Fortnite Challenges; Visit an Oversized Phone, a Big Piano, and a Giant Dancing Fish

One of the challenges of the second week of Fortnite Season 9 requires you to visit three different locations on the map to complete them. This week you must follow

Fortnite Challenges – Visit an Oversized Phone, a Big Piano, and a Giant Dancing Fish


One of the challenges of the second week of Fortnite Season 9 requires you to visit three different locations on the map to complete them. This week, you’ll have to track down an oversized phone, a huge piano, and a giant dancing fish. The Fortnite Challenge can be completed fairly quickly if you know where to go. This guide will explain in detail how you can complete the challenge where you are looking for giant items.

Where is the Oversized Phone?


We’ll start by looking for an oversize phone. There are many phones on the Fortnite map that can help you complete this challenge. You can go directly east of the Block in the E2 quadrant or directly west of Fatal Fields in the F9 quadrant.

Where is the Big Piano in Fortnite?


The next item we will be looking for is the Grand Piano to complete this challenge. This giant piano is located east of Lonely Lodge. You’ll find him in quadrant J5 on the map, right on the edge of a cliff above the water. It’s hard to miss if you’re trying to land there. To complete this part of the challenge, just go to the piano.

If you’ve never seen a giant piano in Fortnite, you can interact with this object, if you follow it, it will play the correct notes.

After achieving two of these goals, we move on to the end goal.

Where to find the giant dancing fish


The giant fish looks like it has fallen from the sky and has landed on a home in Fortnite. This giant dancing fish sticks out from the roof of one of the houses south of Mega Mall. Just use the map below and look for two buildings located a bit southwest of Mega Mall. It should be fairly easy to see a giant fish tail sticking out of the house. Just land here to complete this part of the challenge.

Oversized Phone, Big Piano, Giant Dancing Fish Map


putting it all together, you can probably visit three locations in one match if you hit the right circle. Otherwise, you will have to restart the match to complete the challenge. You can do this in as many tries as needed, and there is no specific order in which you must enter to complete the Challenge Visit the Oversized Phone, Grand Piano, and Giant Dancing Fish Fortnite in Season 9 Week 2.

Each week of Fortnite presents players with new challenges. Often these challenges require players to search for specific locations on

Visit an oversized Phone

Oversized phones were already used by Epic Games in Season 8 to meet the requirements. Back in those days, players had to choose a certain number combination. This time it is much simpler as players only need to visit one of these phones.

There are two oversize phones on the Fortnite map. One is directly east of The Block and the other is atop a sharp mountain west of Fatal Fields.

Here is a map showing your exact position:

Oversized phone locations

Here is a video of the south location of the phone:

Where can you find a giant phone, a giant piano, and a giant Dancing Fish trophy?

Where is the big piano in Fortnite Battle Royale?

To find the giant piano, which is the second part of this challenge, head to the east side of the map, specifically south-west of Lonely Lodge towards the hero’s house, which is right on the shoreline.

At the top of the hill sits a gigantic piano between them. Approach him and you should receive a notification that the next part of the challenge has been completed.

You will find a huge piano between the protagonist’s house and the Lonely Lodge.

The Fortnite Season 2 Week 9 Challenges include a challenge where players visit a giant phone, a large piano, and a giant Dancing Fish trophy.

The giant Dancing Fish trophy

At the last stage of this challenge, go to the newly added Mega Mall. Southwest of the mall is a ruined house with a huge fish sticking out of the roof. If you haven’t guessed yet, this is a must visit fish.

giant dancing fish trophy

giant dancing fish trophy

Some may recognize this trophy as a fish that once hung in a Bass Pro Shop-style on the black rooftops of Retail Row. However, Retail was destroyed by lava rocks and sent this dancing fish through the roof of a nearby house.

Build your way up to this roof, say hello to an old friend and you will complete this Battle Pass challenge! However, please note that the Week 2 Challenges will not be available until Thursday.

We hope this guide helped you complete this challenge! Stay tuned for more Fortnite Season 9 Challenge Guides!

Here’s where to visit the Huge Phone, Huge Piano, and Giant Dancing Fish Trophy for Fortnite Season 9 Week 2 Challenges.

All three locations are fairly easy to find. You have to do this in a competitive match, not Playground for this to count. You can see all the locations below.

Giant Dancing Fish Trophy Location

Probably the easiest of the three locations to find is the Giant Dancing Fish Trophy. As you can see in the map screenshot below, it is located in the northern part of two houses south-east of Dusty Divot.

Fortnite, Week 2 Challenges, Dance

The trophy is stuck to the roof of this house. You will see it clearly if you come from the top, but you can climb to the top and see if you like.

Fortnite, Week 2 Challenges, Dance

Oversized Phone Location – Fortnite Season 9 Week 2 Challenges

For the second of the three locations you’ll need to travel to to take part in this Fortnite Season 9 Week 2 challenge, there are two viable options.

The first one can be found west of the Block in the North-Western part of the map. If you walk up to it from the block you’ll go down a little hill and the phone is there.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the red phone you can find is quite hidden behind the cliff wall which is close to the north coast.

Fortnite, Week 2 Challenges, Dance

Alternatively, you can go to the second location, which is on the eastern side of the snow biome, at the top of the cliff. Drive past the river and you will see the mountain.

This big phone is not that easy to spot as it is white, not red, but you will only see it next to your chest and it is located on the eastern edge of the top of this hill.

Giant Piano Location – Week 2 Challenges

The third and final location you need to go to is Giant Piano. To find it, go to the eastern part of the map, south of Lonely Lodge. It is located on the coast, so you should have no problems spotting it.

Fortnite, Week 2 Challenges, Dance

It is also the largest of the three items you are trying to find in this Week 2 Challenge. You can also play with it while you are there, why not?

Fortnite, Week 2 Challenges, Dance

Once you’ve visited all the locations, the challenge should be complete and you’ll be able to claim your rewards the next time you return to the Fortnite Battle Royale lobby.

That’s all you need to know about where to visit an oversized phone, a giant piano, and a giant dancing fish trophy in the Fortnite Season 9, Week 2 Challenges. For more game tips and tricks check out our season 9 wiki guide.

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