Ducky One 2 Mini RGB. Where to buy ducky keyboards

An additional piece of software – Ducky Macro V2.0 is required for keyboard remapping. This allows you to save up to 6 profiles for quick and convenient use and 3 implementation options. The backlight settings for each key apply to any active macro key profile, which is another most important function.

USB Rubber Ducky

Imagine plugging a seemingly innocent USB drive into your computer and installing a back door while extracting documents or capturing credentials.

With a few well-crafted keystrokes, anything is possible. If you only had a few minutes, a photographic memory and excellent typing accuracy.

USB Rubber Ducky injects keystrokes at superhuman speed, breaching the inherent trust that computers place in humans by pretending to be a keyboard.

The invention of keystroke injection in 2010 made the USB Rubber Ducky an indispensable test tool. With its hidden design and the plain language of “Ducky Script”, this bad USB seeps into systems and imaginations around the world.

You will receive the USB Rubber Ducky Field Guide book for FREE with your purchase. Learn the ins and outs of key injection attacks! You don’t need to add the book to your cart – it will be included when shipped.

Quack like a keyboard

Almost every computer device accepts human input from the keyboard, hence the ubiquitous HID specification – or Human Interface Device. Keyboards advertise themselves as HID devices to computers and are in turn automatically recognized and accepted.

USB Rubber Ducky delivers powerful payloads in seconds, leveraging the inherent trust of target computers while fooling people into pretending to be a regular USB drive.


Ducky Script is an extremely simple language. Write loads in any text editor – from notepad to nano.

REM for commenting, STRING for long blocks of text, DELAY for a momentary pause, and any combination of special keystrokes.

That’s it! You just learned Ducky Script!


Drawing on the experience of hundreds of hackers around the world testing their original prototype, we have developed a truly remarkable platform with incredible computing power and versatility.

Equipped with a fast 32-bit 60MHz processor, convenient USB Type A connector, expandable Micro SD memory, programmable payload playback button, JTAG interface with GPIO and DFU bootloader – it’s really easy to hack.

That’s right – this little healer is so effective he showed up in Mr. A robot with one of our favorite password theft programs.

The Little Duck is spinning too, with National Geographic and The Blacklist cameos. Pretty cool.

Humble beginnings

Did you know that the first USB Rubber Ducky was invented by Hak5 founder Darren Kitchen while working as an administrator?

Tired of typing the same commands over and over to fix printers and network shares, the device has evolved out of laziness.

He programmed a typing emulation development board for him – and so the keystroke injection attack was born.

I need a suitcase – a miniature bath friend, a rubber duck, was commandeered.

Since 2010, these bad little USB devices have helped pentesters and administrators around the world – with one good little duck.

See it in action. Tag #usbrubberducky — Mention @hak5gear.

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