Fallout 76: Real Life West Virginia Locations in the Apocalypse. Where does fallout 76 take place

Besides, post-war Chicago was only mentioned again in Fallout: New Vegas through a potential ED-E companion. We learn that ED-E was a robot sent to Navarro, California, where the Enclave was located during Fallout 2. The ED-E was to be repaired at the Enclave outpost in Chicago before moving west.

Fallout 76 Release Date and Time, How Big is the Fallout 76 Map? – Everything We Know

Here’s all the information you need about Fallout 76, including the release date, gameplay, trailer, nuclear weapons and more.

A guide by Jake Green, the guide’s editor

Updated June 27, 2019

Fallout 76 will be released at the end of 2018 and it seems that it will extend the famous Fallout universe in a new, large way. In this Fallout 76 guide, we walk you through everything we know so far about Bethesda’s upcoming online game, including the final release date of Fallout 76, all of the Fallout 76 gameplay features we’ve seen so far, and other keys details about the upcoming game.

Is Fallout 76 On Steam?

Now that Fallout 76 is available, you may be wondering where you can pick it up. If you’re a PC gamer, your first port will likely be Steam, but unfortunately Fallout 76 won’t be there. Instead, Fallout 76 is only available on Bethesda.net. You’ll need to install Bethesda’s own launcher to play it, and the company avoids Steam altogether.

All of this was in line with what we saw in the trailer, with the Treasury decorated for a “reclamation day”, referring to the day the treasury was reopened 20 years after the war. This would make Fallout 76 the earliest Fallout game we’ve seen, set 185 years before Fallout 4 and 59 years before the first Fallout game.

New River Gorge

This iconic bridge is hard to go wrong with anything else. While there may be many similar bridges in the coal country, I’m pretty sure they were inspired by the most popular in the state. We wrote about hiking, biking, and fishing in the New River Gorge, but never survived there during the apocalypse. It will be interesting to see how the developers have incorporated the surrounding mountains, wilderness and of course the New River into the game.

greenbrier fall 76

The Greenbrier

Ironically, Greenbrier sits above a Fallout-style bunker. Built in the 1970s by the US Congress, the facility was decommissioned after the Washington Post unveiled its cover in 1992. Now Greenbrier is an upscale resort located in Sulfur Springs, West Virginia. It is a popular attraction, hosting many important sporting events such as golf and tennis championships.

fallout 76 Mothman

It’s brand new Appalachia. 🌄 From Thursday – May 14 to May 18, explore all that #Wastelanders has to offer during the # Fallout76 Free Weekend pic.twitter.com/O9IGSysB7K – Fallout (@Fallout) May 13, 2020

Players Can Launch Nukes

Earlier Fallout games generally avoided providing players with weapons of mass destruction. While mini nuklets are the staple of the series, in practice they aren’t much more devastating than a large hand grenade. If players wanted to do real damage to a settlement, the best they could do was walk around the area and annihilate all its inhabitants (unless bombing the city was part of the mission).

This changes in Fallout 76 as players can finally get the cheats for firing nuclear weapons. Bethesda director Todd Howard explained that players can use nuclear missiles to attack other players and destroy their settlements. Launching an atomic bomb will not only wipe out everyone in the target area, but also change the face of the map and spawn new irradiated creatures.

There Are No NPCs

Photo: Bethesda

Vault 76 is the first to open after nuclear devastation, so when you venture into the wastelands no one is waiting for you. Other players are in a similar situation, but the Wasteland is completely devoid of (unplayable) human life.

This means that the missions have changed taking into account the NPCs traditionally assigned to them. The 76 items found in the environment drive missions, not other characters. Live events that require the cooperation of multiple players sometimes also take place in random locations on the map.

So where next? Each Fallout game has a specific location, so in the next title we have to move to a different location, right?


We’d expect Fallout 5 to launch on Xbox Series X and PC. With Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, there’s no question that the next game will be released elsewhere. Phil Spencer said Bethesda will operate “semi-independently.” Not all games will be exclusive and will be decided individually.

Does that mean it’s coming to PlayStation 5? It’s hard to say at the moment, after all, Fallout 76 is still supported on PlayStation consoles. But we realistically imagine Xbox will want to release the game exclusively on Xbox platforms.

Possible Location and Setting

The setting and location of Fallout 5 are of course unknown, but all previous titles have appeared in the US; so we can expect it to be the same again.

Fallout 3 was in Washington before moving north to Boston in Fallout 4. Fallout 76 saw players moved back south to West Virginia. All the newer games seemed to be set on the east coast, only Fallout New Vegas and the original Fallout 2 were set in the west.

So where are we going next? Smart money remains in the east of the United States. But there are a few locations that are more likely than others.

New Orleans

In 2016, a trademark application was filed for the property “Fallout New Orleans”. We visited noon earlier, including the “Point Lookout” and “Far Harbor” DLCs in Fallout 4 in Fallout 3, so it’s not unbelievable.


Chicago is featured in Fallout Tactics, a real-time turn-based tactical RPG. In New Vegas, ED-E points to the Chicago Enclave, which means we may have unfinished business there.


Maybe the new Fallout will go back in time? Back to 2077? It’s a place and time we’ve visited before, namely Operation Anchorage (the first DLC in Fallout 3).

Somewhere Else?

Can we go elsewhere? Is it finally time to cross the seas? Perhaps we will go to China or Russia to see history from a different perspective. Europe will undoubtedly be a popular place to visit.

Maybe the new Fallout will go back in time? Back to 2077? It’s a place and time we’ve visited before, namely Operation Anchorage (the first DLC in Fallout 3).

New York

First, I will get rid of my homer, especially after sharing the image above. There is definitely enthusiasm around the New York City game Fallout. Although New York City has been seen in post-apocalyptic form many times in dozens of media forms and even in other games like Tom Clancy’s The Division, the Fallout series can provide a unique take on its theme and mechanics.

I want to point out that in the Fallout community there is some myth, an urban legend, the Mandella Effect or all of the above in relation to New York City. Many people think that New York is just a nuclear strike crater in the Fallout universe, but this is completely unfounded and false. There is no evidence in tradition to support this claim, and I have no idea where it came from.

Fallout New York, however, has great potential. It sits in a central location between the two most recent Bethesda entries in the main series – Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, allowing them to set the game in between, and maybe even right after two games. This would allow the transfer of characters, but more importantly, factions from the previous two games – namely the East Coast Steel Brotherhood.

One of the most famous and famous features of New York are the subway stations. Fallout 3 had tons of such stations and tunnels, which allowed the player to travel great distances under the city. In the New York depiction of Fallout, the game’s developers can reuse this idea on a larger scale, harnessing the power of the current consoles we mean to allow players to navigate the New York City subway system. (Probably filled with Rad-Rats)

Speaking of harnessing the power of consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, New York City may actually be represented as opposed to Boston in Fallout 4. Infamous that players had large frame drops as they entered downtown Boston in Fallout 4. In Series X However, thanks to FPS Boost, Fallout 4 works flawlessly in downtown Boston. I’d love to see Fallout where we can roam the big city without any performance issues. The New York game on this set of consoles is an absolute bargain.

However, is there any confidence in the Fallout game from New York?

New York is mentioned many times in the 3D Fallout era, but all references to it refer to the city before the nuclear war, never after the war. Maybe this is where the myth of “New York is a crater?

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