Elgato’s green screen mouse pad actually seems like a good idea for streamers

Elgato is one of the most notable brands in the consumer tech market when it comes to products aimed toward content creators and streamers. And today, the Corsair-owned company announced that it is expanding its line of creator-focused products. One of the more creative new options is a Green Screen Mouse Mat, which allows streamers and content creators to blend a flat surface like their desk into their video feed.

Some streamers, such as competitive gamers and speedrunners, use a hand cam setups to show off their hand movements while on stream. The mouse pad could be a convenient way to let creators put that space to extra use instead of just showing their desk. Streamers doing unboxing videos could replace the mat with an enhanced image of the item they are opening, or gamers could make the game appear around their hands, as a couple of examples.

The Elgato Green Screen Mouse Mat is available now and costs $30. It’s an extra-large mouse pad, at 37.0 x 15.7 x 0.1 inches.

Alongside a new green screen mouse pad, Elgato also announced two additional products that started its creator-centric demographic. Those include a $60 light strip with 108 dimmable LEDs and $100 Wave Panels, which include six foam pieces that can be mounted to your wall to improve your acoustics.

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