Destiny 2 Riven of a Thousand Voices strategy. Where to find riven destiny 2

Note: To complete this Triumph, players must pick up the “Eternal Battle” bounty from Hawthorne. The reward for the Last Wish challenge changes every week.

Last Wish

This page describes how to complete the Final Wish Raid in Destiny 2: Forsaken, as well as tips to help you prepare and succeed in your raid.

These tips will help you before and during the Last Wish.

  • The recommended power level is 550, but as long as you’ve got 540+, it should be fine. You’ll get powerful gear to help you level up as you progress through the raid, so make sure you grind to 540 before hopping on.
  • Spoiler alert: There are 6 main skirmishes in a raid, and each encounter has a lot of enemies. For Titan players, the Solar and Void subclasses will be the most effective. Sun hammers are extremely effective at taking out enemies, and the new Guardian Titan can raise a powerful shield to protect you and your allies. For Hunters, the Void subclass is by far the best choice. The Nightstalker’s Loop allows you to stun and weaken multiple enemies at once. Combine the tether with the exotic “Orpheus Rig” boots for almost instantaneous ultimate recovery. For Warlock, Dawnblade and the new Solar Super will be the best choices. The Dawn Blade allows you to roam and kill tons of enemies. The new Well of Radiance provides healing and bonus damage per second to anyone standing in the Well.
  • The best weapons for this new raid will include a mix of your favorite Hand Cannon, Pulse Rifle or Auto Rifle, Escalation Protocol Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Worm Whisper and Wardcliff Coil. Look for the “Mutineer” and “Kill a Clip” or “Scavenger” perks on your Handgun, Pulse Rifle, or Auto Rifle. These perks allow you to reload quickly after precision kills and increase the damage dealt by your weapons even further. In the case of sniper rifles, look for the “triple tap” perk, which gives you an extra cartridge after hitting three consecutive precision shots. The most important weapon in this raid is definitely the Whisper of the Worm. Make sure you get this Exotic Sniper Rifle.
  • In Encounter 1 (Calli, Contaminated) use your favorite primary weapon along with the Worm’s Whisper and another sniper rifle. In Encounter 2 (Shuro Chi, The Corrupted), use your favorite Primary Weapon, Escalation Protocol Shotgun and Whisper of the Worm. In Encounter 3 (Morgeth, The SpireKeeper) use your favorite primary along with a sniper rifle and a bug’s whisper. In Encounter 4 (The Vault), use your favorite Primary, Escalation Protocol Shotgun and Wardcliff Coil. In Encounter 5 (Riven of the Thousand Voices) use your favorite primary weapon, the sniper rifle and the Whisper of the Worm. In Encounter 6 (Riven’s Heart) you’ll again find your favorite Primary Weapon, Escalation Protocol Shotgun and Wardcliff Coil.
  • Modify your armor and weapons before embarking on a raid. The Dreaming City Armor comes with the ‘Curse of the Riven’ mod, which allows you to deal more damage, but take more damage during the raid. It’s also a good idea to modify the “minor spec” of your weapon, as it allows you to deal more damage to line-of-line enemies during a raid. Trust us, there are thousands of private enemies.
  • Purchase the raid banners before embarking on the raid. Petra Venj sells these banners in the Dreaming City and gives you full ammo and super energy before the fight. This is EXTREMELY helpful, so stock up on plenty of them.

Last Wish Guide

The Last Wish Rally is set in the Dreaming City and continues the story of the Forsaken with the rise of Riven, the last of Ahamkara. The Last Wish has more bosses than any raid to date in all of Destiny.


This is the first boss you’ll encounter in Last Wish. When you enter the room you will see Calli in the center which looks very similar to the Blind Well.

  1. Also in the center surrounding the Well, there are 3 symbols above it. You and your team must stand on the plates with the appropriate symbols. There are 9 plates in total, but only 6 will match the symbols in the center. All players must stand on the plate.
  1. While standing on the plate, kill Captured enemies until a Knight appears. There will be 2 Taken orbs that will explode, so make sure you are standing on that part of the board that doesn’t have the exploding ball on it.
  1. Once all platforms are cleared, you can start asking Calli. Place the Well of Radiance in the middle and shoot her in the head with the Simulant Sleeper or Whisper of the Worm. If you don’t have any of these, or are out of heavy ammo, try the Polar Lance or Escalation Protocol shotgun.
  1. You will then see the text “Kalli is preparing to wield the weapon” in the lower left corner of the screen. In the center of the Well there are several glass windows. Only six of these windows will open, one per player. Kalli’s attack is inevitable, so your entire team will have to hide in these windows.
  1. After her attack, go back to dealing damage to Calli. In addition, it may be necessary to hide 2 times during one Damage Phase.

You may have to repeat the above steps several times until Kalli is defeated.

Shuro Chi, The Corrupted

In the second boss encounter, the team will need a tether to clear the enemies and the Well of Light when they damage the boss. Hunters should be wearing the Orpheus Rig during this part of the raid.

  1. As soon as the door opens, a 4-minute timer, called the Shuro Chi song, will appear in the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. The entire team should focus solely on killing enemies until the damage phase begins. If you don’t do it within the allotted time, it will be erased.

Remember that enemies called Eye of Riven will drop a buff called Antumbra Taken Essence. This buff gives you Protected skills that you can use to kill enemies or stun Shuro Chi to delay her attack.

  1. While killing waves of enemies, head towards the Shuro Chi to start the Damage Phase. You should see 3 CDs with Prism Weapons surrounding it. When someone stands on each plate, pick up the Prism Weapon and point it towards the person on the second plate on the right. This will destroy the Shuro Chi shield and the Damage Phase will begin.
  1. During the damage phase, you will need someone to place a Well of Light near Shuro Chi. Everyone should use a shotgun, sleep simulator, or Whisper of the Worm. At the bottom of the screen, her health bar is broken down into 6 sections. In each damage phase, you will have to lower it by 1 section.
  2. After the deal damage phase is complete, repeat the above steps until the second damage phase is complete. After removing 2 health sections, go to the command room.

In this room you will have to solve 3 puzzles while standing on the platforms. There are 9 boards and only 4 players should be involved in the puzzle while the other 2 should focus on killing enemies.

The first e-mail informs you that your order has been assigned to an expert for execution. Then, when the expert logs in, you will receive an email and SMS informing you that the expert is about to start placing your order. At this point, log out of the device and wait for the email to inform you that the expert has completed your order.

How to reach the final encounter, Riven of a Thousand Voices

The road to Riven beyond the Vault is short. After the fourth encounter, the vault, you will have to make your way through the corridors until you reach the large tiles of the room, similar to the vault inside. And that’s it, you are already there.

There are currently no known hidden chests or secrets between the fourth and last encounter, so this is a very simple path that doesn’t require any additional puzzles or obscure passages.

Riven of a Thousand Voices strategy step-by-step

  1. Divide the fireteam into two groups of three, assign roles (hidden symbols and enemy management)
  2. Step onto the plates and enter the room assigned to your team
  3. Kill the Eye of Riven and clear a hidden symbol or lure it to a Riven attack, damage Riven, evoke glowing eyes and head towards the opposite room
  4. Damage Riven and then shoot the eyes that appear, or Kill the Eye of Riven and clear the hidden symbol
  5. Head towards the second floor and repeat the previous two steps
  6. Take the elevator to the third floor and gather in the middle
  7. Purge enemies by baiting Riven’s attacks, dealing Riven damage and shouting glowing eyes (three times)
  8. Damage Riven’s open mouth and destroy the eyes from the previous three phases
  9. Clean the room and stand on the original plates
  10. Destroy Riven’s cysts by falling to the floor. Remember to dodge / shoot the released Axiom darts
  11. Repeat the first two levels in the original teams and move towards the third floor until Riven has reached 10% health
  12. Climb to the top of the ascending kingdom and collect the glowing orb
  13. The last damage phase of Riven’s health bar
  14. As Riven lets out a dying breath, run inside and complete the Scourge Conquered that surrounds her heart
  15. Escort the heart in a relay race while the players pick up the Strength of the heart after transporting
  16. Choose your chest

Like all good raids, Riven requires your fireteam to split into two if you want to complete a skirmish without using any exploits. So make sure you have assembled two teams of three for the upcoming match.

Both teams will perform identical tasks, but according to alternating patterns. Within these teams, you’ll want to assign one player to clear waves of enemies and the other two players to hold Taken Essence and use the window, as well as discuss who might need to lure Riven’s attacks and who will shoot Riven in the eye.

As eyes are crucial in this clash, it is important that all players familiarize themselves with this infographic (made by Reddit) which identifies established eye callouts to make sure you are able to support other players. You can even have a piece of paper handy to jot down your eyes at one of the later stages.

Riven is a great meeting and there is no denying it. It is mechanically heavy and very dependent on communication. Before you start thinking about getting started, you need to discuss the roles in the two teams you will split into. The best strategy to get closer to Riven is to split into two teams of three, one for the blue room and one for the yellow room.

In these teams, you will have two roles, one member will be responsible for removing Trapped that show up in the room, and the other two will be responsible for clearing hidden symbols on the first and second floors alternately.

It’s also important to assign players to take responsibility for knocking out Riven’s eyes during the damage phase on the third floor. Our team was most successful with three players – a player each time Riven shows up on the third floor before the Damage Phase. Now that you have your roles in place, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with the Riven eyes infographic and their explanations.

After the roles are set, all players must hop onto one of the boards across the room based on their teams (blue on the left and yellow on the right). When players stand on the plates, they will open up and allow players to drop to the lowest level of the match. Players should identify their door and swim towards it as best as possible. When you land it is very important that you get to your room as soon as possible as the door has a clock set. Anyone who doesn’t pass through their door will die.

Hint: you only need to select 2 of the 3 boards because the last board can be made last. Also, if you pick up a ball that doesn’t match 2 callouts with an elimination process, you know it’s the third plate.

How to Get The Dawning Ingredients

As the event has only just started and new ingredients are sure to be released, we will be updating this list throughout the event. These are currently all the known ingredients of The Dawning 2021.

The first ingredient is random drop from certain types of enemies.

The second ingredient can be found by killing enemies in a certain way.

  • Delicious Explosion: Kills with grenades, rocket launchers or grenade launchers
  • Pungent flavor: Kills with a sword
  • Impossible Heat: Kills with Solar Damage
  • Electric Taste: Kills with bow damage
  • Null Taste: Kills with Void damage
  • A flash of inspiration: generate orbs of light
  • Personal Touch: Kills in hand-to-hand combat
  • Great Taste: Kills with precision damage
  • Projectile Spray: Kills with sub-machine guns, light machine guns, or automatic rifles
  • A pinch of light: pick up orbs of light
  • Great texture: super kills
  • Multiple flavors: multiple kills
  • Balanced Flavors: Kills with snipers, scout rifles, or bows

The third ingredient is the Essence of Dawn. Find him by doing almost any activity in the world or by completing assignments for Eva. Completing something like Strike or Gambit will reward you upwards with 15 Dawn Essences, which is what each recipe will need to complete. If you must breed Taken Butter, The Sludge in the EDZ is a good patrolling spot to kill these enemies. Alternatively, you can just load up The Prophecy dungeon and kill the Captured in the first few rooms. When it comes to Delicious Explosion, use Grenade Launchers to farm them as this will be faster and more consistent than the Pomegranate skill.

What’s New In The Dawning 2021?

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