Destiny 2 how to get one thousand voices. Destiny 2 how to get one thousand voices

A: Yes and no. Each competitor should be seen through our scraper. This process calculates the stats of the items visible in the vault / inventory of players who have granted access to “unloaded inventory”. However,’s default permissions only allow us to see all the details of the weapons that each player’s characters are carrying.

How To Get 1k Voices

The only way to get 1,000 votes in Destiny 2 (aside from turning on Voice Chat during matches) is to complete the last Wish Rally. If you deposit 5 keys in the bank and wait for all other members of the fireteam to open their chests and not receive them, you have a 26% chance of getting 1,000 votes with 5 keys on the remaining 19 chests.

Questline awarded by fulfilling the first last wish: Will it work and make the rally exotic? To get 1,000 votes in Destiny 2, you need the Forsaken DLC. I honestly believe this would be a new Last Wish Prestige mode, or it could be that the 15th Wish will just get you. While it’s unlikely, you can never quit it until you keep trying.

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The only way to get 1,000 votes in Destiny 2 (aside from turning on Voice Chat during matches) is to complete the last Wish Rally. Easiest way to get even if you’re a raid noob! You may be lucky to roll a 7 on the third try, and you may be unlucky enough to roll it on 300.


Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to get this weapon. It can only drop after completing The Last Wish raid, and even then it is a random drop from the last chest. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to increase your chances, as long as you have a cooperating fireteam.

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I can be anyone you wish, o murderer mine.

Ahamkara’s Eye

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I can be whatever you want, my murderer.

[Language] is a [virus] that infects the minds of [people].

One [word] will drive them to [rage], [lust] or [cry].

O for the right [word] spoken with the right [voice]!

Oh, to see their [hearts] well with [longing]!

O to see their [desire] bare in [breast], so juicy and juicy to be taken!




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  • Deals SOLAR damage
  • Uses HEAVY ammo
  • Introduced in Season 4
  • Current screenshots
    • No power limitation

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    TZ_BK @ 01/27/2019

    PvE: It can melt down bosses which is fun to use but has very limited ammo and is therefore not the best at killing mobs.
    PvP: Bruh is an absolute meme. MS Paint the floor get the kills my only problem is it has painfully slow handling. Feels clunky to use and you can easily get killed while loading your gun.

    SiphonWYZRD123 @ 11/19/2019

    @ 18/12/2018

    An absolute beast in any mode. Great for a Gambit invasion due to area blasts. You can just spray it on and get some easy kills. The same goes for the crucible. Works perfectly for control! However, in the case of PvE, it’s just boss drowning. Whisper, Sleeper, and even Thunderlord are great alternatives. If you have a spare helmet and a class item, enjoy 8 rounds of Devastation.

    Aleksandra @ 12.05.2018

    Ender746684 @ 01/10/2018

    A: Not really. This change is basically only relevant for power-related activities such as raids, night strikes, trials, etc. In most open world activities and standard Crucible playlists, you will still be able to use any armor / weapon.

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    One Thousand Voices Exotic Fusion Rifle placed in a Power Weapon slot and uses Solar Damage. In The Last Wish Raid, defeating Riven, the final boss, and opening a random box gives you the chance to get this amazing Fusion Rifle.


    After defeating Riven, it will change to a Thousand Voices. You will find yourself in a huge room full of chests. When you open the last chest in the ‘Last Wish’ raid, you have a chance to drop an Exotic Fusion Rifle. The more times you defeat riven in a week, the better your chances of getting a Thousand Votes.

    The Exotic Fusion Rifle can take several weeks to service as the drop is only available as Riven can only be defeated once a week with each character.


    Must have over 800 power level

    Purchase the Shadowkeep DLC

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    Tip 2

    If tip 1 proves to be fruitless, there is one trick you can do every week. It also involves the use of a code wall. Contrary to the first clue, you can do this as many times as you have Guardians. Like the checkpoint codes from the good old days, there is a wish for every checkpoint in Last Wish. This trick is just a quick way to complete a raid on all three of your Guardians each week: the last encounter checkpoint.

    This cheat will take you and your fireteam to the final match, just before the last key. The trick is simple. Enter the code, complete the fight to get the key, go back to orbit, switch guards and repeat. The goal is not to complete the raid, but to finish the fight and get the key. After doing this on all three Guardians, you will have three keys to hand over after the raid is over.

    This is possible because the keys go to your split account’s inventory, not your Guardian’s locked classes. In addition, there is a checkpoint in the raid right after getting the key. So, after performing this trick on all three Guardians, you have a chance to choose which Guardian you want to end the raid on. Continue this trick every week until you and your fireteam have a thousand votes.

    Tip 3

    Don’t be afraid to mix clues 1 and 2. Wishes are stackable. However, the checkpoint wish will be activated immediately, so make sure you enter your checkpoint wish last.

    Unfortunately, all other Destiny 2 Raids so far lack this level of manipulation. Nevertheless, it’s a fun time-saving trick for anyone hunting this awesome fusion rifle. We all look forward to the latest Destiny 2 expansion, Shadowkeep, coming in September. In the meantime, we’ll cover all exotic weapon quests for any new Guardians who may have missed this weapon, or for existing Guardians who just missed this weapon. Let us know what guns you’d like to see next. In the meantime, look at the power supply, Guardian.

    Knowing the probability for 1,000 votes means nothing, because it all comes down to happiness. What’s the fastest and easiest way to farm a thousand voices of an Exotic Fusion Rifle? Could it really be something?


    To take advantage of this enhancement service, you must have the Forsaken Expansion in your Destiny 2 account and your Guardian Power Level must be at least 1000.

    If your character does not meet the requirements, you must in any case purchase one of the POWER LEVEL SERVICES in our store.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Absolutely. All the services we provide are 100% safe. Every service provided by KBoosting is done manually, without the use of any illegal third party software, cheats, hacks, aimbots or XP glitches.

    You can buy One Thousand Voices Exotic Weapons only as a pilot service, with account sharing. One booster will log into your account and give it back after completing the task and saving the weapons on your character.

    Shipping depends on luck, we’ll be carrying out Riven Boss kills every week until the gun is dropped into your account.

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