muire. Complete this quest before preparing for battle or be late forever.

Winning cards from matches

The remaining Gwent cards in The Witcher 3 are won by winning matches against your opponents. There are a few things to keep in mind here:

  • You cannot lose cards.
  • You can only win one card from each opponent; then they will give you random items instead.
  • The winning card is randomly selected from the available pool.
  • You’ll know if you’ve played a specific opponent before, if you win and don’t receive a card. However, there are more opponents than cards to collect, so if you are sure you are playing as new characters and are not winning cards, you have exhausted this collection method. Instead, try shopping or completing tasks.

You can meet opponents in almost every city – check specifically innkeepers, merchants, blacksmiths and armorers.

That’s it! Not that hard, is it? Just make sure you’ve completed each of the steps and quests above and the elusive Gwent Collect ‘Em All trophy will be yours.

You can also check out our main The Witcher 3 quest guide as well as our guides to hearts of stone and blood and wine if you want to jump straight into the DLC.

You can also check out our main The Witcher 3 quest guide as well as our guides to hearts of stone and blood and wine if you want to jump straight into the DLC.

The list of all available Skellige cards and where to find them

Karczma Cockatrice (Karczownik / Skellige)

Clan Drummond shield

Castel Ravello Vineyard (Zielarz / Nilfgaard)

clan Brokvar archer

Flovive Village (Tavern Manager / Northern Kingdoms)

Francollarts Village (Quartermaster / Northern Kingdoms)

Clan Drummond shield

Francollarts Village (Director / Nilfgaard)

Tournament area (hairdresser / Skellige)

Tournament area (Kierownik / Scoia’tael)

Tournament area (blacksmith / Skellige)

Tournament area (Kwatermistrz / Nilfgaard)

Beauclair: San Sebastian (Pani / Scoia’tael)

Beauclair: San Sebastian (butcher / Skellige)

Beauclair: Market (Merchant / Skellige)

Beauclair: Market Square – East (host / Skellige)

Beauclair: Market Square – East (Zielarz / Skellige)

Beauclair: Market – East (Merchant / Monsters)

Beauclair: Rynek – Center (Quartermaster / Skellige)

Beauclair: Market – West (Karczownik / Monsters)

Beauclair: Market Square – West (Kamerarius / Nilfgaard)

Beauclair: Market Square – West (Pierre / Nilfgaard)

The complete list of Skellige cards

A warrior of the Craite clan

clan Brokvar archer

The armorer of the Tordarroch clan

The Scheldt of the Heymaey clan

A call from the beyond

Clan Drummond shield

Skellige's deck. - Skellige Gwent Deck - list of cards and strategy - New additions in the game Blood and Wine - Guide for The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine game

The Northern Kingdoms and Nilfgaard decks have multiple spies, giving them an advantage over other decks. If you’re playing against one, it’s a good idea to include decoys in your ranks. Playing spies is different from playing with decks like Nilfgaard, Northern Realms, and even Scoia’tael. Skellige has tons of Brotherhood owned special cards. Therefore, there is a good chance of being drawn from a deck of twin cards from this segment. Unfortunately, this is not the best thing that can happen (exactly the same as with the monster deck).

The key strategy is to avoid the enemy’s fire. Wait for a good time to play Drakkar or Cerys so you don’t lose your strongest cards. In any case, you should have the cards Cerys, Drakkar and Kambi. On the other hand, you can completely ignore the Berserkers cards as it takes luck to draw them in the perfect configuration Mardroeme / Ermion and at least two young berserkers in one hand. Remember that the Mardroeme special card takes up an empty space on the Commander’s Horn, so the ermine is the best solution here. This is because, unlike Mardroeme, it does not occupy a place in the Commander’s Horn. As you can see, this is largely a matter of luck, and in most cases you will not draw cards in the configuration required to use the berserkers to their full potential.

There is one thing to keep in mind when choosing a Commander – if you like playing weather decks, go for King Bran. If, on the other hand, you play against Nilfgaard or Scoia’tael decks – choose Crach. Bran will allow you to mitigate the influence of weather conditions to some extent, thanks to which you will save the strength of the cards you have already played. On the other hand, Crach allows you to shuffle the discarded cards of both players, which makes it much more difficult for opponents with a lot of medics.

Cerys is your best weapon. Use it carefully. - Skellige Gwent Deck - list of cards and strategy - New additions in the game Blood and Wine - Guide for The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine game

The screenshot above shows one of the best card configurations for a Skellige deck. Your main forces are here, i.e the light long ships, the Shadow of O’dimma (with the addition of the Heart of Stone) and Cerys. If the game has selected double cards for you in the “brotherhood” segment, get rid of them before the main hand. The strategy is not much different from that of the monster deck. The difference is that you don’t have to rely on the “brotherhood” cards. There are also some bond cards in Skellige.

There are over 200 cards in Gwent if you join the DLC to the regular game. This means that the complete list here will be endlessly long. However, thanks to defdyer1985 – we have a spreadsheet. A complete list of the locations of all Gwent cards and how to get them.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Opponents – list of cards and players The Witcher 3 Guide

This page of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt has a list of Gwent opponents. This list will help you beat 100% of the players. We have also compiled a list of cards from the basic decks that you can either win or buy.

You can play with innkeepers or merchants - The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Enemies - list of cards and players - Gwent game - The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt guide, walkthrough

Most of your opponents are merchants and traders, so you can find many of them in Novigrad .

The second group of enemies is encountered during quests, they are specific characters found in specific places.

You play for cards with regular opponents – each unique game you win allows you to win a random card from a random faction. The key to playing quests is to build a strong deck.

In addition to the standard Gwent vs Merchant games, there are several tournament games with stronger opponents where you can win unique cards.

Gwent: Collect ‘Em All – the first quest that accompanies you throughout most of the game. It’s about collecting all possible cards. You can have more than one card of certain cards – you must have every card for this quest, especially the unique ones. The number of cards, including repeated cards, is limited. To collect them all, you need to complete all card game quests and defeat most (not all) “standard” opponents (innkeepers, merchants). When you are no longer rewarded with a card after the game, it means you have all of the non-unique cards.

Gwent: Velen Players – players from the northern part of Velen. This is the first phase of the tournament. You start off with the Bloody Baron and have three more enemies to defeat in the villages. After defeating the Baron (Northern Kingdoms deck, Sigismund Dijkstra card), win with the boatbuilder in Oreton (Nilfgaard deck, Letho card) and the fortune-teller in Benk (Monsters deck, Witch Weaver card). After you defeat one of them, you will unlock access to the game with Hask in Midcopse (Northern Realms deck, Vernon Roche card).

Gwent: Big City Players – you will receive this quest after talking to Vimme Vivaldi in Novigrad. You have a total of four opponents. After winning with the Vivaldi (Scoia’tael deck, Vesemir card), go to the Marquise Serenity (Nilfgaard deck, Moorvran Voorhis card). Your next opponent is Dijkstra – you will be able to play with him after advancing in the story (Northern Kingdoms deck, Esterad Thyssen card). The last opponent is the elven merchant in Farcorners (Scoia’tael deck, Cirilla card). For completing the task, you will also receive the Francesca Findabair commander card, the most beautiful woman in the world.

Gwent: Playing Inkeeps – continuation of the previous quest with Gwent players in Novigrad. You have to win against three opponents in different places. First victory with Stjepan at the Oxenfurt inn (Nilfgaard deck, Yennefer card). Then the owner of the inn in Farcorners (Nilfgaard deck, Menno Coehoorn card) or Oliver available at that moment in the Novigrad Tavern (Monsters deck, Tibor Eggebracht card).

High Stakes – The most prestigious tournament in which you will have to defeat four opponents in a row to successfully complete it. You will need 1000 crowns and a strong enough deck to participate in the tournament. The first opponent is Bernard Tulle (Northern Kingdoms deck, Foltest card), the second is Sasha (Nilfgaard Empire deck, Emhyr var Emreis card) and automatically another Finneas opponent (Scoia’tael deck, Francesca Findabair card) – after fighting this opponent, the fight will begin on fists for life or death. The last opponent is the Count (Monster deck, Eredin card). You will not receive any money for winning unless you continue the storyline.

When the money is stolen (it cannot be avoided), explore the balcony with Sasha. You will find a bolt. Then, near the fountain, below the tape, the smell of which will lead you to the chest. Meet the girl at the docks, near the warehouse – the entrance is through the first floor, on the north side. Defeat 6 enemies inside (level 26-27). You will receive 4500 crowns .

Brewess can be found as a random reward, Weaver can be obtained from the Old Sage in the Velen Gwent questline, and Whisper can be purchased from the Innkeeper in Arinbjorn on Skellige.

Cards by Location

White Orchard

  1. The first player sits at one of the tables in the inn.
  2. Elsa the innkeeper sells cards.
  3. The merchant you saved from the griffin is selling the cards.


Around the crow perch:

  1. Blackbough blacksmith.
  2. A merchant in Blackbough.
  3. Bloody Baron in Kańcz Wrony.
  4. Yoanna, a blacksmith’s apprentice in Kańcz Wrona.
  5. Fergus Graem, blacksmith at Okoń Wroń.
  6. Quartermaster in Kaszura Wrony.
  7. Merchant in Lower Crow’s Perch.
  8. Blacksmith in Lindenvale.
  9. Merchant in Lindenvale.
  10. The midcopse armorer.
  11. Merchant in Midcopse.
  12. A craftsman in Claywich. He is a person in danger and it is possible to fall into error. Please see this guide to fix the problem.
  13. Merchant in Oreton.
  14. A quartermaster in the middle camp of the Nilfgaardian Army Group in the southeast, Velen will also be happy to play with you.

Six more in Oxenfurt:

  1. The armorer in Mulbrydale.
  2. A blacksmith in southeast Oxenfurt.
  3. Stjepan, innkeeper at the Alchemy Inn in Oxenfurt.
  4. The armorer in North Oxenfurt.
  5. A merchant at a market in North Oxenfurt.
  6. Dwarven herbalist in a shack northeast of Oxenfurt.


  1. A priest of the Eternal Fire near Elector Square on the northern island.
  2. Marquise Serenity at the Passiflora brothel.
  3. An alchemist in the crematorium north of the Oxenfurt Gate.
  4. Merchant in the building behind the notice board.
  5. The inn at the Nowhere Inn.
  6. Loan southwest of the Oxenfurt Gate.
  7. Merchant across the street from the moneylender.
  8. The inn at Seven Cats Inn, east of Tretogor Gate.
  9. Tavern in Cunny of The Goose, south of the city.
  10. Elihal, the tailor south of the Tretogor Gate.
  11. A merchant in the market northwest of the Tretogor Gate.
  12. Olivier, the innkeeper at the Kingfisher Tavern sells some cards.
  13. Marcus TK Hodgson at the bookstore in Hierarch Square.
  14. A blacksmith in Silverton, northwest of Hierarch Square.
  15. A merchant across the street from the blacksmith.
  16. A fishmonger at a small market west of Hierarch Square.
  17. Vimme Vivaldi, owner of the bank.
  18. A blacksmith at the fish market, south of the shore.
  19. The inn at the Golden Sturgeon, west of Hierarch Square.
  20. Dwarven herbalist south of the fish market, across the canal.
  21. Zoltan in Rosemary & Thyme, near the Hierarch’s Gate (during the Dangerous Game quest).
  22. A merchant north of the Gate of Glory.
  23. The lady in the mutilated Kate’s brothel.
  24. A merchant in Scoiat’ael camp southwest of the city.


Skellig, Northeast Island:

  1. Blacksmith in the port of Urialla.
  2. The innkeeper in the port of Urialla, who also has a few cards for sale.
  3. The armorer in the port of Urialla.

Hidjarsfall is an island in the eastern part of the archipelago:

Cards Associated To Quests!

  • Gwent: Old Friends
  • Gwent: Players from big cities
  • Gwent: A game of innkeepers
  • Gwent: Velen players
  • Gwent: Skellige style
  • A matter of life and death
  • Dangerous game
  • Shock therapy

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Hi, I have another guide here, this one was very much wanted. Many of you have wanted to know more about flipping special cards, so I created a detailed guide, a bit like my flip icon, I hope this helps. If you want to learn more about trading and are looking for tips / advice…

Recently, I saw a few posts from new players looking for help learning Gwent. Instead of answering each of the short and still inadequate answers, I decided to try my hand at creating a guide. Nothing below will contain any radical new ideas or strategies, just basic tips. It will be a bit…

Hello fellow hunters! After looking for a guide to all endemic life online and unable to find it (except maybe the wiki which has a separate page for each creature), I decided to put together all the information in my own spreadsheet to keep everything in one easily accessible place.…

© Publish “The Complete Pocket Guide to Locating Gwent Cards – Earn the” Collect All of them “trophy for The Witcher.

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Note – Thaler is also on the list above. You will save him during the Conspiracy quest. However, if you complete the above quest before saving Thaler, you will still be able to play with him later, in a separate quest to play only with him (Scoia’tael deck, Geralt’s card).

The Best Gwent Cards

Top 5 best gwent cards in the game:

  • Geralt of Rivia Gwent Card: value 15, hero
  • Cirilla’s Gwent card Fiona Elen Rianno: value 15, melee hero
  • Avallac’h Gwin Card: Value 0, Spy (brings two cards from your deck and plays zero for your opponent)
  • Villentretenmerth Gwent Card: This card may burn all of your opponent’s Close Combat cards, but not Hero cards
  • Yennefer of Vengerberg Gwent Card: Value 7, long range hero card and medic

Gwent Card Locations

There are over 200 cards in Gwent if you join the DLC to the regular game. This means that the complete list here will be endlessly long. However, thanks to defdyer1985 – we have a spreadsheet. A complete list of the locations of all Gwent cards and how to get them.

Below, we will guide you through the tasks to get Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer cards.

Playing Innkeepers: How to Get the Yennefer Card

You don’t have to wait long for this task to start. Actually, this is one of the first quests in the game. Despite the early game phase, these are some pretty amazing cards. Begin in the city of Oxenfurt and find the innkeeper Stjepan at The Alchemy Inn.

Listed below as “Playable Character – Location – Assigned Card” are the players in this adventure:

  • Stejpan – alchemical inn (Oxenfurt) – Yennefer from Vengenberg
  • Oliver – Kingfisher Inn (Novigrad) – Tibor Eggebracht
  • Innkeeper – inn at the crossroads (Velen) – Menno Coehhoorn

Big City Players: How to Get the Ciri Card

Once in a seedy, fun-loving Novigrad, you’ll find a wealth of Gwent players. Completing the Players in the City quest will gain the power of the coveted Ciri Gwent card. To start this quest, find the notice board in Dziedzica Square in Novigrad. When you find an advertisement calling Vimme Vivaldi a Gwent cheat, or talk to Vimme at the Vivaldi bank in the same square, it begins.

To win Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (Ciri for short) you will have to play the following players).

Listed below as “Play Character – Location Found – Card Awarded”:

  • Vimme Vivaldi – at the Vivaldi Bank – Vesemir
  • Marquise Serenity – Passiflora in Novigrad – Morvran Voorhis
  • Sigismund Dijkstra – Novigrad bathhouse – Esterad Thyssen
  • Scoia’Tael Trader – camp in Novigrad forest – Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianno

If your mission is over before you have played all the games, don’t worry. It simply means that the character has not yet been “met”. When you find them, an option to play Gwent with them will appear in the dialogue.

Old Pals Quest: How to Get the Geralt Card

The quest to win Geralt’s card is actually quite a matter of fact. You have to play with all his old gaming buddies. If you win and keep on winning, you will take home your card and bragging rights.

Listed below are the NPCs (NPCs) that you will have to play in order to win this card.

“Character to Play – Location Found – Card Awarded”:

  • Zoltan Chivay – Rosemary and Thyme in Novigrad – Eithnè
  • Vernon Roche – Temerian resistance camp in Velen – Saskia Saesenthessis
  • Lambert (when you have the chance) – Novigrad or Kaer Morhen – Triss Merigold
  • Thaler – Troll’s Cave or the Inn of the Seven Cats – Geralt of Rivia

How To Win Geralt Of The Rivia Gwent Card:

Gwent is a great game, born of an even better game. The plot of The Witcher 3 has 10 years of strength and development behind it. With the development of this line, it would imply that Gwent will also develop. Try it today, you’ll be glad you did.

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