EA Play will be available to Xbox Game Pass PC subscribers on March 18th

EA Play, EA’s games subscription service, will be available as a perk for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on PC beginning Thursday, March 18th, at 5PM ET, Microsoft and EA announced on Wednesday.

EA Play has been included with Xbox Game Pass for consoles since November, and it was originally going to be available for PC subscribers in December. But on the day it was supposed to become accessible, Microsoft announced that EA Play wouldn’t be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC until 2021.

EA’s subscription service will be available at no additional charge for Xbox Game Pass PC or Ultimate subscribers. If you want to play an EA game through Game Pass once the EA Play perk is available, you’ll need to have the Xbox app for Windows 10 and the EA Desktop app installed. Microsoft has also released a handy video that walks through how to get everything set up.

EA Play includes more than 60 EA games, including Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Titanfall 2, and titles from Madden NFL and The Sims franchises. You can also play 10-hour trials of some EA games like FIFA 21.

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