FFXIV classes guide – which job to pick in Final Fantasy 14. Ff14 which class to play

the Reaper deals damage with his scythe while summoning a demonic avatar to aid in combat. To successfully play Reaper, you need to manage your power-up piles, your resource bar, and your avatar. They also have the unique ability to move, allowing them to move through portals they have created.

FFXIV What Class Should You Play 2021

Like most MMORPGs, FFXIV comes with a wide variety of DPS, Healer, and Tank classes to choose from. However, unlike most games, the FFXIV classes have finally been improved for the job. Therefore, your task as a novice is to choose the best class to start with.

If this Final Fantasy XIV system seems a bit confusing to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We are here to put everything in perspective. You will also be in a great position to choose a class to start with. Moreover, we will offer you our curated recommendation depending on your preferred style of play.

Every Final Fantasy XIV Starting Class

Below is a list of each starting Final Fantasy XIV class, their follow-up quests – not including the DLC quest, and their class groups – Healer, DPS, or Tank.

  • Gladiator: Paladin (tank)
  • Marauder: Warrior (Tank)
  • Pugilist: Monk (Melee DPS)
  • Lancer: Dragon (Melee DPS)
  • rogue: Ninja (Melee DPS)
  • archer: Bard (physical ranged DPS)
  • Thaumaturge: Ranged Magical DPS
  • Arcanist: Scholar (Healer) or Summoner (Ranged Magical DPS)
  • Summoner: White Mage (Healer)

When you get down to it, the monk kit contains too many “dead” skills. You can absolutely make the Monks work if you’re a fan of the playstyle they offer, but new players may want to look elsewhere.


Tanks are basically shields for the rest of the squad. They have high HP and defense with skills that attract the attention of enemies.

Paladin (PLD)

Base class: Gladiator (GLD)
Weapons: swords and shields
The paladin protects the party with shields and holy magic. They also use their MP pool to heal teammates and deal burst damage. The Paladin’s Job is the perfect introduction to refueling, but mastering it can be difficult.

To become a Paladin, you first need to complete the Gladiator entry-level missions, head to Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X 9.2 Y 11.7) and talk to Lulutsu to get started. You can become a Paladin at level 30.

Warrior (WAR)

Base class: Marauder (MRD)
Weapons: Great Axes
Rangers have numerous self-healing abilities, deal decent damage, and successfully attract enemy mobs. The Warrior Quest is an excellent option for players who have tried the DPS FFXIV class and would like to try refueling.

To become a Warrior you first need to complete the Marauder entry-level missions, head to the upper decks of Lims Lomins (X 11.0 Y 6.3) and talk to Blauthota to get started. You can become a Warrior on level 30.

Dark Knight (DRK)

Weapons: Great Swords
Expansion to Heaven is required
The Dark Knight harnesses the power of darkness and has the strongest damage mitigation ability in the game. To be a good Dark Knight, you need to manage your mana and blood well, which can prove difficult in the middle of a battle.

There is no entry level for the Dark Knight, but you must reach level 50 as Disciple of War or Magic before you can try this quest. To become the Dark Knight, go to The Pillars (X 13.2 Y 8.8) and talk to the citizen of Ishgard to get started.

Gunbreaker (GNB)

Weapons: Pistols
Shadowbringers extension required
Gunbreakers are sure to appeal to players who are fans of Final Fantasy 8’s Squall. The Gunbreaker Quest has a simple playstyle and some powerful combos that can help increase damage or create shields.

Like the Dark Knight, The Gunbreaker has no entry level, but you must reach level 60 as Disciple of War or Magic before taking on this quest. Go to New Gridania (X 11.5 Y 11.9) and talk to Gods’ Quiver Bow to start.


Healers keep the syndrome alive or bring it back to life, depending on how well they do their job. Healers can also deal minor damage while pausing in healing.

Scholar (SCH)

Base class: Arcanist (ACN)
Weapons: Books
The Scientist summons fairies to help heal the party and provide shields. Having to take care of yourself and the fortune teller can make learning difficult when trying to master the work of a Scholar, but they can do good damage during healing and are valuable team members if used properly.

To become a Scientist you first need to complete the Arcanist entry-level missions, head to the lower decks of Limsa Lomins (X 4.5 & 11.2) and talk to Murie to get started. The Arcanist can also follow the Summoner DPS path if you prefer. You can become a Scientist on level 30.

White Mage (WHM)

Base class: Conjurer (CNJ)
Weapons: wands and walking sticks
The White Magician is generally the first job that comes to mind when you think of a healer in Final Fantasy. They have tremendous regenerative power and some great regeneration spells over time. The work of the White Mage is relatively easy to learn and can also help with DPS if the need arises.

First you need to complete the Conjurer entry level missions to become a White Mage, head to Old Gridania (X 6.5 Y 11.0) and talk to Madelle to get started. You can become a White Mage on level 30.

Astrologian (AST)

Weapons: star globes
Expansion to Heaven is required
The astrologer uses magic to heal and shield the party, and cards to boost party members. This class of FFXIV has two stances, one for team cover and the other for immediate healing.

There is no entry-level class for Astrologer, but you must reach level 50 as Disciple of War or Magic before you can try this quest. To become an astrologer, go to The Pillars (X 15.2 Y 10.0) and talk to Jannequinard.

Sage (sge)

Weapons: Noulit
Endwalker expansion required
The Sage is a healer class and uses detachable Aether-infused Noulites to aid teammates in battle by healing, strengthening, or protecting the party with barriers.

The work of the sage can also use Aether to manipulate the Noulites in battle and temporarily increase their own magical abilities.

If you want to be your party’s magic backbone that keeps everyone alive, consider playing a healer. The role has four tasks: White Magician, Scientist, Astrologer and Sage .

8 Reaper (Job)

Endwalker introduces Reaper, a melee DPS that prone to swift attacks. With two focuses on resources (Shield Gauge and Soul Gauge), the Reaper has strong engaging and retreat tools, very few position-damaging attacks, and plenty of blast opportunities. However, players need to pay attention to debuff maintenance and skill cooldowns, as they determine their vital usefulness in combat.

To be more precise, the Reaper’s high-traffic mechanics give players plenty of room to play on the battlefield. Their basic jumps and dashes eventually evolve into portals they can jump over – giving them the ability to move back and forth through mobs. In terms of combat, Reapers will gain Souls in the Soul Index that can be used to gain Reavers buffs when using special attacks. Likewise, shields in the shield dial can access Stun, the blast phase that grants them empowered attacks. At level 90, the ultimate Communio is Nuclear AOE which gives you access to a new burst mode that enhances the best Reaper skills.

7 Sage (Job)

Endwalker introduces the Sage, another healing work that specializes in ensuring that the team survives in any type of encounter. Unlike other Healers, the Sage is a Barrier Healer – attenuating damage with a wide range of abilities. This excellence in healing is a compromise with injury, but the Sage is quite a decent Healer when it comes to long-term healing in all areas.

Kardia serves as the key healing gimmick of the Sage who assigns him a “partner”. Each time the Sage deals magic damage, Kardia’s linked partner, Kardion, gains HP. Another key skill is Eukrasia, which adds a barrier element to the Sage’s healing, essentially increasing defense. Meanwhile, the sage’s work indicator is called Addersgall, which collects stacks that can be used to trigger special healing abilities.

Black magicians cast magic spells of great power. They have a longer cast time than most, so expect them to stick to a good position when casting explosive and deadly magic. At higher levels, these mages have to change the type of magic they cast in order to regenerate their mana so they can constantly bombard the enemy with attacks.

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5. Monk

The monks are fun to play, the monks are quite special, and the monks boast some of the better DPS skills in the game, but the sad truth is that it’s still a class looking for a home.

When you get down to it, the monk kit contains too many “dead” skills. You can absolutely make the Monks work if you’re a fan of the playstyle they offer, but new players may want to look elsewhere.

4. Ninja

While the other melee DPS classes are fairly similar in terms of overall potential, the Ninja drop a bit lower in the overall rankings due to a more complex set and low margin of error.

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That being said, anyone who takes the time to learn this class will be rewarded with one of the best DPS options in FF 14 endgame. Learn to master Nina’s quick and sometimes very specific set, and you’ll be amazed at the amount of damage this job is able to consistently ask.

3. Samurai

Samurai is a weird DPS job. While I really hesitate to use this word, samurai is sometimes best viewed as a “greedy” class. They can deal massive damage, but don’t really add anything else to the team.

The Endwalker tweaks the Samurai’s balance a bit in this regard, but the Samurai is still best seen as a fantastic solo DPS class, capable of dealing fun amounts of melee damage. While I admit it’s a “simple” job, sometimes you can say I can do one thing really well, especially when that thing is about doing damage in an MMORPG.

2. Dragoon

The word people use to describe the Dragoons in Endwalker is “clean”, and I can’t help but repeat this basic sentence.

Dragoons are slightly more streamlined in Endwalker than in previous expansions and benefit greatly from the damage buff which now also applies to their AoE combo. The result is a class that feels good solo and shines in both raids and dungeons due to its simplicity (relative to other classes) and the different ways in which they can still deal damage.

1. Reaper

Every now and then a new MMO class appears and completely changes the “finish line”. It looks like this is where we are with the Reapers.

The Endwalker does not offer many changes to the samurai. However, his extended skill set still allows the Samurai to dominate early on as a decent all-rounder on the front lines:


If you want to be your party’s magic backbone that keeps everyone alive, consider playing a healer. The role has four tasks: White Magician, Scientist, Astrologer and Sage.

The job of an astrologer healer in Final Fantasy 14

White Mage

In FFXIV, the White Magicians fit the classic idea of ​​a healer in most other games. They use their sticks to draw from nature to attack enemies and cast corrective magic to help their allies. They can heal their teammates in large bursts or over time with various spells. Their lily system allows them to heal huge amounts quickly while dealing damage.

White Magicians are a great choice for players who need a clear set of powerful options to protect their team. To play as a White Mage, you must choose a magician class and bring it to the pos thirty.


Scientists are unique healers who can summon fairies to help the party. While they can cast healing abilities and life-saving shields for the team, a Scholar’s companion helps them by using their abilities to protect the team as well. You have to control both your fairy and yourself to hold your shields.

Scholars are good for players who like the idea of ​​having a passive support system from a summoned ally. To play as a Scholar you must start as a DPS Arcanist class and then move on to Scholar Healer work on Lv thirty.


Astrologers are healers who use magic and special cards to aid their team. Their support abilities focus on health regeneration over time. They also throw special buffs for their team by drawing cards from the deck. Different cards enhance different roles, so deal your buffs carefully and efficiently.

Astrologers are great for healers who want flexibility to support their team. To play as the Astrologer, you need the Heavensward expansion and the characters in Lv. 50.


The Sages use magic floating laser pistols to heal and provide shields for their team. By using Kardia you will choose a party member to focus on and that party member will be healed when you use the damage deal skill.

Sage is perfect for anyone who wants to focus on dealing damage rather than healing. (But you should still watch HP levels and heal!) To play as the Sage, you need the Endwalker expansion and a character per Lv. 70.

Melee DPS

If you want to deal damage and like the idea of ​​up-close and personal attacking, consider one of the four melee DPS classes: Monk, Dragon, Ninja, or Samurai.

When you play as a melee DPS character, there is one aspect of combat that other tasks do not have: positioning. Each of these jobs has attacks that are most effective when they hit enemies at a certain angle, such as from behind.

Warrior from Final Fantasy 14


Monks are a living weapon that confronts their enemies in order to fight back. They use martial arts to kick and punch and deal damage to their opponents. Monks need to move a lot as most of their skills have positioning. It uses many different forms and combinations to deal damage.

Monks are great for players who want an engaged fighting style with lots of movement and combinations. To play as a monk, you must choose the Pugilist class and get it on the level thirty.


Dragons deal high damage. They use polearms to stab enemies and can take to the skies with their leap attacks that pierce enemies. Their fighting style focuses on a few combos and positioning, with special buffs that will allow you to improve your skills. They are known for their jumping skills which make them jump towards the enemy.

Dragoons are great for gamers who want simple and powerful work. To play as Dragon you need to get the Lancer class up to Lv thirty.


Ninjas use mystical arts to deal damage and bolster their attacks. Their ninjutsu skills allow them to mix and match different seal jutsu to perform a wide range of attacks and close-range spells to defeat their enemies. Mastering all of their movements requires you to remember how to combine different skills that can intimidate or excite players.

Ninjas are great for players who want an engaged, flexible fighting style with lots of options. To become a Ninja, you must first acquire the Rogue class on Lv thirty.


Samurai are powerful fighters with heavy attacks. They wield katanas that deal massive damage to single targets as well as have multiple area of ​​effect attacks. Their fighting style focuses on building resources from combinations and spending different amounts of money to perform various special attacks.

Samurai are great for players who want to deal high damage. To play as a samurai you must have the Heavensward DLC and a character in Lv. 50.


the Reaper deals damage with his scythe while summoning a demonic avatar to aid in combat. To successfully play Reaper, you need to manage your power-up piles, your resource bar, and your avatar. They also have the unique ability to move, allowing them to move through portals they have created.

reapers are great for players who want to manage many different combinations and resources. To play as the Reaper, you must have the Endwalker expansion and combat job in Lv. 70.

Deciding which class to play in FFXIV is the most important decision you’ll make when starting FF14. The role you play determines the beginning of your story and what your multiplayer experience will look like.

1) Blue Mage

The Blue Mage has the power to learn the skills and spells of his enemies.

Blue Mage is a limited work that has many limitations, but is without a doubt the most powerful work for solo content. While the player couldn’t move the Blue Mage to the latest content as his level is currently limited to 70, he can deal with the older content to get glamor, mounts and minions much faster with the Blue Mage.

Why Blue Mage is the Best Work for Solo Content:

  • It has a total of 104 spells and the player can fit 24 spells to use in their shortcut bar and can change them outside of combat at any time. This allows the player to customize the spells needed for specific fights.
  • It has fun, different rotations that can be adjusted for each fight, making any solo content incredibly fun.
  • It is VERY versatile. They can adjust their spells accordingly to become tank, dps, and even a healer, or a combination of the three.
  • He has many life-saving spells such as Diamond Back (able to mitigate up to 90% of damage taken), White Wind (heals) and many more.
  • He can deal a lot of damage per second with the right spells and combinations. Even one-time bosses in unsynchronized attempts aren’t impossible.
  • Can kill mobs instantly with level 5 ultravibration / death, and even some dungeon bosses with a tail bolt / projectile.
  • The only class that can kill itself, dealing LOTS of damage to the boss.
  • You like the idea of ​​collecting spells that you will use yourself because the Blue Magician needs to collect all the necessary spells before he can use it.
  • You are a creative person who tries to find the right spells and combinations for specific fights.
  • You need an exciting job that will make your way through solo content with ease.
  • You want to kill enemies and bosses quickly while having the skills to save lives in case things roll south.
  • You want to play with a class that has different spell rotations and combinations.
  • You don’t mind viewing older content, or you’ve finished all current content and want to beat older content.

These are the five jobs that are best suited for solo content. Which one do you want to try?

While the White Magician is no longer as powerful as he used to be, it’s clear that the FF 14 team is still hesitant to give another healer that much healing potential. Consequently, the White Magicians are still in a class of their own when it comes to delivering great healings when you need them most.


Take the agro from the tank, hit the bad guys with your pointed stick, jump around the arena to drive the healer crazy. Go for it. Be all you can be!

Dragon is the protagonist of the Heavensward saga. If that alone is not enough to make you love a dragoon, consider the following.

You choose Dragon as a lance very early. This is a big stick DPS class, the point is not to face other guys to see which is bigger.

The simplicity of the dragon is easy. The pointed end goes to the other guy.

The beauty behind the dragon is more complex. These single-target specialists deliver powerful attacks that can be buffed based on your rotation. You have to think clearly in battle to get high DPS while also trying not to get hit. Dragons don’t have much defense, so dancing (or jumping) around the battlefield will keep you engaged while defeating enemies.

Why Dragon is Great:

  • Jump attacks.
  • Often described as Oddly satisfying.
  • The best single DPS in the game at the moment.
  • Dragoon grants the entire team a 10% Critical Hit Buff while granting 10% bonus damage for a Dragoon and 5% for a selected party member using Dragon Vision.
  • They will most likely pull aggro from the tank in the group, which will result in great moments of chaos.
  • Dragoons, like bards, have a good selection of buffs that they can use, but don’t have to sing about them.
  • A single-line area of ​​action to which we are used to when enemies use against us. It’s nice to be able to use it against them.

Dark Knight

Own the best glowing swords in the industry. Blind your enemies with your signature show of weirdness.

This is the Final Fantasy version of Batman. He is the ruler of the edge; his justice is controversial to those who believe that acting outside the law makes you little more than a thug.

As the Dark Knight, you can deal blows to those who are above the law. Government officials won’t be able to stand in front of you when you get real justice.

The Dark Knight does a lot of damage while also having some cool and unique spins that make the gameplay fun. You can simplify the matter or raise the level with more dangerous skills. Complexity and simplicity are perfectly balanced for Final Fantasy Fun.

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