Ducky One 2 Mini RGB. Where to buy ducky keyboards

An additional piece of software – Ducky Macro V2.0 is required for keyboard remapping. This allows you to save up to 6 profiles for quick and convenient use and 3 implementation options. The backlight settings for each key apply to any active macro key profile, which is another most important function.

USB Rubber Ducky

Imagine plugging a seemingly innocent USB drive into your computer and installing a back door while extracting documents or capturing credentials.

With a few well-crafted keystrokes, anything is possible. If you only had a few minutes, a photographic memory and excellent typing accuracy.

USB Rubber Ducky injects keystrokes at superhuman speed, breaching the inherent trust that computers place in humans by pretending to be a keyboard.

The invention of keystroke injection in 2010 made the USB Rubber Ducky an indispensable test tool. With its hidden design and the plain language of “Ducky Script”, this bad USB seeps into systems and imaginations around the world.

You will receive the USB Rubber Ducky Field Guide book for FREE with your purchase. Learn the ins and outs of key injection attacks! You don’t need to add the book to your cart – it will be included when shipped.

Quack like a keyboard

Almost every computer device accepts human input from the keyboard, hence the ubiquitous HID specification – or Human Interface Device. Keyboards advertise themselves as HID devices to computers and are in turn automatically recognized and accepted.

USB Rubber Ducky delivers powerful payloads in seconds, leveraging the inherent trust of target computers while fooling people into pretending to be a regular USB drive.


Ducky Script is an extremely simple language. Write loads in any text editor – from notepad to nano.

REM for commenting, STRING for long blocks of text, DELAY for a momentary pause, and any combination of special keystrokes.

That’s it! You just learned Ducky Script!


Drawing on the experience of hundreds of hackers around the world testing their original prototype, we have developed a truly remarkable platform with incredible computing power and versatility.

Equipped with a fast 32-bit 60MHz processor, convenient USB Type A connector, expandable Micro SD memory, programmable payload playback button, JTAG interface with GPIO and DFU bootloader – it’s really easy to hack.

That’s right – this little healer is so effective he showed up in Mr. A robot with one of our favorite password theft programs.

The Little Duck is spinning too, with National Geographic and The Blacklist cameos. Pretty cool.

Humble beginnings

Did you know that the first USB Rubber Ducky was invented by Hak5 founder Darren Kitchen while working as an administrator?

Tired of typing the same commands over and over to fix printers and network shares, the device has evolved out of laziness.

He programmed a typing emulation development board for him – and so the keystroke injection attack was born.

I need a suitcase – a miniature bath friend, a rubber duck, was commandeered.

Since 2010, these bad little USB devices have helped pentesters and administrators around the world – with one good little duck.

See it in action. Tag #usbrubberducky — Mention @hak5gear.

The Ducky One 2 Skyline is basically a full-size keyboard with a complete 108-key configuration. In fact, since it uses Cherry MX Silver / Speed ​​switches, typing on this keyboard is certainly comfortable. The key placement is pretty good and the keyboard is quite tall, thanks to the Multi Double Shot PBT keycaps.

Ducky One 2 Mini RGB

Comes with 10 extra colored PBT double-shot keycaps (random color) and an exclusive space bar.

  • Top-quality keyboard with a completely new bezel
  • German Cherry MX keys for tactile feedback.
  • Illuminated RGB keyboard.
  • Dual seamless PBT keycaps for perfect home, office and gaming use.
  • Comes with a detachable USB Type-C cable.
  • Supports Ducky Macro V2.0 and mouse control function.
  • One-year domestic warranty.

”Can’t decide between Cherry MX switches? Use our guide for help. “


pritish001s (verified owner) – August 21, 2020

Best in class. Unless you have time to make your own.

Sharada Reddy (Verified Owner) – August 11, 2020

Hello! Just wanted to leave a positive review after the great customer service and product quality. Everything exceeded my expectations and I am very happy to have such a reliable seller of keyboards in India. I am originally from the United States, where we have the stigma of Indian cheaters, but this is not one of them and I am very grateful and happy about it. After placing my order, I first asked some questions related to my customer service order and they responded almost immediately in a professional and helpful manner. They were able to keep me updated on the status and everything went very smoothly. From a delivery point of view, the parcel arrived from the Cuttack warehouse to Hyderabad in 2 days! But alas.

Ashutosh (verified owner) – August 8, 2020

The Ducky One 2 Mini RGB just fits my setup as I have a small table. Most of the keys you need to play are there. I bought a Cherry MX Red One’s. Very linear switches and good for fast games like cs go m, although I like the cherry MX blue feel; more because I had the cherry mx one before but the red ones are favored for games. It will take some time to get used to the keyboard as there are no Fn keys. It was shipped within a week. A shipping agency (Ecom Express) picked it up on July 24 and delivered it to me by July 30, so I’d say good but not the best shipping as elite items like these are only offered by meckeys in India and are not as big as amazon but they did a good job! .

manisha (verified owner) – March 14, 2020

I’ve been using this keyboard for a year and absolutely love it. This has greatly increased my gaming performance. The only drawback to this keyboard is the lack of RGB control software.

mayank (verified owner) – 13/02/2020

Scary keyboard don’t believe in noise, this keyboard gives me so much headache typing many letters with one keystroke, this problem started after about 6-7 months and I tried to update software, blow air into it etc but nothing changed the keys just type a lot of letters or not at all so I initialized the RMA and it took MMMeckeys 1.5 months to fix it and send it back, this keyboard worked great for a month until the problem started again and it’s so frustrating typing anything if you’re a developer it’s better to use cheaper ₹ 1000 keyboard than this crap.

I loved it. I ordered this with bronzes and as expected. The keys are not too loud and still tactile enough. The 60% aspect ratio also saves a lot of desk space and gives my mouse more space to move around. Meckeys is also very reliable. I ordered my 18th and got my 20th! Completely in love with the product.

Best Ducky Keyboard For Office

Ducky Shine 7 Design

Duck Shine 7

The best Ducky keyboard for office use we have tested is the Ducky Shine 7. It is a full size model with excellent build quality and dual PBT keycaps that are durable. Its keys are also very stable and have good spacing between them. Unlike the compact Ducky options, this model has NumPad, dedicated multimedia keys, and dedicated arrow keys, making it more convenient for office use and productivity. It’s also quite comfortable to type for long periods of time, although it doesn’t come with a wrist rest. We purchased our unit with Cherry MX Brown switches which are responsive and provide satisfying tactile feedback. It is available with six other types of Cherry MX switches so you can choose the kit you want,which best suits your needs.

This keyboard also has DIP switches that allow you to change the location of the Fn key or swap between an N-key and a 6-key rollover. Additionally, all keys are programmable in macros. However, you have to program all the macros directly on the keyboard as the software only allows you to adjust the RGB lighting. Otherwise, the main downside is this keyboard’s rubberized USB-C cable, which feels a bit cheap and tends to keep kinks. However, this cable is removable so it’s easy to replace. All in all, if you’re looking for a good mechanical keyboard for work that has amazing build quality and exceptional typing quality, you won’t go wrong with the Ducky Shine 7.

This is a premium keyboard with a premium price, made for serious collectors. Thanks to the unique materials, it will definitely stay with you for a very long time.

FAQs about Ducky Keyboards

A: Cherry MX switches are considered to be the best keyboard switches on the market. All other switches on the market today are inspired by Cherry MX switches. This way, they can work similar to Cherry MX switches, but when it comes to making a keyboard switch better than Cherry MX switches, no brand has been able to achieve this level of success so far.

A: Yes, absolutely. The 60% TKL keyboards are among the most popular in use today and are best liked for their compact design. If you feel like you don’t really need the Numpad, the 60% TKL keyboard is pretty good for both gaming and programming. However, on 60% TKL keyboards, you don’t have dedicated arrow keys, so if you want, you can choose the 65% TKL keyboard in that case.

A: In our opinion, the Cherry MX Brown switches are one of the best keyboard switches that you can choose from. They are not too loud and have a decent trip. Moreover, the Cherry MX Brown switches have very tactile feedback which is amazing when you type quickly on such a keyboard.


All in all, we’ve covered a lot of Ducky Keyboard options so far in this article. We hope you surely liked one or two of the options on the list because all the keyboards are so attractive and have decent enough features.

That said, we’ve already covered all the major features of all keyboards along with their pros and cons. Therefore, choosing the best one for yourself should not be a difficult task, because everyone can compare them based on their characteristics and choose the right one. If you need additional help, the buying guide also has good information for everyone. Still, if you are unable to make up your mind, we have some good personal recommendations for you that you may like:

However, the larger full-size and TKL keyboards can feel quite dated and boring compared to the larger bezels, sharper edges, and larger exposed surface area that can make your setup less clean and aesthetically pleasing than it could be.

Where to buy ducky keyboards

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    Get your mechanical keyboards from Ducky Official Store

    It is hard to imagine life without electronic equipment, computers, laptops or keyboards. Typing emails on your phone or tablet is just second nature. Similarly, we use keyboards without even realizing their role in typing words, numbers, etc. We use them automatically as they are largely part of our workflow. Ducky is one of the companies that was founded in 2008 and strives to ensure product satisfaction and excellence. The official Ducky store is one of the manufacturers that provide us with high-quality mechanical keyboards. Their products are known to be robust, performance-oriented and innovative.

    We’ve all seen keyboards in muted colors, mostly black or gray. How many of you have seen color keyboards? They look very attractive, don’t they? RGB keyboard stands for LED backlit keyboard. It gives custom colors and designs for combinations of green, red and blue. It allows us to choose any programs or colors according to specific sequences or keys. You can even combine lighting effects according to real-time performance or in-game events played on your PC. RGB keyboard mainly attracted home gamers and has found its way among many users ever since.

    The RGB keyboard is used not only for aesthetic purposes. Some functions are also practical. For example, the lights can be programmed to use the North South East West or WASD keys. You can highlight their custom keys according to their shooting or game patterns, which makes them work faster and more efficiently. If the wireless network is down or the system is too hot, some colors will give a warning. These illuminated keys can even help you enjoy your compositions in the dark. In addition, each key press is able to generate not only a tactile response, but also a visual one.

    These keyboards offer a whole spectrum of colors from bright purples to subtle pinks and tons of colors in between. You can choose anything in the RGB wheel; you can choose a single illumination for the whole board, just a few keys, or specify a pattern. Lighting programs allow you to distinguish between individual backlighting keys or a group of specific keys. Some models also allow you to synchronize the board with the mouse; that is, if the mouse also has RGB function.

    DIP switches are used to toggle and change different key positions and layouts, so you can easily track the modifications made to the default settings.

    What is the best Ducky keyboard?

    Ducky One was released in 2015 (shortly after the Shine 5 series) and is still a good keyboard choice to this day. Designed with a narrower bezel compared to previous Ducky keyboards, it has a modern and minimalist look with very little noticeable branding.

    best Ducky One keyboard


    While it’s a full-size 440 x 140 x 41mm keyboard, its overall size has been scaled down to keep it as compact as possible. Compared to other similar models on the market, you’ll quickly notice that this is one of the smallest full-size keyboards that comes with a certain premium weight.

    ABS plastic keyboard case can be available in a variety of matte finishes; Black or white. Made of the same material, the classic “three-step feet” allow users to choose between three different writing angles. These include folded feet, small feet, and large feet.

    There is also a standard Ducky dip-switch knob underneath the board that allows you to change the position of some of the lower modifier keys (eg SHIFT, ALT and Control). Moreover, since it is a slightly older board, it has a Micro USB input (not USB 3.0) found on current next-generation models.

    Duck One back

    Switches/ Keys

    Like most Ducky boards, there are plenty of Cherry MX switches to choose from, including Blues, Browns, and Whites. To ensure that every keystroke is recorded, the switches can handle any number of simultaneous keystrokes with the N-key or 6-Key Rollover option.

    Unlike the body, the key caps are made of durable PBT material. Legends use sublimation printing that will never wear out. However, one downside is that the print is light gray in color and perhaps this would be more contrasting with white.

    Ducky One keys

    Backlighting/ Macros

    On some boards (but not all), LED or RGB backlighting is a standout feature of the Ducky One. For backlit boards, Ducky One offers a range of preconfigured lighting effects without the need for complicated software.

    Likewise, there is no software for pre-configuring macros. There are up to six designated macro profiles that can be accessed using the built-in controls. All macros and LED settings are written directly to the PCB, so they will be automatically saved when the board is disconnected.

    Despite its age, this is still a fantastic keyboard that now sells at a discounted price.

    Prices taken from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Prices and product availability are current at the date / time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the relevant Amazon sites as in effect at the time of purchase will apply to your purchase of this product.

    Ducky One 2

    Ducky One 2 is an improved version of Ducky One. Released two years later (in 2017), it comes with several valuable updates, including a new case design, a USB-C connector, and the ability to customize RGB lighting via native interface software.

    best Ducky One 2 keyboard


    Like the previous model, Ducky One 2 is a superbly built keyboard. The bezel design has a similar elegant frame to its predecessor, however, as you can see, the One 2 incorporates two colors between the base and the top of the frame for an elegant yet simple look.

    While the two-color design is mainly for aesthetic purposes, the board does come in quite a bit of weight and definitely doesn’t feel cheap. All materials are of the highest quality, and the plastic does not leave any visible fingerprints or smudges like inferior plastics.

    Under the board there is the same “dip-switch” knob and “three-step” legs that allow you to raise the height to a different level of comfort. Unlike the original, there is a slightly wider opening for the USB-C connector, which makes it easier to organize your cables.

    Ducky One 2 is back

    Switches/ Keys

    Likewise, the Ducky One 2 uses original Cherry MX switches and dual PBT keys. The keyboard we have listed below is available with red, black and brown color switches. There are black keys with legends at the top to help you distinguish the letters.

    The One 2 also offers a choice of LED (or RGB) backlighting, as well as no backlight if you prefer. For excellent visibility, the model below has a clear white LED backlight. To get the right brightness, you can easily adjust the backlight strength and the individual key backlight settings for each key.

    Ducky One 2 keys


    Unlike the original Ducky One, it is possible to control all lighting effects with the official Ducky V1.31 software. From there, you can fine-tune any of the lighting modes (or zones) in a single color, as well as adjust the speed of the animation to your liking.

    An additional piece of software – Ducky Macro V2.0 is required for keyboard remapping. This allows you to save up to 6 profiles for quick and convenient use and 3 implementation options. The backlight settings for each key apply to any active macro key profile, which is another most important function.

    Overall, this is an excellent all-round keyboard that lives up to Ducky’s strong reputation.

    Prices taken from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Prices and product availability are current at the date / time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the relevant Amazon sites as in effect at the time of purchase will apply to your purchase of this product.


    The Best Ducky Keyboards

    There are plenty of Ducky keyboards to choose from, but the One 2 series is the one to look for.

    The One 2 Mini and Mini SF series are our picks for two of the best Ducky keyboards. We chose them not only for their build quality, but also for their style, size and efficient layout.

    Ducky One 2 Mini

    One 2 Mini is the most compact layout Ducky has to offer, and a selection of divine Ninja and TFUE players.

    The One 2 Mini is a 60% chip that comes in fun colors and sturdy stabilizers from the factory.

    There is even a partnership with Hyper-X, which offers faster Hyper-X Red gaming switches and sharp black and red colors.

    With a 1000 Hz polling rate, compact design and your choice of Cherry MX switches, the Ducky One 2 Mini will keep you protected in any situation.

    The One 2 Mini may have power issues if you’re using a cable longer than 13 feet uncoated, so be aware.

    You can check out the Ducky One 2 Mini for a good price.

    Find out what makes this board the Ninja’s choice.

    Ducky One 2 SF

    The One 2 SF is ideal if you need a compact performance of 60% but don’t want to do without arrows or navigation keys.

    The layout has 67 keys and is only one column wider than the Mini, so you won’t waste much more desk space or mouse position.

    The One 2 SF is otherwise very similar to the One 2 Mini, offering the same excellent build quality, speed and switch options (other than the HyperX edition).

    Check out Ducky One 2 SF if you are interested in the amazing gaming keyboard.

    Ducky X Varmilo Miya Pro

    The cooperation with Varmilo, Ducky x Varmilo Miya Pro is a 65% layout with 68 keys and one of the best stabilizers you will find in a Ducky keyboard.

    Available in many colors, including beautiful pink and white. All keycaps are standard sizes for easy compatibility.

    Check out Miya Pro for one of the best 65% keyboards money can buy.


    Yes, Ducky keyboards are pretty good, especially considering the firmware, build quality, and personalization potential.

    If you’re looking for a great, affordable keyboard that many have used for everything from typing to competitive gaming at the highest level, Ducky keyboards are up to the task.

    It’s important to make the best choice with the money you have, and we hope this sheds some light on the Ducky brand to help you make a more informed decision.

    For more help, check out this guide on choosing a mechanical keyboard.

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day 🙂

    Randall is a longtime technology enthusiast and relative newcomer to the mechanical keyboard hobby. He has experience in philosophy, art and design, and is passionate about research, education and communication. He wants to share his knowledge and experience to help others lead a deep rabbit hole.

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