Destiny 2: The Vault of Glass raid will arrive in Season 14, says Bungie

Bungie announced the Glass Vault Raid is returning to Destiny 2 in Season 14. Here’s what you need to know.

  • In a new post on the Bungie blog, developer Destiny 2 announced that the Glass Vault rerun from Destiny 1 will be coming to Destiny 2 Season 14.
  • The rally will have the world’s first race and a 24-hour competition mode. To earn the World’s First title, players will need to complete a few additional new triumphs as the standard rally mechanics are already known.
  • Bungie also plans to create a raid masterpiece that will allow players to drop Adept’s gear. Bungie is also looking to create championship versions of future raids.

In a new development blog post, Bungie announced that the Glass Vault raid from Destiny 1 will be coming to Destiny 2 during Season 14. Season 14 is expected to begin on May 12, the day after the end of current season, The Season of the Elect.

As with all new raids, the launch of the Vault of Glass will be accompanied by the world’s first race and a 24-hour competition mode that limits the power level of fireteams trying to complete a raid. However, this first race in the world will be slightly different. As the raid mechanics are already known, Bungie adds a few extra challenges that players must complete during the raid to achieve the title of the world’s first. The first team to win the race will receive a unique title belt, and players who complete these challenges after the race will be able to earn other types of loot in the real world.

Additionally, Bungie has also stated that she hopes to roll out the Raid Master version later, which will reward players with pieces of Adept’s Loot, which are essentially improved versions of the regular gear. The title “Master” means the raid will have enemies of a much higher Power Level and will likely have enemies of Champions as well, so players can expect a good challenge. Bungie is hoping to master all the new raids, not just the Glass Vault.

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Beyond Light, is now available for $ 40 on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. The base game is free, so if you want to try Destiny 2 before investing any money, feel free to do so. If you decide to give the game a try, check out my beginner’s guide to getting to Destiny 2 in 2021 for some helpful tips, tricks, and information you need to know.

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The complete Vault of Glass raid guide for Destiny 2, the old but new raid added to the game with the Season of the Splicer.

While you can probably clear the Glass Vault with whatever weapon you are using, or which one you use most comfortably, there are some options that will make it much easier for those teams that have trouble getting DPS tests done.

destiny 2 rally guide glass treasuryXenophagus is an asset in the Glass Vault. He is capable of firing a single shot at the Oracle and is very useful in dealing damage to the boss.

First, Xenophage is almost non-negotiable. This exotic machine gun can hit the oracles with one hit, and it really does damage to bosses and champions. You can also have a lot of ammo with the right mod configuration. It really shines in all meetings.

Anarchy is another great option for those who have unlocked it. During Season of the Splicer mod Breach and Clear works with Anarchy, which weakens bosses and other targets. Anarchy is also one of those set and forget weapons that allows you to deal damage per second with a secondary weapon such as a sniper rifle. However, as of Season of the Lost, the damage dealt by the boss has been reduced and the seasonal mods are different. While this is still a good option to add control and deny access to an area, there are a few other options to consider.

destiny 2 glass vaultAnarchy is the perfect option for players who want to use special weapons to deal damage, such as shotguns and snipers. He can also apply the Breach and Clear debuff from the seasonal Splicer artifact.

You can also consider using the Deathbringer if you are able to get the Exotic Catalyst. This is ironically a great DPS option. When combined with Argent Ordnance, Deathbringer can melt Wyverns, Champions, Templars, and Atheon.

Weapons using overload rounds are crucial. There are several Overload Heroes in the Glass Vault, so blocking them is crucial when clearing skirmishes. Find the Overload Mod and use the weapon that is most convenient for you to use. During the Splicer Season, the Seventh Seraph SMG was able to overload Champions while allowing players to generate StrategOS cells.

As for the general weapon that makes things easier, consider taking the Void Shotgun to deal with the Minotaurs and Praetorians, the Grenade Launcher with the Blinding Grenades perk, the Scout Rifle to deal with ranged fighters, Salvager Salvager for the one damage option per second boss , the precision of the shotgun for the boss’s DPS different strategy, Divinity for creating a large critical spot, and Tractor Cannon for the debuff.

During Season of the Lost, the Thousand Voices are a practical weapon of power. Coupled with Null Composure, these two can easily make their way through junk mobs and bosses. This is partly due to the seasonal mod, Particle Deconstruction. This mod increases the damage of fusion rifles when you deal damage with fusion rifles.

A raid time for the Vault of Glass has been set for this weekend, and Bungie has revealed one big surprise about the release date.

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Raid release time update, launch date news and rewards

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The Destiny 2 Glass Vault raid times have been confirmed

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass raid time confirmed (Image: BUNGIE)

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UPDATE: Destiny 2 Vault of Glass launches at 6 p.m. BST on Saturday May 22 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and next-gen consoles.

And while many Rangers haven’t experienced the Glass Vault in a while, Bungie has warned against using any exploit to speed things up, telling players today: “We identified an issue where players could potentially push raid bosses off the shelves.

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