Cooler Master MasterCase H100 Review. What cooler master case do i have

An advanced I / O panel and extensive cable management system are also included in the chassis. The main difference is how it is designed and where it is located. The fan, cooler and liquid cooling support are still top notch.

Cooler Master introduces new cases and more at Summer Summit

Cooler Master is a famous brand when it comes to PC components and peripherals. The company is organizing a Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021 event this week and showcasing tons of new products. These include new housing and housing accessories, thermal solutions, power supplies, peripherals, gaming monitors, and more. Here’s everything the company has announced.

For those interested in building their own PC, Cooler Master has some new cases and accessories for Summer Summit. First, it introduced a new line of MAX systems. These enclosures are designed to save users time by providing a streamlined building experience, the first being the NR200P MAX.

It is a small form factor case (approximately 18.3 liters) and includes an 850W power supply, 280mm radiator, two 140mm fans, and smooth CPU cooler out of the box. You can add up to two additional fans, there is one 3.5 inch HDD slot, two 2.5 inch SSD slots, and one combo slot that you can use for any size.

Cooler Master also introduced new colors for the regular NR200P case, such as Flamingo Pink, Nightshade Purple, Sunset Orange, and Caribbean Blue. These are just cases, but little else is included.

Flamingo Pink Carbbean Blue Sunset Orange Nightshade Purple

Cooler Master also announced that it is bringing back the HAF series of enclosures, starting with the HAF500. This case has two massive 200mm fans on the front, a smaller 120mm fan on the back, and an internal 120mm fan mounted next to the GPU at an adjustable angle. The front and rear fans also feature RGB lighting. The company says it is also working on the flagship HAF product, but details are unknown.

CoolerMaster HAF500 housing

Cooler Master presented two other cases at the Summer Summit, the MasterBox 500 and the MasterBox TD300 Mesh. The first has a cleaner design with “circuit vector” designs with RGB lighting on the front and an RGB fan below it. The MasterBox TD300 Mesh uses a three-dimensional mesh on the front with two 120mm fans installed behind it out of the box. Of course, you can always adapt them to more fans.

MasterBox 500 MasterBox TD300 Grid

Complementing this category, Cooler Master has upgraded its PCIe riser cables to PCIe Gen 4. These cables offer faster data transmission and are available in lengths of 200mm and 300mm. The Cooler Master vertical bracket is now equipped with PCIe Gen 4 cables.

Cooler Master power supplies

Cooler Master also unveiled some new PSUs at the Summer Summit, starting with the XG Platinum Series. These power supplies feature 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, modular cabling, 135mm fan and intelligent thermal control mode to improve performance and lifespan. Cooler Master claims to also use 100% Japanese capacitors to increase efficiency and reduce ripple noise. You can also go further with XG Plus Platinum Series PSUs that add a display to monitor ARGB performance and lighting effects. These power supplies range from 650 W to 850 W.

If you need a lot more power, Cooler Master also introduced the M1600 and M2000 Platinum which offer 1600W and 2000W of power respectively. They are designed for specialist projects but retain the performance of the 80 Plus Platinum.

If you like the design but don’t feel like a price tag then check out the H500P, at least with this model you get a better price / performance ratio. When it comes to performance, let’s clear one thing: it’s great for temperatures, but I don’t see where the extra costs come from.

Cooler Master MasterCase H100 Specs

Supported motherboard formats Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX
5.25 inch outer pockets 0
3.5 inch internal pockets 1
3.5 inch external pockets 0
2.5 inch internal recesses 4
Front panel ports USB 3.0 (2), headphones, microphone, RGB button
Side windows)? No
PCI expansion slot positions 2
120mm or 140mm fan positions 1
120mm / 140mm / 200mm fans included 1
Fan controller included? Yes
Maximum GPU Length 210 mm
Maximum height of the CPU cooler 83mm
Maximum length of the power supply 210 mm
The supported form factor of the power supply ATX
Place of installation of the power supply Peak
Color of the internal lighting of the housing Thread
Fan illumination color included RGB
Dimensions (HWD) 11.9 by 8.5 by 12.3 inches
Libra 5.9 lb

Compact to the maximum, the mini-ITX PC case is unbeatable at what it does best. These systems allow for case designs to be much smaller than that of the ATX or MicroATX competition. Many mini-ITX models in slightly larger form factors can support a graphics card, while the smallest ones expect you to rely on the CPU’s integrated graphics. (See our In Win B1 review, for example.) One thing that these PC cases don’t always do well is cooling and cable management, as packing a lot of cabling and hot components into a tight space can obstruct airflow. There’s not much you can do about it (that’s the nature of mini-ITX), but the Cooler Master tried to alleviate this problem with the MasterCase H100, which has a giant, glowing RGB 200mm fan. Pretty affordablefor mini-ITX cases ($ 69.99), this makes for a cheap and nice case option for a compact gaming PC design.

The Design: Well, Aren’t You Cube?

The overall appearance of the MasterCase H100 housing is similar to several other housings in Cooler Master’s MasterCase product line. The case is available in black or multi-tone gray. Both versions have black metal mesh sections on the top and front. The chassis isn’t quite a cube, but the dimensions approach one, 11.9 by 8.5 by 12.3 inches (HWD). The depth is increased by the PSU protruding from the back (more on that later). Excluding the protrusion, it is 10.9 inches deep.

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At the top of the case, in the recess, there is a very useful feature that we often don’t see with every size: the integrated handle! This makes carrying the case extremely easy, although the small size and balanced dimensions make it easy to carry even without it. Meanwhile, said oversized 200mm fan is pre-installed on the front of the case. Its RGB lighting can be controlled using the included RGB controller. Optionally, you can connect a case reset button to control the fan lights if your motherboard is not working with the controller.

Given this large 200mm fan, the case seems like a candidate for perfect cooling, but in fact, it may not be any better than many competing cases, depending on what you’re installing. Oddly enough, the MasterCase H100 only has one place to mount a fan – the front surface – which is already filled with a 200mm fan. (Can replace a 120mm or 140mm fan, although it can make it look weird through the front mesh that’s designed for a 200mm spinner.) You can’t add fans anywhere else on the front, top and rear or sides. A 200mm fan alone will push more air out than most smaller fans, but many other mini-ITX cases support multiple fans, so the question arises,Can this single 200mm slow speed fan beat many fans in the competition closer to the heat sources.

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This design also discourages adding to the liquid cooling system. Technically, you can install a single fan radiator in the front of the case in place of the 200mm fan. (The Cooler Master notes that 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm heatsinks are supported here.) But then you won’t have as much air flowing into the case to cool other components down. It doesn’t make sense either. The 200mm fan is the biggest advantage of this case, and if you’re going to remove it, you might as well just pick a different case to start with.

The front I / O panel is diagonally positioned between the top and front of the case. It has a pair of USB 3.0 Type A ports, as well as microphone and headphone jacks. Also here is a reset button that can act as an RGB backlight cycler.

This is the heaviest case on the list, weighing around 52.5 pounds or 23.81 kilograms. Building with it is challenging and you should always do it carefully.

H500 Review Closer Look

Time to inspect the chassis and see all the features. Here’s what Cooler Master says about its chassis: “Two front panels, two 200mm ARGB fans, and a grip to hold on to when adrenaline takes its toll.

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