Destiny 2 – Menagerie and the Chalice. Where is the menagerie in destiny 2

We’ve gathered everything you need to know about the Menagerie below, and we’ll continue to update this page as Bungie repeats Overtime in Mode – stay tuned!

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence – start time, The Menagerie, Pinnacle weapons and more

Season of Wealth begins today in Destiny 2, bringing with it a new in-game event, the raid, and even more Pinnacle weapons.

The latest trailer for Destiny 2 Season 7 presents some new weapons and armor that will be yours when you complete, for example, the new Crown of Sorrow raid and the latest 6-player activity, the Menagerie.

Of course, there’s a ton of new loot up for grabs and a new in-game event, Solstice of Heroes, taking off in a few weeks.

Annual Pass holders will be able to start a raid right away, but players over 700-720 Mp will have no added advantage in trying to make a competitive raid a bit fairer in a new mode called Contest. This mode will be active for the first 24 hours of the raid, before moving back to the normal raid rules where you can use your Power to overcome the raid challenges.

There are also new quests to come, including the exotic Truth and Lumin quests. Every week, Rangers will be able to accept new quests and treasure hunts, with powerful rewards that will eventually bring you to the new 750 Force cap.

The sharp-eyed Guardians may have noticed that Benedict 99-40 is currently overheating and carrying the message, “Treasures from the Emperor.” Maintenance work has already begun and most players will be launching Destiny 2 soon.

With all this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what’s coming.

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence – start time

Destiny 2: Season of Riches starts at 6:00 p.m. BST / 1:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. PT and the raid begins at 7:00 p.m. ET / 4:00 p.m. PT, meaning UK players they will have to wait until midnight to join the raid. From now on, the competition mode will be open for 24 hours.

There is also a new Power Surge Bounty that will increase you to 690 Power which you must complete before you can access a raid or a Menagerie.

Eventually Hasapiko’s shield will return to the top and you’ll have to repeat this process until her health bar drops very low. However, things will change a bit here.

You will receive the Cup of Wealth after completing the initial questline starting with Benedict 99-40. After completing the quest and repairing the Chalice, it will be available for use to earn rewards in the Menagerie Mode. During the game you will obtain Runes and Imperials that will allow you to imbue the Chalice with special abilities. Runes are used to select rewards, while Imperials allow you to upgrade the Chalice for bigger rewards.

Encounters start at Power 700 and gradually increase to 740. Complete encounters until the gauge in the upper left corner reaches 100%. If the victory condition is not met when the timer runs out, you will continue with your next activity until the timer reaches 100%. Normal mode cannot be crashed.

  • Triumph: Defeat each boss once.
  • Triumph: Complete each encounter with the time left on the clock.

Power starts at 750 and goes up to 770. Matchmaking off. Weekly Selected Modifiers. No duplicate encounters and extinguishments are active. You will return to orbit when the team is cleared or you do not complete 100% in the allotted time.

  • Triumph: Complete a fireteam of three or less.
  • Triumph: Complete with time remaining on the clock.
  • Triumph: Defeat every boss without dying a fireteam

Destiny 2 - Menagerie and Chalice

  • Kill enemies until the boss appears. The boss drops the bullets upon death. Fold the balls to light the lamps.
  • Victory: Light all six lamps
  • Triumph: Light only one lamp per player
  • Capture the marked arrays until the meter fills up. Killing knights also speeds up your progress. Two discs will be active at the same time.
  • Victory: Fill the meter.
  • Kill wizards to drop orbs and assemble orbs to charge Haven until the boss shows up. Touch of the Deep is in effect when you are away from the Haven.
  • Victory: Kill two Ogre bosses.
  • Triumph: save all three Haven and kill the ogre bosses.
  • Kill enemies to drop Vex Cranium. Crystals can only be damaged by the skull. Destroy enough crystals to summon a boss.
  • Victory: Kill the boss.
  • Collect souls in the area (keep three at a time) and put them back in the marked places.
  • Victory: Complete three waves of bosses.
  • Kill enemies and the boss until he is transported onto the track and complete the lap.
  • Victory: At least one player will complete all laps.
  • Triumph: All six players complete a lap.
  • Triumph: All six players complete each lap.
  • Kill knights to make them drop the sword. Swords can then be used to damage white shields. Continue killing enemies until the boss appears.
  • Victory: Kill the ogre boss.

Hasapiko, the Minotaur

  • Harpies shed a puddle upon death. Enter the pool for a buff to drop the shield. Avoid the energy walls while damaging the boss. Shoot the hand to make the walls red and not lethal.
  • Triumph: Only one player per Harpy pool.
  • Cursed Slaves will drop relics that can be thrown onto a lower shield. When Arunak’s health is low, a pair of knights with a yellow stripe will also appear.
  • Triumph: Don’t kill the knights.

Chalice Mechanics

Destiny 2 - Menagerie and Chalice

How to get runes

  • Complete weekly assignments
  • Open the chests on the Nessus barge
  • Use the Runefinder consumables to increase your chances of dropping runes while active

How to earn imperial

Imperials are used to upgrade your Chalice. As you progress, you can choose your upgrade bonuses.

The goal is to kill the wizards and use the energy orbs they drop to revive the slowly shrinking Haven. If Haven shrinks too much, it may disappear for the rest of the meeting. Continue feeding Haven Orbs and defeat the bosses as they appear.

How do I access the Menagerie?

When you first start the game you will be greeted with a new Pursuit (which can now be found in the Navigator) called “Imperial Summons”.

The first step is to talk to Benedict 99-40 in the Tower to start the “Invitation” questline. This is what you need to do to access the Menagerie.

We’ve put together a complete guide page for The Invitation Quest that covers the entire questline and provides simple ways to tick off each quest.

How to complete every Menagerie challenge

Here’s a quick overview of how each challenge works and how to complete them all.


  • Defeat the Lamplighter Knights that will appear in the arena.
  • Grab the balls they drop and throw them into the lamps scattered throughout the stage.
  • Rinse and repeat this process as soon as possible to move on to the next area.


  • The main goal is to kill as many Tame Knights as possible.
  • Cared for dark blades will appear around the arena. Defeat them and you will drop a Relic Sword. Use this to deal massive damage to shielded enemies and take out mobs with ease.
  • Stick together and use the Wave Cleansing Supers to maximize your chances of survival.


  • Eliminate the Vex enemies and you will notice that Void Cannons appear in the room. Use them to destroy the crystals scattered along the outer edges of the arena.
  • Void Crystals have a very limited supply of ammo, so try to avoid throwing it at groups of enemies.
  • Stick together and use the Sorcerer’s Light Well if you’re struggling to survive.

Arctic born

  • Arkborn Souls (green pillars of glowing light) will appear in the arena. Your goal is to run through them to collect the souls and place them on the yellow crystals on either side of the room.
  • You only have a limited time to deliver the souls, so try to deposit them as soon as possible.
  • Assemble enough and the Treasure Ogre will appear in the center of the arena. You will have to defeat him in order to reset the room and go back to the previous task.


  • A total of three players will be randomly taken to participate in the assault course. The goal is for one member to reach the end unscathed as quickly as possible.
  • When finished, all three party members will rejoin their party.


  • Navigate the corridors and capture different zones by standing in them. This way you will have to fight off hordes of enemies.
  • Again, this is a case of sticking together, not sharing, otherwise you will get overwhelmed quickly. We recommend using Barricades and Rifts to make the process a bit easier.


  • There is a dome with a glowing yellow crystal inside – stand in it and you will receive the “Touch of the Sky” buff.
  • The “Touch of the Sky” buff allows you to exit the dome and remain intact, but it works on time. When it expires, you’ll get a debuff called “Touch of the Deep” which means you’ll take damage over time unless you retreat back into the dome.
  • Your main goal is to kill the wizards who appear in the arena, catch the orbs they drop and bring them back to the dome.
  • Basically, you’ll want to remove as many enemies as possible while balancing the buff and nerf you get during an encounter.

Boss # 1: Hasapiko, loved by Calus

During Season of Wealth, Bungie will introduce new Bosses and Stages to the Menagerie. We’ll be adding guides for each boss overtime, so keep an eye out for this section for more info.

The first step is to talk to Benedict 99-40 in the Tower to start the “Invitation” questline. This is what you need to do to access the Menagerie.

The Arkborn – Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough & Guide

That’s a lot of lies in the lamp lighting mini-game you saw at the beginning of the Menagerie. There will be three light sources scattered throughout the area in the form of green poles. Interacting with these pillars will give you a load, and each player can hold up to three stacks at any given time. As you circle the room collecting the three charges, get rid of them by making your way to the containers that are clearly marked with a gray square. Once your team has gone through this process, a boss will appear that the fireteam will have to deal with before you can get back to collecting fees. Summon and kill three bosses this way. Then you will be able to leave the room.

Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough 2

The Gauntlet – Destiny 2 Menagerie Walkthrough & Guide

This room starts with a boss fight. Once you defeat the boss, the fireteam will teleport to what looks and functions like an Olympic track. It’s time to do something like Usain and dash through all the different checkpoints (helpfully marked in green) until the race is over. At least one member of your fireteam must complete all gauntlet laps to advance to the next room.

One member running all the laps might sound like a piece of cake… That’s not true. The Gauntlet applies various nerfs to your fireteam as you run around the track. This includes one that ticks and causes death unless you pass the checkpoint, so it’s imperative that everyone move as fast as possible. It also avoids obvious obstacles such as traps and fire jets. Basically anything that is not a checkpoint is fatal. Completing each lap grants players the benefit of a Power Upgrade, but also spawns a boss that you must deal with before you can continue.

Put the runes in your chalice and you can start fine-tuning the type of rewards you get for running to the Menagerie. The more runes you are able to equip (by unlocking more slots with Imperials), the more you can customize the loot you get.


Hasapiko, the Minotaur

Hasapiko, head of the Minotaur

Hasapiko is the first final boss to be released in the Menagerie; he is one of the underlings of Emperor Calus. It’s hidden behind a large shield, so you need to exhaust it before you can deal direct damage to it. To weaken the shield, players should focus on killing the harpies that appear during the boss fight. When they die, they induce AOE of the goo; anyone standing in this pool could hit Hasapiko’s shield and weaken it. Divide the room into three sections and place your team between them for maximum reach.

When he loses his shield Hasapiko will occasionally start firing large laser beams that will kill you immediately if they hit you, so stay alert once his health bar is depleted.

Triumph: One player per Harpy pool.

Arunak, the Ogre

Arunak, Ogr Boss

The latter boss is thematically similar to Hasapiko, so the mechanics of his boss are almost the same. Arunak also hides behind a huge shield; this time you need relics dropped by Cursed Slaves to damage it. When the shield is depleted, you can directly damage Arunak to drain his health bar and defeat him. He will spawn Knights at certain checkpoints during combat, so be alert and be prepared for those in between fighting Arunak himself. If you have the Forsaken expansion, Arunak will drop a Scrap Paper quest for you; this quest will lead you to an exotic rocket launcher, Truth.

Triumph: Don’t kill the knights.

Pagouri, the Hydra

Pagouri, Hydra

Pagouri is the most difficult of the three bosses; killing him will require you to use all the mechanics that your team has been practicing in The Hunted room. Pagouri is shielded by a force field that you must catch with light. You generate this light by standing on one of the three marked plates in the room. Place your team among them for maximum efficiency. Of course, it’s not that simple – enemies will keep appearing all the time, trying to stop your progress. You must kill the Minotaurs to keep the light from rising up and ejecting Pagouri from behind the shield. When you can hurt him, focus fire on Pagouri, but don’t forget to watch out for your back – during this phase of the fight, enemies will start appearing and they will be deadly if they get to you.

Triumph: Lure the boss for each plate only once.

Congratulations! You have completed the Menagerie! Use this area for runes and enjoy your amazing weapons!

The Heroic Menagerie

As with most missions in Destiny 2, the Menagerie also includes a Heroic Mode that you can switch to from the start page. This mode is significantly different from the Menagerie mode in Normal mode. There is no matchmaking to start with. Set modifiers only change once a week, and the Extinguish modifier always applies. The power level starts at 750 and increases to 770.

Additionally, the matches take place in a specific order and are not random as in Normal mode. If you do not successfully complete the Menagerie by the time your fights are over, your team will be kicked out and you must start running again.

Various Triumphs are only available in Heroic Mode; you have to reach some of them if you want to earn the title of Shadow. The triumphs are as follows:

  • Complete the Menagerie in Heroic Mode with a fireteam of three or fewer players
  • Complete the menagerie in Heroic Mode with time remaining on the clock
  • Defeat every Menagerie boss without dying a fireteam

Heroic Mode also gets its fair share of the loot. A class-specific sword is guaranteed on first completion in Heroic mode and has a 25% chance to spawn when completed later. Owners of the Exotic Izanagi’s Burden Sniper Rifle will also find that its Catalyst is a guaranteed loot when you complete the Menagerie in Heroic Mode for the first time.

The hunt is simple and hectic. You’re in a room with four corner compartments and a center compartment – each compartment has its own plate. But the walls are tight and the ceilings are low. The corridors are even more limited. You’ll have to stand on the plates around The Hunt as they gain energy – standing with allies will speed up.

The Menagerie

This is a 6 player Pve activity with matchmaking. It consists of a random set of possible encounters. The UI tag will guide you to the next one, and the UI tags tell you what to do in meetings. The first one is always The Lamplighting and it always ends with a boss fight. A progress bar is displayed on the left side of the screen, and the team performance for each match determines how much of the progress bar is filled after each match. When it’s full you will be promoted to the boss.

If you complete an encounter with the remaining time, it’s called “flawless”, although in boss encounters and other parts of the game, “flawless” means no one will die.

There are modifiers that change daily as you can see in the lower left corner of the start page. You can make the Menagerie without the run (s) in your chalice, but you will not receive an item from the chest in the end.

There are three bosses in the weekly cycle. The order is:

  • Hasapiko, the minotaur.
  • Arunak, a werewolf.
  • Pagouri, hydra.

For Forsaken owners, Arunak will abandon the Scrap Paper quest for the exotic Truth rocket launcher.

If you haven’t played the game too much, you might have a hard time as the different parts of the Menagerie use mechanics commonly found in other parts of the game and they are not explained here as the game expects you to have already seen them. For example, a Witches’ Ritual public event that occurs on Titan, the Moon, and Mars has “pressure plates” or “catch plates”, circles on the ground with a green outline in which you must stand for a certain amount of time for something to happen. The menagerie has it too, but if you’ve never seen this public event, it might not be immediately obvious that the game wants you to do it. You can hold off with the Menagerie until you are familiar with public events and strikes.

In clashes with hive swords, combinations of light, light, and heavy attacks (two left and one right click) deal the most damage. You can tell if your timing is right if your heavy attack is a side slash instead of hitting the ground.

Inside the Menagerie, collectibles are hidden. Here is a video showing them all.

The pages of this book of knowledge are laid out in the Menagerie, Sala Hołdowa, and Crown of Sorrow (this rally requires the Forsaken).

Complete the menagerie and you will gain access to some chests that will give your Imperials. One of them can be opened after the final boss, and you can also spend 5K Glimmer on the chests at the back of the barge (Werner’s house 99-40) to get even more after a successful run.

How to start the Menagerie

You must have 690 Force to play the Menagerie. But that’s not a problem. An invitation quest from the Calus robot duo Benedict and Werner 99-40 will increase your power to 690. As part of the quest, they will teach you how to use the Chalice of Wealth in the Menagerie to get the right equipment. Complete the quest and come back.

The Menagerie is a room of various activities that players can face. Each activity grants the fireteam some progress towards the final boss – depending on how well your team is doing. You will only have a limited time to complete each encounter, but there is currently no failure status. Failure to do so will simply extend the process.

When you enter the room you will see a counter that you need to earn before time runs out. If you do great and fill the meter, the room will stop and you can move on to the next one. If you run out of time the room will also stop and you will move to another room. The criminal factor here is the number of rooms needed to get to the end.

Lamp Lighting

A wave of enemies will appear. After killing a few of them, a boss will appear in the middle of the room. Kill the boss and he will be dropped by two lamp balls. Have two fireteam members grab the orbs and place them in unlit stacks. Once you’ve done this three times and all six lamps are lit, you can move on.

Tip: To get an easy Triumph and some Imperials, each player should only light one lamp.

The Hunt

The hunt is simple and hectic. You’re in a room with four corner compartments and a center compartment – each compartment has its own plate. But the walls are tight and the ceilings are low. The corridors are even more limited. You’ll have to stand on the plates around The Hunt as they gain energy – standing with allies will speed up.

As you stand on the tiles and move between rooms, Thrall and the Cursed Thrall flood the rooms. There will also be bosses such as giant knights with axes. Killing knights and holding plates advances this room. Two plates spawn at once, so spread out if you can.

The Gauntlet

Season of Opulence

You will start by killing the boss in the middle of the room. When the boss dies, all surviving players will teleport to the outer ring of the arena. It works like the Gauntlet racetrack. After a short countdown, the barrier will drop and the race is over. You have to run around the track and pass through the green checkpoints until you reach the finish line.

You and your allies have a ticking debuff while running. If you miss the checkpoint, you will die. There are also dangers like pits that will kill you. You get power for every player that crosses the finish line. Then you kill the boss and run away again. This time and the next time there are flames on the course. Touching the jet will set you on fire and kill you a few seconds later.

Maintain a balance of slowing down and not pushing your allies off course by letting the debuff end.

Hint: Successfully completing a run with six players earns you a Triumph and some Imperials. Completing all three runs without anyone dying also grants Triumph and some Imperials.

The bosses

Destiny 2's Menagerie Image

When you fill up the energy bar, you’ll be prompted to go to the boss’s room. Follow the path as usual.

Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus

Hasapiko is a giant Vex Minotaur. When the fight starts, he will appear at the front of the stage. Hasapiko has an immune shield so you’ll need to take it off first. Find the Harpy on the left, right, or in the middle of the fight. Kill him and he will drop a pool where you can stand. While standing in the pond, shoot Hasapiko until his shield drops.

When his shield is lowered, you and your team can start trying to kill Hasapiko. But when you try to kill him, he will send a wall of energy down one of the three lines. If he hits you, you will die. Jump around the room avoiding the walls and repeat this process until Hasapiko dies.

Divided We Conquer – Secret Triumph: You need a coordinated group to complete this Triumph. When the harpies come out, have most of your teammates stick to the throne. Kill the Harpy and allow only one player to enter the pool and drop the boss’s shield with a heavy weapon. You will win a Triumph if there are no two Guardians in the same Harpy pool.

Arunak, loved by Calus

Arunak is a large ogre in a small room. When the fight begins, he will put a shield around himself. To break the shield you will need special Hive orbs, which only drop from the Cursed Slave on both sides of the boss. Grow your team, kill the Cursed Slave and start throwing bullets at the boss.

Eventually his shield will drop. Now all you have to do is kill him with a Weapon of Might, Well of Radiance, or anything else your team has access to. If you don’t kill him after a few seconds, his shield will come back. You’ll have to throw bullets at him again to drop him. Repeat this cycle until he dies.

Eyes Only for You – Secret Triumph: To earn this Triumph, you must kill Arunak without killing any of the Hive Knights he spawns. But he only spawns these enemies in the second round, so it’s likely that you’ll get this Triumph by accident if you kill him quickly enough. If you don’t monophase the boss, just be careful where you stand and ignore the Knights as much as you can.

Pagouri, loved by Calus

Pagouri is a gigantic Wex Hydra. When the fight starts, the boss will close behind the shield. There are three places for Vex plates in the room – one in the center and one on either side of the arena. Find the active tile and stand on it until the counter is full. This deactivates the boss’s shield and will lure the Hydra to you. Lie on the boss with everything you have before teleporting back to safety.

Once the boss is back under the shield, start targeting the rest of the Vex plates. For each run after the first gear, you will have to orientate an additional plate. Repeat this process until you kill the boss.

Come Out and Play – Secret Triumph: To earn this Triumph, you cannot summon Pagouri back to the same plate. It’s very easy, as long as you can kill the boss in three or fewer phases. The last record you direct is where the boss will appear. So make sure you move around the room and arrange the boards in a certain order.

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