Dead By Daylight Killers Tier List: Best DBD Killers Ranked (January 2022). Dead by daylight which killer should i play

Moreover, unlike many other assassins with charge attacks, they won’t get stunned if you run into an obstacle in your Demon Dash. The survivors, however, receive a warning: once you enter Blood Fury, you’ll make a scream that the entire map will hear before you start slicing and slashing.

Dead by Daylight Killers Tier List (January 2022) Best DBD Killers

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of the killer and up to four players take on the role of the survivors. The goal of the survivors is to escape from the map, avoiding being caught, killed or burned by the would-be murderer.

Ever wanted to know who are Dead by Daylight’s best killers? Well, now you can! In our today’s article, you’ll find a Dead by Daylight Killer Level List which will hopefully help you pick the best killer for your next match.

In the DBD Killer Level List, each killer is placed in one of five levels depending on his skill and ability, as well as how easy it is to use it against other players. The higher the killer is on this list, the better he can kill and the more deadly he is.

If you’re new to the game, this Dead by Daylight Killer tier list might be a great place to start. This list will rank the killers based on their skills that you can use to determine if this killer is right for your playstyle. So you can easily pick the best killer for your next game.

Dead by Daylight – A Quick Introduction

Asymmetrical survival horror video games are in vogue right now, and Dead by Daylight is one of the most popular games to hit the scene. It was released in June 2016 and has been gaining players ever since. The game is a joint effort of Behavior Interactive developers and Starbreeze Studios publishers.

Dead by Daylight Killer tier list- (3)

In Dead by Daylight, you play as either the survivor or the killer. Survivors must escape from the killer and reach the exit point on the map, while killing / torturing other survivors is also allowed for players who prefer to play as killers.

The gameplay is incredibly intense and exciting and the maps are well designed. There is a good mix of assassins to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. Sometimes it can be hard to decide who you want to play, especially when you have a lot of killers to choose from.

Dead by Daylight Killer Level List comes in here. We’ve compiled a tier list for Dead by Daylight Killers to help you decide who to play with based on their strengths and weaknesses (and the fun factor). So without further ado, let’s get started!

In the case of Nurse, the priority should be perks that help her find survivors faster and increase her chase potential, such as grill and chillies, a messy butcher, haunted areas or make your choice.

DBD Killers Tier List – Ranked Best To Worst

For this Dead by Daylight Killer tier list, we have broken the tiers into three. While there are a few medium to low killers in the game, it’s best to only simplify them by three so you can understand which killers have very few saving traits (skill-wise but not morally).

Meanwhile, some people are in the middle range with both big strengths and big weaknesses. When it comes to the top tier, they have their weaknesses too, but it pales in comparison to their strengths.

We based this list on several topics including:

  • Map control
  • mortality
  • snowball (bumping etc)
  • Map Pool Versatility
  • Perk Builds
  • Accessories

Please note that our Dead By Daylight tier list will be updated as much as possible and will currently follow the release of the last killer added to the game; The artist in chapter 22.

Tier 1 – The Best Killers

  • Nurse – A highly mobile assassin that uses his Blink ability to teleport across the map and gain a chance for survivors.
  • Witch – An Assassin who uses traps and spells to create her own mud figures when a Survivor passes over them. He can teleport to them if he is some distance away.
  • The Spirit – A haunted killer that can rush towards and track survivors with ease, even without add-ons. He is often described as one of the most spoiled killers in the game.
  • The Nightmare (Freddy Krueger) – A complete nightmare (hee-hee) killer who uses The Dream World, teleportation, Dream Snares and Dream Pallets to dominate the Trials.
  • Oni – a highly mobile assassin that uses the suffering of wounded survivors to augment his abilities. Thanks to it, she is able to easily travel around the map and kill Survivors with one hit.
  • The Scourge – a versatile assassin that hits objects like a pinball to dash towards Survivors and across the map. It comes with a steep but rewarding learning curve for anyone wanting Blighty boy to be the main killer.
  • Nemesis – an assassin who is (currently) one of the strongest to play once mastered. He has an incredibly fast mutation rate that aids his ranged strength, and with his zombies, he can destroy Survivor loops and jungles.
  • The Wraith – An Assassin who cloaks himself in invisibility gives him an advantage in speed and sneaks up on Survivors. However, its reveal animation may give Survivors enough time to move to safety. – The artist is an exceptional killer with extras that many would describe as a nuisance. However, we have yet to see her full potential and suspect she has a few handicaps.
  • Demogorgon – An alien-like killer who places portals on the map to cut survivors from running and generators. Unfortunately, it can be countered by not running in open spaces and ignoring portals in areas where Generators are completed.
  • The Ghost Face – Killer who is able to knock down people by stalking them, but unfortunately does not have the mobility to block the generators. Getting him out of Stalk mode is also very easy, which weakens his power.
    – An assassin who can use chains to slow down and obstruct Survivors. It will be harder for new players to run, but more experienced Heroes will be able to hold his powers hostage and outmaneuver them with ease.
  • The Shape (Michael Myers) – Another killer that is all about sneaking and tracking, but unlike The Ghost Face, you can’t stop him from tracking. Unfortunately, he has a slowdown in the beginning of his attempt due to his movement speed.
  • Legion – Assassins who rely on their power to put people in Mend in order to find other victims. It is frustrating to oppose, but ultimately their power can still be hardly countered by cunning Survivors.
  • death Slayer – A ranged assassin that uses a chain pistol to hook survivors and draw them in with a small terror beam for maximum sneaking. It fails in jungle gyms or places with a lot of line of sight blockage.
  • Plague – An Assassin who uses her power to infect and weaken Survivors, forcing them to purify and make her stronger. The downside is that her power can be weak or hard to come by without powerful perks.
  • The Executioner – An assassin that specializes in blocking generators and hard-to-counter items and perks that help Survivors escape his grasp. Can be countered by doing a normal loop, but being aware of the Slayer’s far attack.

The Scourge is a strange inversion as you want the survivors to take the vaults and pallets as this is the best time to give them a face full of vomit. The Scourge is great fun, but it’s actually not that good, without a ton of extras to increase the effectiveness of the Dirty Purge.


Another top-tier assassin, Villager, can quickly cover a large chunk of the terrain with a chainsaw attack, which is great for putting pressure on the survivors to keep going and stay away from the generators. There are several other benefits of the chainsaw, such as the ability to break dropped pallets while sprinting and sending players to the dying state with a single hit. This makes The Villager one of Dead by Daylight’s best killers if you can master his toolkit.

dead in the daylight a plague of killers


The Scourge boasts several extremely powerful abilities, namely Vile Purge, which releases a stream of contagious vomit that can force survivors to accumulate sufficiently. This vomit attack can also be used as a trap to cover generators and obstacles in infectious bile.

While The Plague does not excel in one strategy, is excellent in all areas and skilled, seasoned players will have no problem dominating the maps with consistent damage.

dead in the daylight a murderer huntress

Nowadays, the craze of games has spread all over the world. Competition is increasing day by day and people are becoming more and more competitive. Therefore, players use tier lists to know which character is best played in the game.

4. The Trapper

Trapper may be easy to play, but requires strategic thinking

The Trapper, like The Wraith, is one of the first killers. She is also the mascot of Dead by Daylight. Trapper’s power, as you can easily guess, is the Bear Trap. It can put it anywhere, as long as there is enough space.

Why The Trapper Is Great

  • You get BP for setting a trap, catching a survivor in it, taking a survivor out of it, etc. This is an easy way to farm BP.
  • Beginners who survive do not pay attention to many things, such as looking back or down at the ground. Most of the time, they do not notice the trap and get caught. As a Trapper in the lower ranks, it is easy to catch survivors.
  • His perks don’t give you extra BP, but his brute strength and agitation make the game faster. This allows more time to earn BP in each category before the survivors flee.
  • By setting traps in front of the switch boxes, you kill easily.

Trapper is another easy-to-play killer. It does not need strategic planning at the lower levels. Some survivors don’t even help their teammates in a trap when they are scared. Just place the traps near pallets, windows, or anywhere, such as the very edge of the map, where survivors like to hide.

Meanwhile, some people are in the middle range with both big strengths and big weaknesses. When it comes to the top tier, they have their weaknesses too, but it pales in comparison to their strengths.

Michael Myers

Michael Myers has access to the strong assassin perk with basic attacks. This perk is Save the Best for Last, and a Teachable Perk appears on his Bloodweb at level 30. Here’s how it works:

“Earn a token for each successful Basic Attack that was not dealt an Obsession. Each token provides a stacked 5% reduced cooldown of a successful Basic Attack, you can get up to 8 tokens. Hitting Obsession with your basic attack will lose 4/3/2 tokens. You can no longer earn tokens if your obsession is sacrificed or killed. ”

The Save the Best for Last feature helps reduce the time spent on blood swabbing animations. This is a perk that gets stronger as you maintain pressure in the game. This allows you to snowball to victory when Survivors struggle with quick regeneration.

You just need to remember who your Obsession is so you don’t lose your chips. It’s possible to strategically sacrifice your obsession when you have high stacks to keep them permanently.



The Scourge is a good option for creating a delay generator and finding out where the Survivors are. Her first perk is Contaminated Intervention, and her teachable perk appears on her Bloodweb at level 30. Here’s how it works:

“The 3 generators farthest from you are being blocked by the entity for 80/100/120 seconds at the start of the trial. Survivors cannot repair these generators all the time. Affected generators are highlighted with a white aura. ”

Broken intervention is good for delaying generators. Forces Survivors to switch to different generators at the start of the game. It also gives fewer generators to patrol, allowing you to find survivors faster.


Contagious fear is another useful asset to her, and a teachable perk shows up on her Bloodweb at level 35. Here’s how it works:

“Any survivor who is within your terror radius, while another survivor is moribund will scream and reveal their location to you for 4/5/6 seconds.”

Infectious Fright is a powerful perk because it provides information on the locations of survivors. If you see many Survivors nearby, you can try to knock them down, or at least injure a few of them, before you have to accost a Survivor. If you knock down a Survivor and see no notifications, you know you can connect that Survivor for free.


The witch is another assassin that you can level up if you want to build a delay generator. Her advantage Hex: Ruin is powerful at retreating generators if you can hold the pressure. Learning to Learn arrives on her Blood Web at level 35. Here’s how it works:

“When a generator is not repaired by a Survivor, it immediately automatically reverses the repair progress by 100/150/200% of the normal regression speed.”

Curse: Ruin has a high risk factor, as do all other Curse perks. This is because you never know when Survivors will find your Hex Totem. If the Survivors cannot find it, however, Hex: Ruin will be powerful.

The more pressure you have, the stronger Hex: Ruin becomes. As Survivors seek to save and heal, they must choose between creating generators or helping their team. If they help their team, the generators will constantly roll back.

hex-ruina-great-with-emphasis-dead-in daylight

“The 3 generators farthest from you are being blocked by the entity for 80/100/120 seconds at the start of the trial. Survivors cannot repair these generators all the time. Affected generators are highlighted with a white aura. ”

D Tier

The Clown

The Clown’s Special is basically worthless, giving players a weakened sight, coughing, and obstruct effect when enveloped in a cloud of smoke from the Afterpiece Tonic and for two seconds later. If you think “wait a minute, two seconds doesn’t look like time,” you are right, it really isn’t. Especially since vision impairment is a very weak effect, smoke is difficult to target and also recharges slowly.

It has a small saving as its Pop Goes The Weasel perk is very strong and can damage generators when catching a survivor. Otherwise, he is bad.

The Trapper

The Trapper was one of the three original killers released during the launch of Dead By Daylight, and it shows he’s set to play a game that’s not really how Dead By Daylight plays. Trapper is all about playing slow, hard, setting traps and hoping players will bump into them trying to get past you and weave you to escape. This works sometimes, but this setup is exhaustive as there is no guaranteed payout.

The Pig

The Pig game can be a lot of fun – this saw-inspired killer tape reverses bear traps that will kill them instantly if they don’t manage to remove them within 150 seconds. However, if they can handle these traps – managed by a skill test at random points on the map – you’re pretty ineffective trying to slash them down with a light basic attack.

The Cannibal

Leatherface is present here and correct as The Cannibal. As you’d expect, he charges with a chainsaw which can even give you an instant drop. However, the Cannibal is the weakest in the face of windows, pallets and vaults, where its low speed and low power make it a toy for the survivors it tries to decimate. To avoid.

The Trickster

The trickster is in a weird place as he is a weaker version of the two existing assassins, has Scourge and Ranger elements, but his slow movement speed means Survivors can easily stay safe. However, he has a very nice weapon, he carries an aluminum baseball bat with a blade implanted at one end. Also, his outfit is very cool and as an original killer made by Behavior Interactive.

So there you have it, our full list of Dead by Daylight Killer Levels. We’ll be updating this as soon as new Killers are added to the game, but for now, check out our guides for the Dead by Daylight Cross-Play and Dead by Daylight Cheats.

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Released: December 24, 2021

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These killers are good at what they do and can face most survivors. They may not be as powerful as the S-level assassins, but they’re still a force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking for a killer that is slightly better than average then these are for you.

#8 Don’t camp hooks

Camping Hook is the last killer strategy usually seen in the late game to ensure at least one kill. Especially the new player camp has made Survivors addicted until they die, which is unpleasant for Survivors and very harmful for the Killer.

While camping an addicted survivor, all other survivors can repair generators and clean hex wards. Ultimately, the killer at the campsite only receives a small fraction of the Blood Points compared to the large amount he could earn. Survivors will also get less BP as prosecution gives a lot of BP.

In addition to camping in the hook / face, you should also avoid tunneling the detached player!

#9 Play Survivor

You can get a lot of success by just playing as the Killer and learning their strategies to win the game, but you should also take on the role of a Survivor. Playing as the Survivor gives you the opportunity to learn about each of the Killer weaknesses to use this information to improve your Killer gameplay.

Focusing on just one killer is possible, and you can be successful with that. But playing all the other killers not only helps you improve your gameplay but also helps you escape from them while playing Survivors.

As you climb the ranks to rank 1 as an assassin, getting four kills isn’t as easy as any assassin. For example, if your main character is the Wraith, you have to try harder to make each survivor addicted. If you can also play stronger killers like Nurse, Spirit, or The Oni, getting 4k becomes (generally) easier.

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