Destiny 2 where to turn in nessus tokens. Destiny 2 where to turn in nessus tokens

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‘Destiny 2’ Faction Rally Guide – How to Get Renown & Faction Tokens Fast

The first faction raid in Season 3 of Destiny 2 has begun, offering an Exotic Weapon Catalyst to players who reach Rank 50 in a single faction. With this new goal in mind, you may be wondering how best to get Faction Tokens. In this guide, we’ll provide farming tips and explain the new Hype system.

Put simply, Renown is a buff / debuff that increases the amount of Tokens you get for completing lost sectors. You can activate up to five Fame Stacks, and the more Stacks you earn, the higher your profit from opening Sector Chests. You get two extra chips for each pile you own, up to a maximum of 10 extra chips.

Here are some things you should know about Renown:

  • Despite offering a Lost Sector boost, players become weaker and take more damage the more fame stacks they have. With three or more stacks, movement speed decreases and health regeneration stops. Instead, you’ll have to collect health orbs from enemies.
  • When you die, you don’t lose all Notoriety. You only lose one stack.
  • Fast Travel removes all Notoriety, and Renown is removed when a Lost Sector ends.

Destiny 2 Faction Raid Armor

Here are some ways to gain publicity:

  • Kill high value targets [One Stack]
  • Complete Heroic Public Events [three stacks]
  • Complete Patrol Missions [One Stack]
  • Equip a full set of faction raid armor [Two Stacks]


With these restrictions in mind, you’ll want to use classes and weapons that counteract the Renown debuff properties. The best way to do this is to equip equipment and use abilities that regenerate health. In this case, being a Void Sorcerer can be of great help with the Healing Rift and other abilities that provide regeneration from melee kills. If you are a Hunter, the Wormhusk Crown offers a regeneration of dodging skill.

Destiny 2 Crimson Hand Cannon

Regardless of the class, it is a good idea to have the Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon (if you have one) with you. Each kill you kill with it grants a bit of regeneration.

If you do them, it’s easiest to roam around using the Sparrow wherever you can and keep your eyes peeled for glowing objects, or just do other activities or challenges and you’ll naturally come across them.

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Proof of your efforts on Nessus.

Take this to Failsafe in Exodus Black to increase your reputation with her.


  • Introduced in Season 1
  • It cannot be equipped
  • API ID: 3201839676

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A: This item can roll with random perks when it drops. For example, every time you get Better Devils from Shaxx it may be a slightly different version than the previous ones – maybe better, maybe worse.

A: The dashed boxes contain the benefits that the Bungie API believes are opportunities in each column when an item drops.

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A: Community Averages are a way of “crowdsourcing” what is the best throw for each weapon. By searching the global Destiny population using the Bungie API, we’re able to see what perks multiple players choose for each weapon. These statistics are presented as the average role of the community.

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A: Yes and no. Each competitor should be seen through our scraper. This process calculates the stats of the items visible in the vault / inventory of players who have granted access to “unloaded inventory”. However,’s default permissions only allow us to see all the details of the weapons that each player’s characters are carrying.

A: Partly. Presumably, if someone has a weapon equipped, they like it, which would mean that the perks equipped with it are perceived as better. At the same time, most people are likely to dismantle the skates they consider to be bad, so even if we could see all of their inventory, we might not catch a lot of “failed” skates. Overall, the phenomenon (mostly) of being able to only see armed throws will reduce the overall number of throws for less popular weapons, but the advantages of those that are visible are likely to be tending towards more popularity, otherwise people wouldn’t keep the roll, let alone equip it.

Finding Lost Sectors in the EMS can be difficult and exhausting as there are 16 Lost Sectors in the European Dead Zone, making it the largest play area in all of Destiny 2. Here are 16 Lost Sectors along with their locations

Destiny 2 Nessus activities explained

Planet Nessus offers a series of fixed activities that you can view on the map as you progress through the game’s story and more.

Landing Zones / Fast Travel Points:


Adventures are mini-story missions with simple objectives in exchange for random (but limited) equipment. As always, make sure you complete your adventures at the recommended power level.

The name of the adventure Unlocks completion Recommended power Award
Release Looped and Six 90 Rare / Blue Gear
Lost crew Looped and Six 90 Rare / Blue Gear
An invitation from the emperor Looped and Six 90 Rare / Blue Gear
Indestructible Looped and Six 90 Rare / Blue Gear
Deep conversation Looped and Six 90 Rare / Blue Gear
Hack the planet Looped and Six 90 Rare / Blue Gear
The Siege of the Exodus Looped and Six 90 Rare / Blue Gear


Exotic weapon quests

In addition to the Adventures – which are unlocked throughout the story – there are a few exotic quests that can be distracted from Nessus. First there is a mission for Sturm and Drang that you will receive from Failsafe after completing the main storyline and which you can complete entirely on the planet.

There is also an important step towards obtaining the Exotic Legend of Acrius Weapon, which will be available on Nessus after completing the Leviathan Raid.

This questline is all about killing Cabal on Nessus – you can head over to the Legend of Acrius and World Eater guide to learn how. Once completed, you’ll unlock the next step in acquiring the elusive exotic.

Lost sectors

Nessus has several Lost Sector mini-dungeons, and since Challenges often require you to complete one per day, it pays to know where they are and how to complete them.

Public events

Being one of the larger areas, Nesus has plenty of public events to jump into. Use your map to see where and when they start and don’t forget to try out the Heroic Public Event variant to unlock more rewards.

  • Flash extraction
  • Injection platform
  • Disrupt the construction of the Vexes
  • Aether Supplement

It’s worth paying attention to the location of the Flashpoint this week – if it’s Nessus, you’ll unlock a milestone of powerful gear after completing a series of public events.

Regional Chests

As with the “golden chests” in Destiny 1, each planet has a number of disposable chests that you can discover and open. Each one contains three Tokens for that planet, a little flicker, and a chance to loot (up to the 260/270 capping). While they are marked on the map, our Destiny 2 Regional Chests page explains their exact location.


Pikes, Vex enemy locations and other Nessus Challenges explained

Every day at 10am UK time, the server “resets” a certain amount of in-game activity. The most important of these are the Activity Challenges, which give you a new checklist of objectives to complete as you explore the Nessus Patrol spaces.

Every day you will get three to complete. The list below is not exhaustive as new challenges may appear as the days go by, but it will give you an idea of ​​what to expect and how to complete them.

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