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Crackdown 3 is the third installment in the open-world franchise that revolves around superhero-style open-world chaos. As a member of the Anti-Crime Agency, you are a super soldier tasked with infiltrating and breaking up criminal factions yourself.

Crackdown 3 review

In the most spectacular moments of Crackdown 3 pirouettes and arabesques in a joyful dance of comic destruction. It’s a big Broadway number and the scene creaks with graceful hyperviolence. The bodies fly. The trucks will explode. Chemical installations are bursting. It’s a miracle to see.

But then the illusion turns into boredom. The scene suddenly empties except for the man with the broomstick. We are waiting for a while. Eventually the players come back, and with them the magic.

Crackdown 3 could be the future of Xbox games, for better and worse

This is how Crackdown 3 jumps between exhilarating scenes of intense destruction and monotonous work. There is enough of the former to make it feel like a worthwhile experience.

I play as a liberation agent set free in a city controlled by an evil corporation. I have access to a growing arsenal of weapons, three of which I carry at once, and a gadget.

I wear a powerful suit to protect me from innumerable attacks by corporate bandits, robots and gun positions. My strength is that I am able to pick up vehicles and throw them at enemies in the Hulk style. The rocket booster allows me to jump superhuman distances.

I do the things I’m meant to do: hit dudes, shoot dudes, squash dudes, blow dudes up, run dudes in my car, kick dudes off high shelves.

Crackdown 3 - Commander Jaxon running down the highway

Commander Jaxon is played in Crackdown 3 by Terry Crews. Sumo Digital / Xbox Game Studios

Every time an enemy dies, it creates nice, colorful bubbles that flutter pleasantly at me. These are upgrade points that raise the level of my various skills. So I’m getting better at hitting, shooting and crushing at a rate comparable to the increasing threat of my opponents.

My main task is to locate enemy fortresses and eliminate them. These include transport hubs, factories and military installations. As the targets drop, the rogue leader gallery unlocks. They are weakened by my successes until I am strong enough to kill them. Ultimately, I’m going to kill the psychopathic corporate leader and free the city from its evil regime.

The city map allows me to select targets, giving me the option to randomly attack anything nearby or use the resources of a specific villain. Or I can pay close attention to my chances of survival, which are given as a percentage. I generally choose a mix of all three.

After the second game, fans were mostly a bit skeptical about the future of this IP. However, that changed when Microsoft teased Crackdown at the Xbox One Reveal event.

Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 comes straight from the past, from an era where open-world action games mostly focused on the number of things to do, to the detriment of the overall quality and variety of situations. This doesn’t mean that the formula proposed by Sumo Digital doesn’t work: far from it. However, this is tied to an anachronistic genre concept that has evolved over the past few years into something that goes beyond simply repeating the same quests throughout the campaign.

The bland, repetitive mission design and boring storyline make Crackdown 3 an unforgettable experience.

The single player campaign in Crackdown 3 and its multiplayer mode reveal the difficult development of this game. The final result is inconsistent and unconvincing.

We would be lying if we pretended not to play with it. But it only works the same way that McDonald’s sometimes hits the spot: it’s a cheap fast-food game that comes with a side-order of grief. [Problem no. 331, p. 110]

Crackdown 3 offers the same experience as the original. Mainly collecting orbs and growing with them is very fun. It’s a pity it’s ten years too late: it’s old-fashioned and boring, even when EVERYTHING explodes around you.

Crackdown 3 seems too similar to the game released before; it’s as if Sumo has re-created Crackdown 2, ignoring everything that can be learned from the last decade of open-world titles.

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Awesome Crackdown title. The game evolved and updated the mechanics that made it successful in 2007. Despite production problems, Microsoft is the title of Awesome Crackdown. The game evolved and updated the mechanics that made it successful in 2007. Despite the production problems, Microsoft is to be congratulated on keeping the game to the end. … Increase

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