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It’s a good idea to send your enemies a mixture of Blockers. You need at least two alive Blockers at a time to start draining the Crumbs. The best solution is to send a medium and large Blocker first, and then a nearly continuous smaller Blocker, who is likely to strengthen the larger Blocker’s shields.

Destiny 2 – Best Weapons from Gambit Prime and The Reckoning

There are some of the best stealth weapons in Gambit Prime and The Reckoning, with different types of weapons and potentially the best hand cannon in the game. When Shadowkeep dropped, both Gambit Prime and The Reckoning were made available for free, so the full set of weapons is available to everyone. Below is a guide to the best weapons from Gambit Prime and The Reckoning in Destiny 2.

Gambit Prime and The Reckoning were introduced during Season 6 of the Drifter of Destiny 2. There is a short mission to complete to open Gambit Prime and The Reckoning, so if you’re a New Light player or someone you’ve never dealt with this event before, then you will have to open game modes before you can choose your weapons.

To do this, talk to the Vagabond in the Tower Annex. He will give you a task called “Gambit, at its best.” This will guide you through the Gambit Prime and The Reckoning mechanics. Receive the Gambit Prime bounty from the Vagabond, then complete it by completing the Gambit Prime streak. Go back and talk to the Vagabond and he will give you a synthesizer to craft a shard from the Synthesizers found in Gambit Prime. You can use these particles for farm-specific Gambit Prime armor – however, we’ll cover that in the video at a later date. Today my focus is on weapons.

I find The Reckoning much more useful for growing weapons than Gambit Prime, however you may be luckier than me. There are 2 bosses in The Reckoning, either Swords or Likeness of Oryx. These bosses change daily, so if he’s not the one you want today, it’ll be tomorrow.

There are 3 levels of Reckoning, and I was most successful at Tier II. However, there are some specific loot at Tier III.

The Reckoning loot table

swords loot

  • Lonely (sidearm)
  • Night Watch (Scout Rifle)
  • Only survivor (sniper rifle)
  • Just in case (Sword) Level III Exclusive

Oryx booty likeness

  • Spare food rations (hand cannon)
  • Worm bag (SMG)
  • Survival (Pulse Rifle)
  • Devouring Hunger (Auto Rifle) Tier III only
  • Tier III Doomsday (Grenade Launcher) only

It’s a bit about the mechanics and the Reckoning loot, let’s move on to the best weapons of the action.

This is an adaptive subframe submachine gun that sits in an energy slot. It has 900 rounds per minute, has 32 in a clip, and deals solar damage. It has good handling stats and reload speed at level 52, and great hidden recoil stats at level 88.

Destiny 2 – Power Surge bounties

Power Surge orders are relatively easy to execute. The most difficult of the four is the Crucible. You must be level 50 to accept jobs.

  • Inner Systems Tour: Complete two Public Events and three Placement Bounties.
  • Fireteam Up: Complete the assault and defeat 50 enemies in the assault.
  • I will make you rich (er): Send five blockers to Gambit and complete the Gambit match.
  • Tactical Reminder: Kill 10 Guardians and complete the game in the Crucible.

For the Inner Systems Tour assignment, speak to Devrim in EMS to pick up some easy assignments. Likewise, you can choose to complete any Impact, so choose the easiest one in EMS to get through these bounties quickly. You don’t need to win a Gambit or Crucible match to qualify for the prize – participation counts.

Now that you’re tuned to 640, let’s take a look at Gambit Prime.

Destiny 2 – Gambit Prime

Vanilla Gambit has changed a bit. A new round of sudden death replaces the third round if each team managed to defeat their Primordial in the previous two rounds.

In case of sudden death, the Primaeval respawns immediately and it’s a race where you have to kill your first one. There is also much more emphasis on killing the envoys first, as opposed to focusing all fire on the Primeval.

Gambit Prime is quite similar. Simply put, this is a single round where you must collect 100 Shards to spawn an Ancient and four Envoys. Enemies are much tougher and with regular adds, more enemies with a yellow health bar will appear.

Also, you won’t be able to just save your ultimate and blow up the Primeval at the end – you’ll have to use it multiple times throughout the game to get Crumbs quickly.

High value targets will appear more frequently in Gambit Prime, and you should focus on defeating them as quickly as possible.

While you still need to store the crumbs, you can also steal the crumbs from your opponents. Instead of just picking a random number or whatever old blocker your way, you need to think about the size and timing of Gambit Prime’s blocking.

It’s a good idea to send your enemies a mixture of Blockers. You need at least two alive Blockers at a time to start draining the Crumbs. The best solution is to send a medium and large Blocker first, and then a nearly continuous smaller Blocker, who is likely to strengthen the larger Blocker’s shields.

This requires really tight teamwork. There’s a reason there are classes in Gambit Prime, and if you’re playing as a Ranger and defending a deposit bank you’d better bring a decent heavy weapon with you.

Gambit Prime: new roles explained

There are four new roles you can play just like in Gambit Prime. These are:

  • Invader – Killer Assassin: Hunt down enemies and steal their crumbs.
  • Guardian – impassable wall: stand against the invaders and protect your bank.
  • reaper – Scythe of Destruction: clear the waves and kill bigger enemies.
  • Collector – Dark Commander: collect all crumbs and send blockers.

It is important that you play as your role dictates. There’s no shame that you all play the role of the Invader – it doesn’t force you to be a diverse team – but your match may not go as well.

This can affect the loot you receive if you fail to meet the requirements of the role and use its perks. With that said, nothing prevents you from carrying half your Invader gear, half your Sentry gear to mix things up a bit if you don’t mind missing out on the bonuses for wearing the full set.

After completing the first Gambit Prime match, you will unlock The Reckoning.

There will be a Supers polarization at different points in matches, giving you a buff for using that particular type, such as the Void or the Bow. It’s a good idea to save your Super Attack, as you’ll potentially do massive damage.

Reckoning Boss & Rewards This Week

Reckoning is an activity announced long ago with the Season of the Drifter update. Co-op activity offers raid-like mechanics in a simple way. The combination of Gambit Prime and Reckoning was what Bungie wanted to do. Collect Synthesizers, cover them with your armor with Reckoning, collect armor sets, and enjoy the benefits.

The highlight for Reckoning was the armor that provided the guards with benefits. The roles are the Reaper, Invader, Collector, and Sentinel. If you have a team with kits like this, it’s really hard to lose. The armor thing was for those who wanted to play Gambit Prime, I don’t play it much, so I only honed the counting on the Hand Cannon Backup Rations.

The boss changes every week, each boss has a different loot pool. The information below will be updated weekly before the reset begins.

Reckoning Loot Pool and Bosses

There are two bosses in Reckoning; One is the Swords and the other is the Oryx Image.


  • Lonely
  • Night watch
  • The only survivor
  • Last Man Standing (Tier III only)
  • Just in case (only on tier III)

The rolls you should watch out for should be a single hit for two hits for Last Man Standing. As for the Sniper (sole survivor), you should look for a throw that has both a line of fire and a fourth charm.

Likeness of Oryx

  • Backup rations
  • Garbage bag
  • Survive
  • Devouring Hunger (Tier III only)
  • Judgment Day (Tier III only)

Pretty much anything that was dumped by Likeness of Oryx is useful. The most famous of these is Spare Rations, which is probably the most used hand cannon in the game. Although farming for the divine throw is tedious, it took me about 60-70 runs to get a good one.

That’s all you need to know! Please leave a comment below if this guide has helped you.

If you and your fireteam achieve 100% domination by the end of the minute countdown, you will advance to the boss stage. Kill the boss, teleport back to the bank and claim your reward.

The Reckoning – Tier 2

Level 2 raises the stakes significantly. The recommended wattage has now increased to 670, so you’ll likely want to have at least 665 before trying this challenging new wave.

The beginning of level 2 is the same as the first one, it instructs you to recharge the “Domination” meter. Remove ads as usual, but be ready for something brand new when it reaches 100 percent.

Upon completion, a new quest will appear: Construct the Bridge of Madness. Make your way down the corridor marked with the target marker and get ready for a long battle. You will have to capture a certain number of objective points by standing on them to build the bridge, while a large number of Taken captives will appear in all directions.

When you score a point, make sure most of your squad stand on it as you have a very limited time. Let the Sorcerers put down the Rifts and the Titans put down the Barricades to protect you from the attack.

There will be snipers on both sides of the bridge who deal a lot of damage, so make sure that at least one of your teammates is dedicated to eliminating them as quickly as possible. The main enemies will appear in front of you and behind you, on top of a large number of Thralls. Try to remove them.

Once you finish scoring one target, the next one will appear further down the bridge, so keep going and try to stay inside the circle of targets. If you move too far away from it, you can easily get confused and run out of time, so keep an eye on the clock on the left side of the screen.

After you complete each target, a portal will appear at the end of the bridge and your new task is to “Find and defeat the Hermit to retrieve his stolen Light”. The Hermit will be marked in this new area, so find him and eliminate him as soon as possible – you’re on the clock again. The hermit dies and creates a beam of light.

Stand in this pool of light and use the damage boost to deal damage to two mighty knights with axes as they march towards you. These two are the target and killing them will end level 2, but you may have to do multiple DPS phases. If they survive, wait a few seconds for a new hermit to appear. Rinse and repeat the process until they die.

The Reckoning – Tier 3

The third and final (so far) Reckoning level requires 680 Force to trigger, but the enemies themselves have 690 Force, so make sure you prepare before even thinking about starting an activity. You’ll also need to visit the Vagabond to upgrade your synthesizer once more in order to be able to craft the highest tier of Gambit Prime armor.

The level 3 clearing works exactly like the first two levels at the beginning. You’ll need to kill enemies to charge ‘Domination’ and then rebuild the Bridge of Madness. But when you finish the bridge and make it to the end, a new challenge will arise.

Prepare to face a boss with a familiar enemy – Oryx’s likeness looks just like the King Taken, but doesn’t have that big of a punch. The fight is tough, however, given Power’s recommendation.

The fight itself is quite simple. Oryx’s likeness will shoot energy orbs at you, teleporting around the arena and spawning more Taken. Remove ads and DPS boss as much as you can. Eventually, the boss will spawn a debuff called Counterfeit Gaze that has a countdown. If the countdown reaches zero, the boss will clean you up. The only way to stop the wiping is to hurt the boss enough to stagger him and continue the fight.

Use your ultimate whenever you can, remove attachments to prevent unwanted frustration, and constantly damage the boss as soon as Counterfeit Gaze appears. There is no other real mechanic in combat, so try to stay alive and deal damage when necessary.

The main challenge in this fight is trying to stay alive and fighting against time because you are on time again. If you have trouble killing the boss, you may need to level up a bit or change gear before returning to level 3.

That’s all there is to The Reckoning right now, but come back here to see if anything changes in the near future!

There are enemies everywhere in the arena. Stand under the golden pillar in the center. Use your Hang Hunter to keep enemies away from you, and the Well of Light and the Guardian’s Shield will keep you safe. From your position, shoot the Shade of Oryx until he dies. Ignore the remaining enemies unless they become a problem.

Tier 1

Level 1 in The Reckoning is short and easy. After placing the Weak Stone, jump down under the inverted pyramid to start.

You will find yourself in a gigantic arena full of Captured enemies with different flavors. Start killing them with any equipment. Upon killing you will replenish your Domination percentage on the left side of the screen. If you stop killing, the percentage drops.

If you and your fireteam achieve 100% domination by the end of the minute countdown, you will advance to the boss stage. Kill the boss, teleport back to the bank and claim your reward.

This part of Reckoning is easy if you’re close to Force 650. It gets harder when you take into account daily modifiers like Blackout which increases melee damage to enemies. But if you prepare yourself for the Impact, you can handle it.

As with any Reckoning tier, tier 1 is much easier with a group of friends you can communicate with.

Destiny 2 season of the tramp settlement bridge

Level 2 Bungie Giant Reckoning Bridge

Tier 2

Level 2 Reckoning is more difficult and longer than Level 1. Make sure you are close to the 670 Force and have a group of friends to communicate with. Pay attention to modifiers and use or avoid them as much as possible. If blackout is active, take long range building. Make sure your party has multiple items during Prism (as only certain items are effective at certain times).

After depositing the crumb you’ll fall in and do level 1 as usual, although in this section the enemies will be more difficult. It’s nothing you can’t deal with if you’re used to level 1 and have high enough power. After hitting 100% Domination, a door at the back of the arena (in the place of the boss) will open. Gather your team and run.

The bridge

You are now on the bridge that hovers over the chasm. You’ll need to hold down six points across the bridge to get to the other side. As you stand at any point, waves of Taken will attack you.

We recommend taking the Trapped Hunter and the Light Well Sorcerer to help you survive. Chain Supers and use heavy ammo to make your way through each section.

After you have obtained all six pieces of the bridge, the enemies will disappear and a portal will open at the other end. Jump over and get ready to run.

Knights and the Hermit

You will find yourself in some kind of plane ascending, and ax-swinging knights will follow you. The map looks like a plus symbol, and either of the four ends can spawn an enemy called the Hermit. Ignore the Knights and pursue the Hermit with a green symbol above his head.

Remove the hermit’s elemental shield with your weapon or skill and kill her. When the Hermit dies, a well will appear in the area. Standing in it will increase your damage against the Knights, which you should focus on. Use whatever you have on the Knights. We recommend Tether and Well of Radiance here. Take a rocket launcher like the Wardcliff Coil in a heavy socket.

When the Knights come down, you’ll teleport back to the bank and pick up the Tier 2 Gambit Prime Armor.

Shade of Oryx

The Shade of Oryx can also appear as a boss in this section, and has only appeared since the Tier 3 release. If you stand in front of a shadow, scroll down to our level 3 section. The boss is the same on level 2, only easier.

We are currently not sure if the Knights and Hermit event will return.

Use your ultimate whenever you can, remove attachments to prevent unwanted frustration, and constantly damage the boss as soon as Counterfeit Gaze appears. There is no other real mechanic in combat, so try to stay alive and deal damage when necessary.

How to enter The Reckoning

After obtaining a Weak Synthesizer, use it along with a Synthesizer such as the Collector, Invader, Reaper, or Guardian Synthesizer to create a Weak Shard. After that, you can go to the The Reckoning event from The Director.

Once loaded into The Reckoning, you will either be thrown into a match already in progress, or you will be able to start your own match. If you are thrown into a game that is already active, help defeat the enemies and then defeat the boss. After that you’ll head back to the starting area where you can put your own shards to try and get some Gambit Prime armor that was added along with the Joker Wilds.

Destiny 2 - How to play the game - bet on mote

You’ll have to put up some shard if you want to pick up any Gambit Prime armor in The Reckoning.

However, you don’t need to bet on Mote to play The Reckoning. In fact, you can just load this mode and help your friends or anyone with their own crumbs to activate. This makes it easy to farm tCollector Synthesizers or other types of Synthesizers, which in turn will allow you to get even more pieces of Gambit Prime armor. After someone on your fireteam places a shard, wait for the portal in the center to activate and then jump inside. This is where the real fun begins.

How to win in The Reckoning Tier 1

If you want to win at The Reckoning, you need to understand how this game mode works. First, make sure you pay attention to the modifiers active when you select this activity from the Navigator. For example, at the time of writing, The Reckoning has Void Singe, Blackout, and Heavyweight Modifier active. These attributes will significantly change the way you have to approach each match of The Reckoning, so keep them in mind.

Destiny 2 - How to Play Counting - Dominance Percentage

You can see the percentage of your current Domination by checking the left side of the screen.

After going through the portal and entering the actual The Reckoning, you will have approximately six minutes to achieve 100% Domination of the enemy. However, there are a few things you need to know about Dominance.

  • First, any death you suffer will lower your Domination percentage. This means that staying alive is the key to winning The Reckoning.
  • The percentage of Domination you have is decreasing every moment, so pay attention to the number.
  • There are two main types of enemies in The Reckoning. First, there are normal enemies. When killed, they grant you a small percentage of Domination. There are also powerful enemies, defeating them will give you much more dominance over your percentage. Currently, it is believed that the Domination bar will start to accumulate if you ignore larger enemies, so try to remove them as much as possible.

When you reach 100% Domination you will respawn with the boss of the match. At this point, you will need to change your focus.

The idea is to play Gambit Prime matches, earn more Synth Drops until you earn a few for the class you want to play, and then play a few rounds of The Reckoning to obtain said armor.

How To Farm Weapons In The Reckoning?

While Reckoning may not offer a weapon as powerful as the Black Armory, it still has one of the best PvP weapons in Destiny 2. It’s easy to farm weapons in The Reckoning. To farm a weapon in Reckoning, follow the steps provided.

  • Visit the “Gambit” section in the game catalog.
  • Select “Accounting.”
  • Select the activity “Tier-3

Being active is either a match or a quest, and you’ll be rewarded with a weapon for completing the chase or killing the last boss. To make it easier, Bungie’s latest patch has made it easier to farm weapons after completing an activity. Remember that these weapons change weekly. Therefore, you need to follow the weapon rotation schedule to know when to farm your weapons in The Reckoning.

The Bottom Line

We hope our article was able to cover everything you need to know about Reckoning weapons. We’ve listed some of the best weapons to choose from in The Reckoning. In addition, we’ve also included a guide to help you farm Divine Throws and Weapons in Destiny 2.

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