Destiny 2 Transmog Guide; How to Unlock; Get 33 Free Synthweave Tokens

The Transmog has arrived in Destiny 2, but you’ll need to unlock it. At least you can get 18 free Synthweave tokens in the process!

Destiny 2 Transmog Guide – How to Unlock & Get 33 Free Synthweave Tokens

While we’ve known for a while that Bungie is adding an armor transmog to Destiny 2, it’s not as simple as just logging in and using the new system. You’ll first need to complete a task for Ada-1 before you can use what the game calls Synthesize Armor, unlocking new universal styles to use. Good news? Completing the quest will reward you with six free Synthweave bolts per class. In conjunction with another mission, there are a total of 33 transmogs of armor distributed evenly across the three classes. Considering how skimpy Bungie is with this stuff, limiting you to earning ten per class per season, you definitely want to get it for each class.

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Destiny 2 finally has its own transmog system, fulfilling the long-awaited demand of the player base.

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