Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Where to find the No Swimming; signs

Several new overtime challenges have been added to Fortnite and this time you are sticking to the man and swimming…

Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Where to find the No Swimming signs

Several new overtime challenges have been added to Fortnite and this time you are sticking to the man and swimming in no-swim zones.

In this challenge, you will have to find different no-swimming signs and swim in different ponds and lakes throughout the Fortnite map. These signs aren’t too hard to find, but keep an eye out for the enemies waiting on the shore.

You can check out the rest of the Overtime Challenge guides, including where to find hidden gnomes and Slurp silos. Downgrading has also been introduced and you can upgrade your assault rifles to heavy assault rifles.

Break the rules by swimming near two Fortnite swimming prohibition signs.

Where to find No Swimming signs in Fortnite

Where to find Fortnite swimming prohibition signsTake a closer look at where the no-swimming signs can be found in Fortnite.
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While we were working on completing the No Swimming challenge, we managed to find 6 different no-swim signs in and around the Fortnite map. In the picture above, we have circled all the locations where we encountered no-swimming signs. Note that two of these locations have two no-swimming signs instead of one.

Depending on the route of the combat bus, we recommend dropping in places directly in the center or at the southern end of the map. Alternatively, you can go further north, but this can make the challenge more difficult as you will have to run a lot to get back to the central area of ​​the map where most of the no-swimming signs are located.

To help you locate these Fortnite swimming prohibition signs, we’ve included screenshots of each of them below.

Fortnite No Swimming Sign – Sweaty Sands

Fortnite Swimming Prohibition Sign - Sweaty SandsThe no-swim sign at the north end of the Fortnite map can be found on the beach west of Sweaty Sands.
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The first no-swim sign we came across is on the beach west of Sweaty Sands. Unlike the no-swimming signs in the middle and south parts of the map, this sign appears to be one of the few found in the northern quarter of the Fortnite map.

Still, you can swim at this location and then make your way to the No Swimming sign near Gorgeous Gorge fairly quickly (especially if you catch the boat).

Fortnite No Swimming Sign – Gorgeous Gorge

Fortnite Swimming Prohibition Sign - Magnificent GorgeGorgeous Gorge has two Fortnite swimming prohibition signs located on the upper and lower ends of the waterfall.
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In the central part of the Fortnite map, there are actually two no-swimming signs in close proximity to each other. Unfortunately, swimming between them doesn’t seem to count towards the progress of the challenge (at least in our case).

That said, swimming between them can be a lot of fun. To do this, go to the top of Gorgeous Gorge.

Fortnite swimming prohibition sign - lazy lakeOnce you let the waterfall take you, you will land in the river area and you should find another Fortnite swimming prohibition sign on the left.
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After jumping into the water and swimming, let yourself be transported over the edge of the waterfall to the vicinity of Lazy Lake. On dry land, you will see a tombstone directly to your left and another no-swim sign, which further emphasizes that you shouldn’t swim over the edge of the waterfall.

Fortnite No Swimming Sign – Hydro 16

Fortnite swimming prohibition sign - Hydro 16The Hydro 16 also has two Fortnite swimming prohibition signs, one at each end of the dam.
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Another set of no-swim signs can be found at Hydro 16 Dam east of Slurpy Swamp. We’re not sure if swimming between the two no-swim signs here has updated our progress on the challenge, or if it has been updated as we previously swam near the no-swim sign at Gorgeous Gorge.

Either way, it doesn’t matter which end of the Hydro 16 you start at, as you’ll find no-swim signs on either side.

Fortnite No Swimming Sign – South Island

Fortnite swimming prohibition sign - South IslandAt the southernmost end of the Fortnite map, you’ll find another no-swimming sign near the South Island shore.
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The final no-swimming sign can be found at the bottom of the Fortnite map in the South Island area. Depending on the path of the combat bus, you may first land here and swim at the no-swim sign shown in the picture above, before proceeding through Misty Meadows to the Hydro 16 dam.

Whichever no-swim sign you choose, as long as you swim close to two in one match, you should be able to complete this Fortnite challenge!

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One of the challenges of Fortnite Chapter 2’s 8-Ball vs Scratch mission is to swim with various no-swimming signs. This article will show you how.

The second sign is next to the pontoon, on a small island at the southern tip of Apollo. This is an unusual and relatively peaceful place, in principle you will have no problem with a well-deserved bath.


To meet this challenge, we recommend Team Rumble, especially in the week following its launch. This will lower your chances of encountering fighting enemies as soon as you land.

These are the locations of the Fortnite “No Swimming” signs needed to complete the Fortnite 8-Ball vs. Scratch.

Swimming is the focus of this challenge, but the next two locations are a bit more dangerous to immerse yourself in. This sign is located near a waterfall called Gorgeous Gorge, which can be reached by following the river west of Lazy Lake to the north until you reach the landmark and the “No Swimming” sign. Be careful! You can get swept over a ledge, bringing your battle royale experience to an untimely end.

The last sign we know is at the edge of the lake northwest of Misty Meadows at Hydro 16, This location should be known to players who have completed The Dive! challenges, but you can get to it by landing in Slurpy Swamp and heading east. There is a sizable drop where the dam is, so this should make it easier for players to find. There, locate the “No swimming” sign on the northern side of the dam and jump inside. Just be careful not to cross the edge!

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