Epic’s tool that lets you make realistic digital humans is now in early access

Last February, Epic Games wowed us with the MetaHuman Creator, a new cloud-based app that lets people make highly realistic digital humans that can be rigged and animated in Unreal Engine. At the time, the tool wasn’t out yet, but today, Epic is opening it up in early access. It won’t be available for everyone to use right away, though — you have to register your interest first, and then Epic has to grant you access, though the company says it will move quickly to let everyone in.

If you didn’t catch the announcement of MetaHuman Creator in February, I strongly recommend that you watch this video of two MetaHumans talking about themselves to see them in action. The digital avatars move in a stunningly realistic way.

You can also get an idea of how the MetaHuman Creator tool works in this new video from Epic. The app looks to offer an impressive level of customizability.

And if you want to take a look at some still images of MetaHumans, take a look at this gallery with some examples from Epic — there’s an incredible level on these avatars. I’m particularly impressed by the way hair looks.

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