Elgato’s new Light Strip can make your setup look more chill

Elgato, the Corsair-owned company known for its gaming and creator-focused streaming tech, is expanding into smart lighting. It has introduced the Light Strip, a thin strip packed with 108 dimmable LEDs that can be mounted via sticky adhesive, bent, and trimmed to fit wherever you’d like them to go. These can be controlled over Wi-Fi (2.4GHz only) through a free app on macOS, Windows 10, iOS, or Android, or from Elgato’s Stream Deck hardware, which apparently will offer deeper integration. Elgato is charging $59.99 for two meters (about 79 inches) of lights, including the controller the lights plug into and a power adapter.

The Stream Deck isn’t included, for the record.
Image: Elgato

These are similar in execution to most connected light strips including Philips Hue’s, which ironically has tight Stream Deck integration via plug-ins. Not to be confused with the capabilities of something like the Philips Hue Play gradient light strip that can sync the light to what’s on your screen (only after purchasing some pricey additional hardware), Elgato’s more affordable solution is just for looks.

If you’re a streamer who appears on-camera, Elgato says the LEDs within the Light Strip are flicker-free. It says some other options appear fine to the naked eye but can create a flickering effect when you’re on-camera. In terms of other specs, these are RGBWW LEDs that offer both cool and warm white support, in addition to millions of colors. These have a 2,000-lumen maximum output.

Coming in multiple colors.
Image: Elgato

Elgato, keenly aware of its target audience, is also announcing Wave Panels. These are glorified foam pieces can be mounted (either by adhesive or with a wall anchor) in your space to improve the acoustics. They’ll likely be particularly useful if you’re recording your voice. They have an edgy look, and Elgato is releasing them in multiple colors. It’s $100 for six panels and mounts.

Updated 9:39AM ET, March 4th: Added pricing for Wave Panels.

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