Copysmith review

The best content marketing tools enhance the online presence and commercial appeal of your brand, product, or service, so you can effectively connect with potential customers.

Copysmith is a new, innovative tool that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to speedily produce various forms of high-quality marketing copy. In our Copysmith review, we take a deep dive into what this copywriting tool offers, from its features and usability to its subscription plans and customer support.

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Copysmith offers four paid subscription plans (Image credit: Copysmith)

Plans and pricing

Copysmith offers four main plans: Basic, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. Each includes unlimited AI content generations and can be purchased with either a monthly or annual subscription. Notably, the annual subscription works out as better value for money. There’s also a free, unlimited seven-day trial.

The Basic plan costs $39 per month, or $396 per year, and comes with all the available marketing templates, though not the blog post generator. Contrastingly, the Growth plan, which costs $49 per month (or $492 per year), includes up to 50 blog post generations per month.

The Pro plan (at $59 per month, or $600 per year) extends to 100 blog post generations per month. If you opt for this plan, Copysmith prioritizes your customer input regarding templates and tools to include in future iterations of the service.

The Enterprise plan also prioritizes customer input but provides unlimited blog post generations and enables exclusive access to upcoming advanced features (such as the team collaboration tool). If you’re interested in this top-line plan, you need to contact the Copysmith team to obtain pricing information.

There are plenty of marketing copy templates to explore (Image credit: Copysmith)


As a young company, Copysmith is continually adding new features and refining existing ones. 

To date, there are a total of 26 marketing templates to choose from. These include advert templates (for Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and carousel ads), branding templates (such as SEO metatags, taglines, and landing pages), brainstorming templates (such as advert headlines, captions, and listicles), and various blog writing templates.

The process of trying out templates is straightforward, even if you have no marketing/copywriting experience. You simply select the templates that you want to use, then type keywords and short descriptions about your service, product, or brand into the fields provided. After that, the AI technology speedily generates the corresponding copy.

Overall, Copysmith creates accurate copy, but if the results aren’t quite right on the first few attempts, we found that carefully revising keywords and descriptions can lead to improvements.

Perhaps the most striking feature of Copysmith is the blog post generator, which creates entire blog posts from a few pieces of inputted information. 

After typing a short introductory paragraph, a few keywords, and two or three opening sentences, the template is filled with useful, accurate copy. Furthermore, if you need to edit parts of the text, the content rewriter function neatly simplifies the process by automatically rephrasing selected copy.

If you’ve subscribed to a plan that caps the number of blog posts that you can produce per month, Copysmith offers additional generations at $0.80 per blog post.

No matter what subscription plan you have, your copy is reassuringly safeguarded against plagiarism. Copysmith states that as its AI technology generates copy, word by word, its content passes all of the main plagiarism checkers (such as Copyscape).

Copysmith has a new Google Chrome extension that’s available to download from the Chrome Web Store. It enables users to access Copysmith’s copywriting tools in a fast, convenient way from any webpage on any device, which is handy for creating and sharing copy on the spur of the moment.

Copysmith’s interface is logically laid out and easy to navigate (Image credit: Copysmith)

Interface and in use

Overall, Copysmith’s interface (both on a desktop and mobile device) is uncluttered and easy to intuitively navigate.

You can quickly access tutorials and news updates via the left-hand side column on the home dashboard. Additionally, you can create folders to organize copy for various projects, while in the center of the home screen, you can browse and select templates and access individual files.


Copysmith provides fast, attentive customer support. You can get in touch with the team by email, as well as via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. We emailed Copysmith with a few questions and queries, to which they gave us a helpful response within 24 hours. There are also FAQs, blogs, and tutorials on the Copysmith website.

You can post requests and ideas on Copysmith’s website (Image credit: Copysmith)

Copysmith’s active Features Request page demonstrates that they keenly listen to customer feedback. Here, customers can post requests for new or improved features, which the Copysmith team regularly replies.

Enterprise customers are given an account manager, personal onboarding services, and coaching on how to use new Copysmith features as and when they’re introduced.

Copysmith keeps your data secure with Firebase protection (Image credit: Copysmith)


Copysmith uses Google’s Firebase to ensure that all your data is protected with AES 256-bit encryption. Furthermore, you can securely access your Copysmith account by signing in with Google, which bypasses the need to create a separate username and password.

The competition

Snazzy AI is a competitor that generally lags behind Copysmith but still offers a few of the same essential templates. Its copy generation is fast but not as consistently accurate. Furthermore, Snazzy AI only offers two plans, one of which is free but has a limit of five generations per day.

CopyAI poses stiff competition to Copysmith. It has a superb interface, a multitude of templates, a free trial, and a Chrome extension, and most importantly, it generates consistent, accurate copy. One drawback, however, is that CopyAI doesn’t offer as many subscription plans as Copysmith.

Final verdict

Copysmith reliably creates useful, original copy in a matter of seconds, which makes it a genuinely convenient and worthwhile marketing tool to have at your disposal. 

Its core AI function is combined with a user-friendly interface and an appealing selection of helpful marketing templates, making the whole Copysmith package accessible to a wide range of users with various marketing objectives and experiences.

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