Does Destiny 2 have crossplay? Platforms, Bungie names, activities & more. How to play destiny 2

Destiny 2 has become a classic since its release in 2017, with a large player base in 2021. The Season of the Lost update added various weapons such as the exotic Lorentz Drive and Darkest Below.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

As a longtime Destiny 2 fan, it’s a fantastic sight to see so many returning players and new players joining the fray with Season of the Lost and the upcoming Witch Queen expansion. While Destiny has always had a story, it really feels like the Forsaken DLC ushered in a new wave of inspiration from the team. The studio at Bungie continued that flow with Shadowkeep and the current expansion, Beyond Light. Since then, the seasonal content has reached a crescendo that is nothing short of inspiring, especially with Season of the Chosen and Splicer.

As Season of the Lost brings back the beloved character from the first installment, many seasoned Destiny players return after long hiatuses. That, and newbies are finally checking out what the space shooter has up his sleeve. That being said, Destiny 2 available today is hardly anything like what it was when it was released, and that can be very intimidating when you look at all of the content. Where to start? What should you omit? What should you focus on? Well, Ranger, buckle up because here’s your Destiny 2 Beginner’s Guide to new and returning players before diving into what Season of the Lost has to offer.

Should I pay for the expansions or try free-to-play first?

Free is always good, but in this case? Paid is much better. If you’re looking for a storyline, extensions are a good option. Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light are the current expansions you can dive into, the first of which is a real turning point in the Destiny 2 experience. When the game first launched it was tough as we talked about here, but Forsaken really acted as a catalyst positive changes. Then Shadowkeep arrived and took the story to an even darker place with the current Beyond Light expansion, shaking us up in a way (sometimes literally) that is both painful and beautiful. Buying extensions is also a great way to get better gear as it assumes you’ve already played the game while also giving you access to higher tier content like raids.

The free version isn’t a bad start if you’re wondering if the gameplay style is right for you. You can play PvP events like Crucible, PvPvE events like Gambit and enjoy additional content like Strikes. You can also enjoy the Glass Vault Raid, the only raid that is free to all who have returned from Destiny 1’s glory. Exotic expansion quests are also limited to paid players. What you’ll also miss are some of the best stories in Destiny’s history, as well as seasonal content that adds heartbreaking knowledge and stories of inspiring exploits.

And there you have it, that’s all you need to know about Destiny 2’s cross-platform play and how to get it going. For future updates on Cross-Play, Season 16, The Witch Queen, and more, check out here for all your Destiny 2 needs.


Destiny 2 gameplay

Fireteams ready for raids can now consist of players from all platforms.

Players on all platforms currently supported by Destiny 2 can now jump in and play together.

This means that Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Stadia users are free to mix with each other. There are no set limits on who can and who cannot join the fireteam.

PlayStation Rangers can team up with a Stadia player, and PC players can invite Xbox owners directly to their Lobby. No combination is available.

“You’ll be able to play with all your friends, no matter what platform you call home,” confirmed Bungie.

How does crossplay work in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 pvp

Console rangers will be forced to enter the PC lobby if they want to play with friends on PC.

It’s no different than the way you usually invite friends on the platform you currently choose, cross-platform play lets you attract friends from all over the world.

All activities, all destinations, and all future content are ostensibly available to mixed fireteams. One of the key areas that can raise an eyebrow is PVP. Though Bungie made it clear that console and PC players will not be joining each other in Crucible by default.

Instead, PC players must “specifically invite their console friends to play with them in PC Crucible Pools.”

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