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How to Connect Your Kids With Their Friends On Minecraft

If your child is like mine, he or she has spent several thousand hours of quarantine playing Minecraft. But if they only play Minecraft in single-player mode, not only are they missing a ton of fun game options, but also the ability to socialize with their friends. Minecraft is like a virtual playground where children can play together, but no diseases can spread.

However, unlike a real playground, multiplayer in Minecraft can be a bit of a pain to drive. So I put together this little step-by-step guide to make it as easy as possible to set up a shared, exclusive Minecraft world, with no alien and unwanted players to deal with. Follow these tips and your child and his mates will be playing online together in seconds… ok, minutes ok, maybe an hour, up.

A Parent’s Guide to Playing Minecraft With Your Kids

When your child shows an interest in a popular phenomenon, there usually isn’t much to understand – you…

Step one: Determine which version of Minecraft everyone is using

While there are technically 14 different versions of Minecraft out there, almost everyone is playing Minecraft: Java Edition or Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The first step for your child and his friends to create an online Minecraft clique is to figure out which version of the game everyone is using.

As the kids get older, they can play Minecraft on servers shared with their friends. Playing Minecraft together can teach them to work effectively in a team. It also shows very clearly that by working together, children can do much more as a group than they could ever achieve alone.

Does Minecraft make you smarter?

When it comes to peaceful learning games, Minecraft is probably one of the best. It can teach children the basics of programming, teamwork, problem solving, project management, and offers a fantastic environment for developing creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking.

For this reason, various studies and opinions have emerged that point to the idea that Minecraft can make you smarter.

For example, a 2017 study from the University of Glasgow linked playing video games and Minecraft to future university success. Their research found that people who played the game were able to demonstrate increased communication, adaptability and resourcefulness compared to the control group – all skills that are seen as crucial to graduate success.

Most of these benefits come from the structure of the game. With no real storyline and limited tips on how to play, most children are free to decide how they want to interact with the game.

Is Minecraft good for your brain?

We believe Minecraft can help your brain. One of the researchers behind the Glasgow University research also believes this and made the following statement in the Daily Mail:

“Playing commercial video games can have a positive effect on communication skills, adaptability and resourcefulness… suggesting that video games can play a role in higher education. The study also suggests that graduate skills can be improved in a relatively short time and the gains described here were made in eight weeks and represent just 14 hours of play.”

Especially with kids, you can say that Minecraft classes can make them smarter and even give them an edge in school.

For example, when starting a new game in Minecraft, players will be presented with a random map made up entirely of blocks. It’s a bit like a LEGO project as these bricks can be removed, rearranged and used to build something totally unique.

When faced with the blank canvas of the new world, kids can choose to build their dream home, castle, hidden underground sanctuary, city, farm, or anything else their hearts desire.

As children continue their exploration, they will discover that they can produce devices to help them perform mundane tasks. By adding Redstone blocks, kids can build completely customizable machines while learning the basics of coding – an essential skill for their future career in the UK.

Thanks to the multiplayer option, children can also play with their friends on a shared map. This way, clear communication and teamwork is promoted as players share building spaces and shared tasks. While kids can create some pretty impressive designs on their own, working together can result in some truly breathtaking creations.

Players will quickly learn to manage their resources and save what they use. Cut trees will disappear forever unless they are replanted. Even then, they need time to grow back.

Is there a Minecraft free trial?

If you want to play a full-blown Minecraft game, unlike the free anniversary version we just covered, you may be wondering if there’s a way to get a free trial of Minecraft.

We are happy to announce that, yes, there are several ways to get a free Minecraft trial. If you click on the free trial page on the Minecraft site, you’ll be able to review your options.

At the top of this page, the developers explain that a free trial of Bedrock (the major version of Minecraft) is available for Windows 10, Android, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. There are also links on this page that lead to the respective storefronts.

If you scroll a little further down this page, you’ll see that there is also a free trial version of Java (a slightly simpler version of Minecraft) available as well. This particular free trial version is available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux PCs.

Is Minecraft Dungeons free too?

Unfortunately no, Minecraft Dungeons cannot be played for free. If you want to try out spinoff-crawling aka Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll need to purchase a copy of the game for Switch or PS4. Feel free to browse the current Minecraft Dungeons prices on Amazon!

However, if you’re an Xbox or PC gamer, there’s a way to play Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons without breaking the bank. Find out more below.

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While you can play Minecraft with a PC game controller, keyboard shortcuts make it easy to jump on things, sneak up on people, and perform other activities. Find out how to get the most out of the keyboard and mouse controls in Minecraft on PC.

Minecraft vs. Roblox: Parental Controls

Since many children play both games, parental controls should be considered in Minecraft vs. Roblox.

In Minecraft, all of this is handled under your device and Microsoft accounts. For example, the Xbox Bedrock Edition requires that console-wide parental settings be set, especially for market transactions. Here’s a weak mechanic where a child’s account can’t buy Minecoins, but a parent can’t transfer them either.


On the other hand, Roblox handles parental controls and consent in a fantastic way. There is a dedicated parent page that explains what Roblox is and how kids keep the app safe. For example, there are clothing detection algorithms, customizable controls, chat filters, and more.

Minecraft vs. Roblox: Price

If you’re a parent comparing Minecraft to Roblox, the price will be a big problem.

The simplest configuration is Roblox. There is one version and it is free to play on all major devices. Moreover, many of the created worlds are playable for free. You can play Roblox without spending a penny on anything.

However, there is an in-game currency, Robux, which is purchased with real money. Some games charge Robux for access, and just because a game is paid doesn’t mean quality control has been applied.


There are also subscriptions that give you a certain amount of Robux per month and a discount on subsequent purchases which will not be suitable for some children. If you are a creator, you will probably choose this option. Minecraft, on the other hand, has a more convoluted set of versions. The original Java Edition is available for Windows and Mac ($ 26.95), while the Bedrock Edition is what you’ll play on mobile ($ 6.99) and consoles ($ 19.99).

Various consoles you can play Minecraft on.

The big difference between Minecraft and Roblox is that you’ll pay upfront for Minecraft. While there is also a virtual currency (“Minecoins”), it is not available in all versions.

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How Both Games Deal with Microtransactions

When researching micropayments in Minecraft vs. Roblox both have a micropayment system and include virtual currency.

In Minecraft you can buy Minecoins to be used in the Marketplace.

Minecraft Market.

There are many different types of “packs”, such as textures, skins, and more. There are also mini-games and adventure packs. Microsoft’s affiliation means you can find top-notch adventure worlds like Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog for purchase that are nothing like Minecraft at all.

Sonic the Hedgehog in Minecraft.

Roblox uses the freemium business model, although you can access most of the game without paying. The most famous use of microtransactions is in player skins – clothes for your character. You’ll also find that some games like Jailbreak will also have additional purchases.

Roblox Pass List.

We’d say that the way you handle microtransactions in Minecraft is easier to “police” and there is often more value in what you buy than Roblox. On the other hand, part of the Roblox experience is to equip your character to show off to others, but that all changes with subscription.

Unfortunately no, Minecraft Dungeons cannot be played for free. If you want to try out spinoff-crawling aka Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll need to purchase a copy of the game for Switch or PS4. Feel free to browse the current Minecraft Dungeons prices on Amazon!

Enjoy Minecraft on Chromebook Without a Hitch

This was our guide on how to install and play the popular Minecraft game on a Chromebook. The Android version is pretty good for students looking to start using Minecraft on their Chromebooks. And if you want to play the full version of Java Edition, you’ll need Linux support. With Linux Enhanced (Beta), things now seem much better with Linux apps and Chrome OS games as a whole. In fact, you can install Steam on your Chromebook thanks to Linux support.

Anyway, that’s all from us. If you’ve successfully played Minecraft on your Chromebook, comment below and let us know about your gaming experience. Also, be sure to check out the Chrome OS tips and tricks for some amazing tips for your Chromebook.

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> Roblox targets a younger demographic more than Minecraft. Roblox will be suitable for very young (i.e four or five years old) and COD (or Call of Duty) is for seven year olds…

Inventory Controls

A few simple keyboard shortcuts will let you browse and control your inventory faster.

Key Share
To me Open Inventory
1-9 Select an item from the shortcuts bar
F Swap items between your hands
Q Drop the item in your hand
Control + Q Drop a pile of items

Minecraft Shift Commands

Using the Shift key with mouse buttons or other keys produces different effects depending on the situation:

Key Context Share
Shift + left mouse button In the inventory screen Move items between your inventory and your shortcut bar
Shift + left mouse button In front of an open container Transfer the item to your inventory
Shift + left mouse button When creating Create as many items as possible
Shift + up or down In the multiplayer server selection menu Change the order of the servers
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