CSGO Free vs Paid: What’s the Difference. How to get free counter strike global offensive

At the basic level, the game is designed to put two teams in direct combat – Terrorists and appropriately named Counter-Terrorists. In addition to eliminating as many players as possible on the other side, both sides must also complete separate objectives that vary depending on the game mode selected.

CS:GO peak concurrent player number on Steam 2016-2021

In November 2021, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) had an average of 935.59 thousand simultaneous players on Steam. That figure peaked 5 months earlier in March, with nearly 1.2 million players, no doubt partly due to the coronavirus pandemic that spread worldwide in 2020. As millions of people have been encouraged and in some cases legally required to stay home, many have turned to video games as a form of entertainment.

Despite the fact that CS: GO was released some seven years ago, in August 2012, the game is still very popular on the web and has gained a cult following. In February 2020, Counter-Strike had 24 million monthly active users, more than double the number in May 2016. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series of games. As with its predecessors, the game takes the form of a multiplayer first-person shooter in which two teams face each other in different game modes.

Not just a game for the gamers

While millions of players have fun playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, millions more watch official online tournaments. Some of the leading CS: GO eSports tournaments around the world in 2018 included IEM Katowice 2018 and ELEAGUE Major 2018, with the latter peaking at almost 1.9 million viewers. With such a large fan base, it’s no surprise that these esports tournaments are worth a lot of money. The game’s annual cumulative tournament prize pool was $ 21.77 million in 2019, a significant increase over the previous two years. Players are therefore lined up for the big payouts if they do well in these tournaments and Peter Rasmussen, known by his internet nickname dupreeh, currently maintains the CS: GO eSports player earnings table.

Characteristic Number of players in thousands
2021-11 935.59
2021-10 864.97
2021-09 942.52
2021-08 802.54
2021-07 763.52
2021-06 929.94
2021-05 1,087.2
2021-04 1148.1
2021-03 1198.58
2021-02 1123.48
2021-01 1,124.55
2020-12 1164.4
2020-11 1.037.46
2020-10 943.88
2020-09 977.77
2020-08 925.35
2020-07 857.56
2020-06 1009.47
2020-05 1.193.36
2020-04 1305.71
2020-03 1145.97
2020-02 917
2020-01 817.23
2019-12 767.06
2019-11 758.41
2019-10 747.94
2019-09 720.05
2019-08 647.46
2019-07 578.93
2019-06 587.72
2019-05 588.45
2019-04 621.61
2019-03 680.07
2019-02 654.07
2019-01 684.51
2018-12 746.55
2018-11 546.03
2018-10 565.97
2018-09 583.03
2018-08 454.37
2018-07 426.01
2018-06 420.26
2018-05 454.48
2018-04 523.26
2018-03 672.5
2018-02 686.59
2018-01 715.85
2017-12 598.41
2017-11 601.88
2017-10 639.97
2017-09 665.37
2017-08 595.78
2017-07 624.79
2017-06 614.62
2017-05 692.97
2017-04 709.84
2017-03 742.36
2017-02 744.47
2017-01 814.62
2016-12 662.46
2016-11 627.12
2016-10 661.99
2016-09 638.36
2016-08 599.1
2016-07 636.06
2016-06 579.11
2016-05 668.61
2016-04 850.49
2016-03 737.6
2016-02 738.97
2016-01 667.43

The CS: GO team reviewed the amazing work of artists and bands from all over the world and concluded that ten winners would not be enough. Thus, an additional seven winning entries (17 winning entries in total) were selected for a total prize pool of 150.7 million.

What is the difference between CSGO free and paid?

While gamers can download the free version of CSGO, the gameplay may be far from being fun. When playing with a new CSGO account, you may encounter smurfs, grievers, toxic players, and even hackers.

However, when you upgrade your free account to Rank 21, you will get Prime status. Prime Status will only allow you to play with other Prime members, greatly reducing the likelihood of encountering hackers in your games as chances are they would already be filtered out by the overwatch.

CSGO Paid Version

The paid version of CSGO will grant you Prime status right from the start, which means you will only be matched with players who have Prime status themselves. This will undoubtedly greatly enhance your gaming experience when playing both regular and competitive CS.

That’s all you need to know about the free version of CSGO versus the paid version. If you feel like you will be able to grind to level 21 without Prime status, you can download the free version. However, purchasing the base version will provide you with a better gameplay experience right from the start.

You can get a maximum of 4 drops per “week” starting on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending on the region. One of them is designed to raise the level, while the other three are allocated randomly during the game during the week.

About CSGO

If you’re looking for a first-person shooter, CSGO might be a great idea.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth installment in the Counter-Strike series of games. This multiplayer game was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve. You can play with your friends and siblings. There are two teams to choose from in this game. You can be on the counter-terrorist or terrorist team. In order to complete and win the game, you need to achieve the goals. The game will ask you to secure the perfect place to disarm or plant a bomb. There are also hostages, you either guard them or save them.

In this game, they will reward you for your performance. The game has its own currency that you can spend on tools or weapons. The more you win, the higher the prizes you can get.

The best part of the game is that you can choose to host and customize the game modes and maps. The game also features a matchmaking support system that allows you to interact with community members.

How to Earn Money While Playing Counter Strike

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS GO) is a game by Valve Corporation, and Hidden Path Entertainment is a first-person shooter. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth installment of the Counter-Strike series. The original release date for Global Offensive was over 9 years ago, in August 2012 for Windows, macOS, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and in 2014 for Linux after a two-year development period. Valve continues to update the game regularly, both with modest balance tweaks to larger add-ons, game modes, etc. In December 2018, CS: GO became a free game and is still doing well. New players are constantly joining CS: GO, and more important than ever is that anyone anywhere in the world can download and play the game for free. Counterattack.

it will be easy for you to hit the target and support your team. This game is about improving your reflexes. You also need to be aware of the map and accurately locate enemies. Since this is a team game, all your members should have the same goal. Working together is the highest priority.

Your move is the main component of Counter-Strike. Knowing how actions work and how to apply them in the game is essential. It’s like gaining spatial awareness while playing. But technically it’s not that easy to do. This is the reason why CS GO gets involved. You try to master all the moves with which you can shoot enemies and save hostages.

The winning entries were created by 23 different artists, 14 of whom attended the workshop for the first time. We would like to thank everyone who submitted their applications and took part in the competition.

Is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive free on PC?

One of the best parts about downloading Counter-Strike Global Offensive for Windows is that it is available for free. Just download and install the application on your system and start playing. In addition, the game is available in several languages ​​including English, French, Italian, Thai, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Portuguese and more.

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