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Welcome to the official Deathloop Beginner’s Guide and Wiki. In this section, we’ll cover the basics before you get into the story and

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A man named Colt Vaughn wakes up on the beach, not remembering who he is or how he got there. It will soon find out that he has woken up before on that beach – in fact, he wakes up every day on the same beach, situated on an island known as Blackreef.

Blackreef is home to a temporal anomaly that was faked by the mysterious AEON Program to recreate the same day over and over in a loop – which became known to AEON Program members (known as the Eternalist) as “The First Day”. “. The leaders of this group, known as The Visionaries, ensured that Blackreef would be a self-sustaining center of cultural enlightenment.

However, as the First Day progresses, it becomes more and more apparent that both the Visionary leaders and their eternal herd are destructive, brutal, depraved, and otherwise unprepared to live that day over and over again. The Colt sets out to find a way to break the loop, armed with knowledge he can learn and keep between the loops – unlike the rest on this island. This quest will involve finding a way to locate and kill all of the Visionary leaders on the Black Reef in one day, but he will be constantly pursued by Julianna Blake – the only other person on this island who remembers the events between the loops – and her personal mission is to track down and stopping the Colt by any means necessary.

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In addition to Julianna, your goals will be the following Visionaries and founders of the AEON Program:

  • Aleksis Dorsey – Throat gagging businessman and extreme party blaster
  • Charlie Montague – computer genius and creator of live action games
  • Egor Serling – chief scientist and founder of the AEON Program
  • Fia Zborowska – Spacey Artist and fund provider
  • Frank Spicer – Slabs singer, musician and paranoid
  • Harriet Morse – Spiritual guide and speaker
  • Wenjie Evans – Chief Scientist and Creator of the Trinket Collector and Remnants

Wondering how long it takes to defeat Deathloop? Deathloop is a game where the same day is repeated endlessly.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Deathloop?

The main idea behind Deathloop is to kill eight Visionaries in one day to break the time loop and get off the island. The game is incredibly open, allowing you to travel virtually anywhere and do whatever you want, but it also includes a laser target tracking system. So the length of the Deathloop depends on how you want to finish it.

It takes approximately 15 hours to complete the main story of Deathloop. The entire game takes place on Blackreef, a single island divided into four separate zones. Each zone offers different material and objectives depending on the time of day, and it’s up to you to kill them all at once.

If you try to complete the optional objectives or just delve into the game, it can take up to 20 hours.

However, it will be a very simple gameplay experience that will only show you a fraction of what Blackreef has to offer. You’ll also miss some of the more interesting weapon and power upgrades.

A longer session, involving side missions and puzzles, can easily take 30-40 hours or more. For example, I’m currently in the range of 50-60 hours seeing one possible ending and continuing to explore the island looking for side parts, puzzles, and ways to open some tightly locked doors.

So, if you really want to dig deep there is a lot of experience there.

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Discover the best way to defeat all the Visionaries in Deathloop that Colt is trying to kill.

How to kill all eight Visionaries

deathloop spoilers

SPOILER WARNING !: Before we get too far, it’s worth noting that there will be spoilers in this guide. Don’t go any further if you want to keep the Deathloop secret.

That being said, we must make it clear that while we’re relatively open to approaching any area, killing all eight Visionaries in Deathloop in one loop must be done in a certain way. This means that the game is structured in such a way that as you progress through the storyline you will eventually learn the correct way to kill all targets.

death loop kill all visionaries

Let’s explain this last statement a little further. You can still kill targets using whatever means you have at your disposal: throwing them off a cliff, shooting them in the face, using a Nexus or another damaging Slab. The limitation is that the Visionary must be in the right area at the right time. For example, defeating Charlie at noon in Conditional Ward is not the way to kill all eight targets at once.

Morning – Karl’s Bay

visionary deathloop killing order

Harriet is only available in Hangar 2 in Karl’s Bay in the morning. There, sabotage the fireworks by playing with the rain flaps. In practice, this means that Frank will die later due to his fireworks – there is no need to visit him on Fristad Rock. It’s also a good opportunity to check out Haul-A-Quin.

Noon – The Complex

At noon, go to the Complex and close Egor’s experiment. That would make her go to Alexis’ party tonight. That’s all you need to do here, but it’s worth solving the Leftover Experiment while you’re there to get your character’s trinket.

Afternoon – Fristad Rock

Go to Fristad Rock in the afternoon to find Charlie and Fia. Two birds with one stone. They are locked deep in a bunker along the shoreline. Make sure you follow the story missions to access as this requires downloading the code from Karl’s Bay and solving the Fii pictograph clues. If you succeed, try to defeat them with one bullet or simply follow the trail to the end and flood the place where they are.

Night – Updaam

If you’ve been following the plot, you should already make sure Wenjie is at the party last night in Updaam. This is achieved by following the Wenjie and 2-BIT storyline where you create an Aleksis recording that recreates every loop that convinces Wenjie to be at the party. By playing the previous three time points correctly, you’ll have Wenjie, Egor, and Aleksis at the party, and Frank will succumb to the fireworks as you make your way to Aleksis’ mansion. Be sure to check the glyph safe under his property.

As for killing the three Visionaries at the party, it’s entirely up to you. You can lure Aleksis to the dance floor by playing his DJ set, upset him by turning off his beer or using crutches. Wenjie and Egor can hang out together on the top of the building with a group of Eternalistic people. Take them out as you see fit.

Once all the Visionaries are defeated, you must now use the flying vehicle in the RAK bunker in Updaam to reach the machine overlooking the entire island. Here you will find Julianna, in which you must make the final decision about the fate of Blackreef.

As we mentioned above, while there are several different opportunities to kill Visionaries, the story follows a fixed path that requires them to be in specific locations to kill all eight targets in one loop. Rest assured that when you kill all Visionaries in Deathloop, you’ll be able to continue the game – it doesn’t automatically wipe out your progress. Check out the Shacknews Deathloop guide for more resources.

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Deathloop is here. It’s launch time so we’ve put together the final cheat sheet, where you should buy the game and what you need to know.

Is there a new trailer for Deathloop?

Bethesda has marked the release date of Deathloop with a special launch trailer that gives incoming players a solid idea of ​​what to expect. Take a look below and get ready for loop after loop of action packed fun:

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