Doomguy And Isabelle Collide Again In Epic Cosplay

The perfect cosplay doesn’t exis… Last year, the Internet fell hard for the most epic friendship ever: Animal Crossing’s Isabelle and Doom’s Doomguy. The duo is surprisingly wholesome, so much so that even id Software itself lent itself to the joke. Now, one cosplayer is bringing the pair front and center once more, though this time with Isabelle not hanging out with the Doom Slayer. Instead, she’s becoming the Doom Slayer. 

The Isabelle Doomguy cosplay comes courtesy of @Mads_Five on Twitter. The self-proclaimed “space monk” has an impressive cosplay history, but it’s her Animal Crossing x Doom crossover nod that really brought the biggest smile to my face: 


— Mads (@Mads_five) April 10, 2021


While the duo isn’t “canon,” it was a a period on the internet that was drenched in feel-good vibes and adorable artwork. Memes, videos, and fanart ran rampant, showing how Isabelle is the very best helper when it comes to taking to the hoardes of hell alongsider her good pal Doomguy. 

I will never stop being impressed by incredible creations like this. Crafting that armor, stylizing the wig down to perfection, the detailed weaponry? All of it takes time, dedication, and passion that results in something truly incredible. As the cosplay community continues to grow and flourish, I can’t help but to enjoy every second spent in the rabbit hole of celebrating some of our favorite franchises through fan tributes like this. That, and Doomguy x Isabelle will never cease to be just the cutest thing ever. 

Like the cosplayer’s work seen above with her cleverly done Isabelle Doomguy? You can support her right here. Feel free to also drop some lovely thoughts on this cosplay in the comment section below! 

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