Destiny 2: The Menagerie guide

Our Destiny 2 menagerie guide has everything you need to know about this activity, including how to access it, earn Imperials, upgrade your Chalice, complete stages, and defeat the boss

Destiny 2: The Menagerie guide

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Our Destiny 2 menagerie guide has everything you need to know about this activity, including how to access it, earn Imperials, upgrade your Chalice, complete stages, and defeat the boss.

The Menagerie is Destiny 2’s newest six-person matchmade activity and is packed with fun. In many ways, it is like a mini-rally. You will fight through several stages that combine platforming, clearing waves and placing the ball.

This variation means it’s incredibly higher, which helps as you’ll earn a new currency called Imperial that is used to upgrade your Chalice of Wealth. By Shredding the Menagerie, you’ll begin equipping this unique item with runes and special abilities to maximize and customize the loot you earn.

We’ve gathered everything you need to know about the Menagerie below, and will continue to update this page as Bungie repeats Overtime in Mode – stay tuned!

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A guide to unlocking and using the Menagerie, a free Pve activity that’s good for growing specific weapons and armor. Menagerie Guide How to unlock the Menagerie Talk to Benedict 99-40 in the Tower. He should give you the Imperial Summons quest. If he doesn’t, you must complete New Light

How to Unlock the Menagerie

Talk to Benedict 99-40 in the Tower. He should give you the Imperial Summons quest. If he doesn’t, you need to complete the New Light introductory quest, which will ask you to talk to different NPCs.

This is the mission in the Menagerie.

After taking this quest you will also receive a Broken Chalice which will appear in your quest menu. As the quest progresses, the Chalice will become less and less broken until it is fully repaired.

Don’t confuse this with the Legend of Acrius or Tribute Hall quests which look similar. The Legend of Akrius quest, random drop on Nessus.

Each step has a different name, the first step being called “Communications Connection”. The Tribute Hall quest, obtained from a chest next to Werner 99-40 on Nessus.

All three of these quests are available to all players, regardless of the DLC they have.

  • The quest to unlock the Menagerie will require you to have some basic knowledge of the game. It is assumed that you already understand some mechanics:
  • Generating light orbs. Do it with supers or master pistols.
  • What are lost sectors. Alongside Devrim in the EMS is an adventure that clears up Lost Sectors.
  • What are the challenges. These appear on the director when you reach Power 950, or “Soft Hat”. When you hover over them, they will say “Challenge” and show that they are rewarding a powerful item. This way you raise your power level from 950 to 1000.
  • Triumphs tab. Triumphs are achievements in the game and can be viewed in the tab at the top of the character menu.

If you already know all these things, you should have no trouble following what the quest says using the in-game text.

The Chalice

After completing the above-described quest to unlock the Menagerie, you will receive the Chalice of Wealth. Your other characters can simply pick up this goblet from Benedict without having to re-complete the quest. This item appears in your quest inventory but is not a quest. Hover over it to see a prompt to go to the details page. As shown in the Menagerie Unlock quest, you insert runes into the three boxes in the center that are consumed and specify the item you will get from the chest at the end of the Menagerie.

When you hover over the boxes in the center and the circles at the bottom of the Chalice screen, a description window will appear telling you what they do and that you must use a currency called Imperials to unlock each of these upgrades. You can also hover over the runes from this screen to display a field that describes how they work. You will see that you need to upgrade your Chalice so that the other rune colors fall off. All runes have the same drop chance when unlocked.

Here are two tables showing all the possible items you can make in the Menagerie and what runes will create them. You can insert or change runes at any time before the end of the Menagerie. I put on runes before takeoff.

There are many other spreadsheets, images, charts, and websites that all share the same recipes. For all items that can be crafted in the Menagerie, even if they come from other parts of the game, the Menagerie is the most effective way to farm them. However, if they have a selected version, the selected version cannot be dropped here. Crafted Weapons appear at Mastery 10 and have one row of non-random perks. Some of them are good, some are just okay, and some are bad.

Runes can be obtained as follows:

  • Using Runefinder consumables sold by Calus Benedict and Werner robots.
  • Weekly rewards from Calus robots.
  • Open weekly chests on the Nessus barge by spending a glimmer.

Imperials can be obtained as follows:

  • Using the Emperor’s Wealth consumable sold by Calus robots. Limited number to be used per week.
  • Complete the Menagerie triumphs. These triumphs will show they give Imperials when you hover over them.
  • Weekly rewards from Calus robots.
  • Weekly chest opening on the Nessus barge.
  • Completing the Strike, Crucible and Gambit matches after purchasing the Power and Efficiency 2 upgrade. It is strongly recommended that you purchase this upgrade as soon as possible.

After purchasing all upgrades, the Chalice is “Enhanced” and gains a gold border. Anything that would drop Imperial now drops runes.

The Menagerie

This is a 6 player Pve activity with matchmaking. It consists of a random assortment of possible encounters. The UI tag will guide you to the next one, and the UI tags tell you what to do in meetings. The first one is always The Lamplighting and it always ends with a boss fight. A progress bar is displayed on the left side of the screen, and the team performance for each match determines how much of the progress bar is filled after each match. When it fills up, you will be promoted to the boss.

If you finish an encounter with the remaining time, it’s called “flawless”, although in boss encounters and other parts of the game, “flawless” means no one will die.

There are modifiers that change daily as you can see in the lower left corner of the start page. You can make the Menagerie without the run (s) in your chalice, but you will not receive an item from the chest in the end.

There are three bosses in the weekly cycle. The order is:

For Forsaken owners, Arunak will abandon the Scrap Paper quest for the exotic Truth rocket launcher.

If you haven’t played the game too much, you might have a hard time as the different parts of the Menagerie use mechanics commonly found in other parts of the game and they are not explained here as the game expects you to have already seen them. For example, the public event The Ritual of Witches, which occurs on Titan, the Moon and Mars, has “pressure plates” or “catch plates”, circles on the ground with a green outline in which you must stand for a certain amount of time for something to happen. The menagerie has it too, but if you’ve never seen this public event, it might not be immediately obvious that the game wants you to do it. You can hold off with the Menagerie until you are familiar with public events and strikes.

In clashes with hive swords, combinations of light, light, and heavy attacks (two left and one right click) deal the most damage. You can tell if your timing is right if your heavy attack is a side slash instead of hitting the ground.

Inside the Menagerie, collectibles are hidden. Here is a video showing them all.

The pages of this book of knowledge are laid out in the Menagerie, Sala Hołdowa, and Crown of Sorrow (this rally requires the Forsaken).

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